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  1. DtD

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Well, Champ......looking at those two bambies, I think you may have at least come close to getting your perfect doe much earlier. Wow, many memorable time ahead ! Christmas gift...ya-ah
  2. DtD

    plywood bottom

    Retired antique canoe restorer needs a 3/8" plywood bottom refinished on a 14' Showboat . Custom designed and built by me in 1960. would appreciate knowing of someone in the FLA who is " show Minded " to do the work. I can do it , but a little worn these days. Thanks for any recommendation. Dave
  3. DtD

    Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Well, we just saved the life of one expensive stand wrapped in a vest ! I remember still hunting in the Hi-Tor woods and maybe 100 yards out, saw brown movement with a white patch kinda flicking around the brown. I was just under a ridge mainly focused on the flat below, and peeking over the ridge every so often just because. With an open peep I really couldn't confirm, so just stayed alert. As I went further on and over the ridge closer to the brown patch, you might guess what the deer really was. Yes, a hunter with no orange anything, wiping his nose with a white hanky, in a stand that was placed just low enough, over another little ridge so all I could see was his imitating a deer with an itchy tail. This happened almost 40 years ago, and I feel just like PAP remembers. WOW ! My dad always said consider the what if ??? and much later I learned about FMA ( failure mode analysis ) There ya go....that was one lucky Dude ! Stay safe .
  4. DtD

    Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    I'm still using my 336 marlin i bought in 64 in nashua nh just married.............and she pointed it out for my first deer....she downed many more as time has passed . Love this time of year !!
  5. DtD

    Motor service recommendations?

    where is L & M in Monroe County.please ? can't find them... Thanks anyone.
  6. I corn the necks and treat like a New England boiled dinner ( corned beef ), pick off the meat for sandwiches , hash or go for the dinner. Sometimes just nice to have a carafe of beer and good friends around and pick around the bones by the fire.
  7. DtD

    Fish Hawk Probe

    Mr. Dane...found the probe and can't get the test light to blink when the unit is in the on position......so will probably talk with the factory Monday. Sorry, I can't help at the moment. I do have some other things to move out. You are so nearby, I thought I would mention it. i will advise on the probe malady. Thanks , Dave
  8. DtD

    Fish Hawk Probe

    OK, see what I can do.
  9. DtD

    Fish Hawk Probe

    JIM.I have a spare , but have to locate it. It may be in my boat in storage. I am in Rochester and assume I can PM you . If you know Sam and Terry Hoagland on the Lake Hap...say hi. They have one of my nicest early wood canoes. Dave
  10. DtD

    Boat Trailers

    But.......what if one obeys the sign and doesn't power load ? I take some comfort in knowing my rollers serve in any case, short ramp, steep ramp...whatever, and I'm pushing 80. I must admit to having installed a longer winch handle. When I did , I knew I was good for even Noah's ark.
  11. DtD

    Smoking venison

    This may be my first post....had to share this.....I am one of those who out of respect, hunger, greed, cost to hunt, culinary adventure etc.eats every possible morsel on what I get in the field and on the water....cuts and pieces one can get to with reasonable effort. Brains are exquisite sauteed in the French tradition, but way too tough to get to. So, I can say one of our staples is a corned Venison shoulder and " steaks " and meat from the brisket. Another staple is a Venison stew that will blow your socks off. ( Save the kidneys for a favorite stew recipe. ) A must for us is the LL Bean Game and Fish Cookbook by Angus Cameron and Judith Jones. The book used to be on Amazon and was very inexpensive..I have given many as gifts and thanked profusely. Oh, and save the tongues as well.they are excellent braised or pickled as were the lamb tongues in the jar in the old days with mustard, crackers and ice cold beer. Be brave and have FUN !
  12. DtD

    Seneca news.

    Just get on Walter's list and he will keep you informed. He does all the dirty work and knows Albany.......All you need to do is believe that there is safety in numbers and it is true as he has done some great things for the State that most thought impossible....if you care to give MAYBE an hour a MONTH.
  13. DtD

    Seneca news.

    Let me simply say........knowledge is power. The Seneca salinity issue is part of a much wider issue having to do with politics, big money , NY FL water quality , Community health +++. If you have the time go to Walter Hang's site at TOXICSOLUTIONS as he is a neighbor to many of us who fish, hunt and love the Fingers. His company is located in Ithaca.
  14. DtD

    Better today 3 for 4

    Ed, what a day on Seneca............say, if you send those rebar holders I would be be very happy to put a good chamfer on one of the ends.
  15. DtD

    canandaigua trout derby

    WOW, LES and SON...........and what a singular memory with DAD... what a bonus !!!!! and imagine the BT caviar, what, several pounds probably and at many dollars per ounce. Oh, not about the money, but how much of this great delicacy is simply dumped !! Hey, maybe some botarga and a taste of the Mediterranean