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  1. Has to do with their diet. Krill I think is what gives them their color. Also, red dye is used in the supermarket on farm raised salmon if you look at ingredients.
  2. Check out Muskie's post Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Yeah, I tried - no dice. She hates pictures - apparently bikini fishing pictures are included
  4. That's great. Mine loves the outdoors & Tent camping - but i think showers and a flush toilet would be the line that she draws.
  5. haha yeah! Before we went out she made sure to tell me this is not a regular thing, but somewhere between the time that steelhead went cruising through the air and she asked for the belt to fight the king I think a good impression was made. Still waiting on Junior, but we've been married 4 years, so the rest of "life" has had a chance to set in. Hey, anything to spend more time on the lake i'm pushing for
  6. Yeah, this trip has been like 3 or 4 years in the making. I'm just really glad we had some nice action - I think this may help with a possible future boat upgrade as well
  7. Alright, so I agreed to take a 7 year old out fishing, but would like to find a spot with consistent warm-water action to get him to like the idea of fishing before taking him out on the big lake, which could be boring at first. Any for fishing from my boat near braddocks or sandy? Spots/Presentation/Etc? Not looking for big fish, just consistent action. Thanks!
  8. 8/16 Went out for a couple hours after work on Friday with a friend of mine. We started out in about 200, and the screen was alive with bait and hooks everywhere. We set up with a 6 rod spread including downriggers with a variety of spoons, two wires with spin docs and sushi flies, a 600 copper and full core - both with spoons off of the planer boards. With temp down 90 to 110' I knew the core would be way out of temp - however we were seeing fish as high as 40' on the screen. Could not get anything to fire, so we crept out to 3-400. We took 3 hits and misses on the riggers and one on the copper before sunset. Right as the sun hit the horizon the 600 copper releases from the board and starts bopping. I grab the rod and start cranking! Very slow headshakes and clearly a lot of weight. I get up to my spro swivel connecting the backing to the copper and BAM! The fish must have realized it was hooked because it takes off on the first run, takes me nearly halfway through the 1000' of backing. I couldn't believe it. The fish takes 3 more good runs until i make it to the junction of copper to the leader. Finally the fish is 20' from the boat staying low, still have not seen it - it takes its last run going straight down for about 100'. Get that in, and you would think it would be absolutely spent, right? Nope. It has enough juice left to wrap itself around a downrigger cable. We end up getting the fish in the net with a VERY frayed leader - just in time to realize that the boat is now going in a circle and about to run over the empty planer board. No other choice but to cut the engine at this point! We spend the next hour detangling and then headed in. The fish weighed just over 30#, the third of that class fish so far - but the first that truly fought like one! It took approximately 35 mins to get him in. 8/18 Went out for the first time with my wife - she gets very sea sick so usually it's a no no. She put her scop patch on and we headed out around 1:00pm. The launch at sandy was a mess, with the USCG doing inspections as well. Luckily they weren't interested in talking to us, after a jog back from the lot were were on the water within 8 minutes of launching. We ran straight out to 220' and set up everything as Friday except left the core in the boat. Headed due North and had a teen king, 23" steelie and 10lb steelie in the boat within the first hour. My wife having her first go at trolling had a blast bringing the big steelie in- very acrobatic as you may expect! We had a lull for two hours after that, with a couple releases with nobody home around 350. We circled around with nothing for about 45 more minutes. Around 450' the 600' copper fires and we pull in a high teens king pretty quickly. Around sunset it's my wifes turn again, and she sees the port rigger fire, game on! It was a screamer! She had a blast bringing in the low 20's king with the beautiful sunset as a backdrop. It was a 100% spoon bite for us on both trips - not one fire on the wires no matter what paddle we throw on them. The hot lure was black/glow.
  9. Nice! Yeah those inactive fish around 150 can be frustrating. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Like the pic of your son laying next to the salmon!
  11. I always do pretty well with salmon gear in LG - green flasher/flys around 2.0 to 2.5. Cowbells always get me a much smaller class fish for some reason.
  12. Posting this video of the boat fishing by request:
  13. I think these guys are trying to say it wasn't that big. Still a really nice fish though.
  14. Dane, wire line will cut through the fleas when they are bad, also some people say that the conductance of the wire line improves the strike rate. Kind of like copper.
  15. Thanks for the pic, probably would have bit at the price you originally posted. Seemed fair.
  16. Have you tried this? http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/page/lakeontario_map
  17. Thanks to you Vince, also liked your page - lots of great pics!
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