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  1. ... Would be a great one to attend. Meeting Location Royal Canadian Legion, bottom floor, 55 King Street (just west of Stone Street), Gananoque, ON
  2. Message Frank Shelton Joined: Sat Aug 15, 2009 6:30 am Posts: 1202 Location: Damp Places Gananoque April 5 Chapter Meeting Gananoque April 5 Chapter Meeting We are pleased to have as guest speakers for the April meeting , The RCMP joint task force , the Ministry of natural resources ( Can) , the US coast guard , the Department of natural resources ( USA ) and Canada Customs and Border services , This will be the first time having all the agencies together to answer any questions you might have about the rules and regulations , cross border fishing , expectations when stopped and im sure many other questions , please come out and support this evening . We will also have a discussion on the proposed CAN - AM day planned for September 17 at Dr John Farrell Fisheries station , looking forward to seeing everyone there _________________ I love golf it keeps thousands of unworthy off the water
  3. Gananoque chapter ofMuskies canada is having some great guest speakers tues.Rcmp task force,mnr,US DNR,can coast guard discussing and answering questions on travel and fishing requirements on border waters.Also discussing the poss can-am( dr john Farrell). 3 agencies.i posted a pic of the post from mc board.
  4. Yes sir.. Especially on a morning like this... Should be out there😩
  5. Got ma out for a wknd trip up to gananoque to meet up with some friends Jim& liz.Took in the scenery over a primerib dinner at the glenhouse overlooking the river.Great staff and the view is awesome.We'll be back up for Muskies canada gananoque outting in sept.Great event held at the glenhouse,this is the view. Can't wait for season to open..!!
  6. Worth hittn the bays up for perch itch to get boat wet but have limited time. Msg me if you prefer. Thanks in advance for the help. Sol
  7. I can also make a case for brad Perkins aka nitro musky!!
  8. This the New York Muskies inc. chapter 69 Mark Treu memorial award.
  9. Just throwing it out there in case I missed something. Couple yrs ago we voted on nominating a member for their contributions to the musky club and Muskies in general & was given away at the banquet.It seams as though we missed out on that last year, there are a good number of members who would have been worthy of receiving it and would have been humbled and honored by being chosen as I was. With the banquet approaching I would like to see this move forward and not miss another year. Should this move fwd and I hope it does I would start it off by nominating mr Zach baker!!!i could come up with a couple names but Without zachs vision we may or may not be where we are today had he not brought the topic to the forefront of creating a ny chapter.Along with that his unselfishness of helping others,donating baits to the club for the raffle tables and auctions while asking nothing in return. All for the good of musky fishing everywhere.He has also donated his time and products to several other clubs to maintain a better fishery. In my opinion Zach would be the best candidate at this time for such recognition-Well deserved!!
  10. I'll get in at the ohio show, great cause.sure sounds like a great guy. I'd be happy to contribute.
  11. I went last year and had a great time. Good people and a variety of vendors. Looks like it'll be a little bigger than last year. Couple more vendors.ill be heading down sat morning( toothy is ridding shotgun)2am.. 7 hr drive from Williamson.Going to the max too.This time I'm staying at the Hampton inn & suites mention the show it's rates are $80 per nite.Side note there is show in Toronto in February,listed on the Muskies canada site.
  12. Been offsite for a bit so I'm slow in getting news.... Saw this post and is a bit disturbing...about the only thing I think we can do is get with our mi chapter and maybe the fish and game club down there and have some informative signage made and see about posting them at the causeway,campground,marina, park and damn. What do you think?
  13. Anyone interested I've got a curado 300e up in classifieds!!!
  14. Used but in great shape, well taken care of.threw jerks,gliders, topwater and occasional cranks.spooled with #80 suffix. $145 shipped Guaranteed to be in great working condition... Take couple days to check it out,If your not satisfied with it sent it back!!! I'll refund you money as long as it is in same condition is was sent out!! Text me at 315-576-1208
  15. Steve... That would work if you're done with it for season. I could just replace it when I go to the pa show.not wanting to borrow it as it will more than likely be rock beaten by the end of the wknd.give me a call.got fat fingers for my little keys and posted 3x.lol 315-576-1208
  16. Steve... That would work if you're done with it for season. I could just replace it when I go to the pa show.not wanting to borrow it as it will more than likely be rock beaten by the end of the wknd.give me a call 315-576-1208
  17. Looking for a perchbait in org belly perch for this wknd. Anyone in Rochester area have one to get rid of I can come pickup tonite or Thursday?? Thanks Bob Text me at 315-576-1208
  18. Finally broke my trolling curse on the Larry.45x20 1/2"
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