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  1. Zach.... Did u put that pic up for me to choose from??? Lmao Nice work bud
  2. I'm working on the next issue right now.... I'll be doing this on a regular basis.Hopefully we can keep people in the loop and look forward to each issue a little more. Thx Bob
  3. Hey jay.... Have the weeds taken a foothold yet?I bet the water is a little warmer since the last time I went swimming. Lol I'm looking to come up later during the week once things settle Down a bit, be nice to get out.Off all wk.Probably run into you in the evening.Maybe a half day river run too.
  4. Took one look at bemus bay Sunday morning and chose to pack up camp to fish another day. Caught two small ones sat.one trolling and Kevin got the other casting.
  5. Oh....don't get me wrong, I'm all in!! Be on the water alllll day Friday!
  6. Nice fish jay..... Cast bite on huh.thats awesome.with that stained water tough to see'm coming.
  7. It was little late but I put the dates in for the next issue of Muskie mag in chapter news.So I will be submitting news feeds for the issues .I just picked doing this up so bare with me.
  8. Possibly this is an indication as to why we need to atleast get the Chautauqua dates solidified and submitted to mi for the publication of the mi calendar.I think we are missing out on drawing entrants from the ohio and pa areas, maybe even thier border states.A lot of people fish Chautauqua and that would give people plenty of time to plan ahead.JMO Bob
  9. I'm wondering if there is going to be a raffle table and food afterwards as well. I'm coming down on the 10th.
  10. Good reminder Steve.... That about clears it up for those jumping early. Sol
  11. Won't be there for opener but will be june11
  12. Got the info from our Vice President here at the meeting.
  13. Sign up 6-7am Starts at 7am Sign up is at the launch Jim will be there fri nite Ends at 3pm - eats shortly thereafter
  14. I just wanna fish !!!! Chance to get out of the house.. We'll see ya'll there!! Hey ole'man... Big fat juicey steaks and a beer would be just fine.😋😋😋
  15. Believe that was discussed couple yrs ago.im guessing such a meeting would have to take place on a Saturday!!
  16. This is part of an email written by mr peter levick pres of Muskies canada regarding an event that is being planned between Muskies canada,Muskies inc ny chapt 69 and others in and around the Clayton area.. Just wanted to pass it along to you.. I want to take the opportunity to provide a bit more of the vision for the event and we can shape it as we work on it. It begins with the desire on the part of both the Gananoque chapter and Muskies Inc Chapter 69 to strengthen their relationships with on and off the water. We have has several new members from ch 69 join Gan and participate in the annual outing. Bob Solley of ch 69 has become liaison for Gan chapter and Jim Herod of Gan is liaison with ch 69. Several of us from Muskies Canada are also ch 69 members. Relations As someone that regularly fishes the St. Lawrence I hear from many of the regulars that they are uneasy about border crossing (lack of knowledge) and therefore don’t take advantage of the opportunity to fish on the NY side, visit Clayton, and socialize with our US colleagues. The session this week was about changing this with better knowledge. The next step is to actually put together a small scale event that gets us together to apply our new-found knowledge and build familiarity. We chose Sept 17 for several reasons. It is one week after the Gananoque Outing. We thought it would be too complicated to do this during a big outing with 50-60 participants. September is prime time and many of the regulars will be out on the water the following week anyway so we thought this would be a good time to focus on something cross-border. Both chapters are interested and willing, and word of the event (let’s call it a Fishing Day) is beginning to get out. I attended the Muskies Inc. national Board of Directors meeting in Minnesota last month and several of the Board members were interested. You saw the participation on Tuesday of Muskies Canada members from other chapters (Ottawa), many of whom will likely also participate. It is our hope that we will ave 20-30 participants altogether, perhaps 12 - 15 boats. We would organize the event in a similar way to our Chapter Fishing Days, where participants can launch anytime and fish as late in the evening as they like (often the best time of the day), but everyone would come in to a common location for lunch and a social break. This model is very popular for our informal events and allows a lot of flexibility while allowing some time for sustenance and stories. There is another element in the mix which is important. That is Dr John Farrell and the Thousand Islands Biological Station (TIBS) of SUNY. Its location just off Clayton is ideal for there o be a role for TIBS in the event. Dr. Farrell made an excellent presentation to ch 69 last September and the relationship between the chapter and TIBS is growing in importance. He has collaborated very closely with the Gan chapter and is involved in several levels of fisheries management and planning involving both NY and Ontario. We think that TIBs may be able to host a tour at some point during the day, perhaps during the lunch period. We have even suggested that the participants may be asked to submit log data, and where appropriate, scale sales to TIBS to make it a Science Day in addition to being a Fishing Day. The lunch component, of course, means that Canadian anglers will be stopping in NY and so the appropriate clearances will need to be established. This is exactly the type of practical application and learning-by-doing experience that would be beneficial. Lunch arrangements are yet to be made. Lunch could be held at TIBS or in Clayton with a TIBS tour as part of the day’s events. Your suggestion of the Antique Boat Museum facilities is very interesting and could be an excellent solution. Boat dockage will be one of the issues we need to accommodate, especially if we have over 10 boats. To help advance the planning and broaden the participation of key agencies that might help us pull this together, we might want to organize a planing meeting in Clayton sometime soon. Thank you. Peter Levick
  17. Was a great meeting last night in gananoque... I picked up some pamphlets that I'll have at the banquet.RCMP and US coast guard have formed a joint task force to patrol intl waters. I can elaborate more later. But if you fish border waters you'll want these.If you cannot attend msg me and I'll send them to you...I think I may have enough??
  18. Ma has a doct later today but I'm gonna try and make the trip if it's not too late.itd be a long drive either way. Hopefully do so and take some notes to pass along,be a long at work tomorrow for sure. Anyone have a question for the RCMP or coastguard?(if I'm able to make it),i'll try and ask a couple if not already covered.
  19. Glad ur able to make it to the outing jay... It'll be a good time, great guys.hopefully it won't rain again.. That sucked.
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