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  1. Events were sent in and put in the calender if you got one,also you will see again in Muskie mag chapter news.Being mentioned again in next issue.
  2. Had hoped before then too, but garage just notified me my truck has a cracked cylinder!! Ugh. another truck may jump to front of the line.
  3. Yup.... Boat I would like is 39k.... That is why I have to go with a used one,I couldn't and shouldn't extend myself that far. and a used recon could even be out of range of my budget but have to try.Im in the 15-20k range.Willing to travel into pa& ohio.
  4. ISO bigger musky boat Thought I'd put this out there for those thinking about moving their boat.I am starting my search for a larger musky ready boat in the 18-20' range.Looking for Crestliner fish hawk series,raptor, alumacraft types.100hp or better, kicker and enclosure a major plus.Trolling casting platform.Im not in a hurry as it's only February.Once found I will be listing my 16' Starcraft super fisherman. thx
  5. That's cool Zach, north of the boarder exposure.
  6. Muskiesreams absence Just kinda give ya some info to keep you up to date. Muskiedreams( aka our VP of mi Steve)has been in the hospital for an illnes for a week and will be in for few more days I imagine.( little complication) I can let you know more when I talk to Jim again.So I wish you well Steve and get back here soon... We miss your input. Speedy recovery-get well sol
  7. I prefer Spillways- piers on Seneca I get bored quickley.
  8. Black lake?? Anyone have any info on blk lake?possibly going next wknd.Camp is on opposite shore of launch(flagpole).Be 1st time icefishing up there, always do early spring season pike crappie.Ice thickness ? thx
  9. Thx for the info tiger hunter.... I'll be sure to list those dates again in the Muskie magazine prior to the season open for those who have not received a calender( me included).My objective was to get those dates in the calender so all chapters and members would see them hopefully boosting participation outcome.Atleast I know everyone will get that mag... I hope! sol
  10. Are our event dates in there!!! 1st time not receiving either.
  11. Young fella(lol)in the org jumpsuit is Jim Wilson of gan chapter.Great guy and good friend.Have learned much from him and Jim hutchings.
  12. I use Vmc and spro stainless rings. Triple rings are growing on me tho as I use them aswell.
  13. A post of this by Kevin can be found over on "All about bakers" Facebook.
  14. This issue contains a write up on the st lawerence by Kevin Richards of Muskie mag and co authored by then Muskies canada president peter levick. This should be a phenomenal article and great read. There will also be a short sidebar about 3 bait makers....Fred Bowen ont,Jim Reynolds and Zach baker. Kevin was up with peter during our get together with Muskies canada earlier this year. Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season!! Enjoy Bob
  15. In the market for a large flip ice shanty.Yukon style/size.Cover and tow bar would be a plus. What's ya got???
  16. Happy Veterans Day to all you vets out there past and present served in conflict or peacetime.Thankyou you all.Enjoy your day. Sol
  17. Sounds like a good time... Sorry I missed it. Spent the wknd on the couch-sick
  18. Anyone can send me pics or anything else via email. [email protected] Or text 1-315-576-1208 Thanks again Bob
  19. Steve...if you could help me out and send the results to me( names)that would be great, also I'd like a pic of a few of the fish caught(dans 47"& Bryan's 51 & a pic of the other winner- need a name).Ill get these in for the next issue of Muskie mag.Cookout, raffle????any other details will be great.Plus any other club news. Thx
  20. Keep at it... It'll pay off!!! Don't give up, you'll have some lonely days out there for sure.
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