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  1. Just heard back from peter levick..... A few were caught on the Canadian side, wind kept them tucked in as it was blowing pretty good. When I hear of any sizes I will pass them along. I lost one Sunday.A couple pike were caught by fishnys boat on sat.
  2. Steve.... If you don't get your boat going I will trailer mine up there and Jim can drive it!! So you and him can fish and I'll hang out with some guys that are coming over and up for lunch( no boat).Not a big deal as I'm up there often anyways!! You can use my boat.ill be fine!!
  3. I cannot believe we are the only ones who have signed up on here!! I really hope more do show up!! We are booked at pj's river rat motel lounge and cafe.A lot of work has gone into this.
  4. Steve.....have you gotten any replies as far as how many may be coming??? If so have you been in touch with peter levick on a number?
  5. Great idea mike.... Also keep in mind we still have a Lakewood box with few lures in it to work with too... It wound up back in my basement!! Release tools bundled together,safety equipment,maybe even a gallon of 2cycle oil!!! I got a gallon last year off the ganny table(evinrude oil to boot).What about taking a page out of their draw and space out the big ticket items( Ofcourse if they don't mind us using their idea).Its a great format.Otisco, Chautauqua are our best turnouts and the banquet we could beef up to get more people to attend??
  6. Sorry for the confusion with the pics and names added to them.Somewhere along the lines the wrong Names got with wrong pics.Pic marked frank is actually mike Deponceau and one marked frank is don Williams holding the tiger.Sorry guys. Deadline for the nov/dec issue is sept 20 so I'll be pressed to get that one done as I will mainly be focusing on our sept 17th event in Clayton with Muskies canada.I was told that Kevin Richards of Muskie mag will be in attendance that wknd! Thanks and good luck on the water. Bob
  7. Need to get an idea on who(how many)may be attending this event next weekend.?????
  8. Yes sir.... One has to be a member and can have a guest, the non-member is not eligable for the trophy tho.They may fish and attend the dinner and participate in the raffle table.(I do believe). There is a meet and greet at musky jakes in gananoque I think around 6pm fri the 9th.I haven't gone to that before but will be this yr.Some then meet back at the glennhouse resort for some beverages in the lounge.Looks like it'll be a good turnout.im looking forward to it. Zach and Jim also donated some baits for the raffle table!! Bring some xtra(Canadian)cash for the table!.Jim hutchings said we can pay either fri nite or sat at the dinner for the outting.See you all there.
  9. .Your well on your way...doesn't sound like you need any help. Lol Joining both clubs will have its benefits, belong to both, I've met great people by joining Muskies canada.Ofcourse mi too.Ill be in gananoque sat maybe sun morn too, could stop over on way back for a little bit.
  10. Good deal... It's a start!! You should have msg in your inbox.
  11. I'm using #130 fluorocarbon,#65 braid trolling and #80casting.7'med ugly sticks with okuma Catalina's and 10'ugly sticks with cv20 convectors.Nice big net(Beckmann) and a good pair of Knipex bolt cutters.Also carry a good hvy set of linesman cutters for backup.
  12. Great to see the support,3boats from chapt 69...Was couple yrs ago but Bill Barbers fish was the winner that year.
  13. It'll be fun mike... I think you'll have a good time.Bring some xtra $$$ for the raffle table!! Lol
  14. 2016 Gananoque outing sept 9-11 at the Glenhouse resort on the st lawerence river.If you are a member great.. If not you still have time to become one and attend.A lot of fun.Meet new people every time. Thx Bob s
  15. For those who are Muskies canada members and those thinking of joining Barrie chapter is holding an outing this fall on Georgian bay ont 22.Accomadations and event details are below in the flyer.These events are a lot of fun and great time to meet new friends and pickup some pointers.Ive attended gananoque's outing for a few years and have nothing but good things to say about thier members and events.I encourage you to join and attend a function or two.Raffles, food, get together and bragging rights! .i'll be attending gananoque and Barrie's events this yr.Hope to see ya there. Bob s
  16. Private msg me or call,text or email.... Anybody know how to contact frank... Have his number or email.Would like to get a picture of his partners( mike)big fish from chaut tourney.Im working on the next issue of musky mag!! Thanks Bob 1-315-576-1208 [email protected]
  17. I'm looking for a pic of mikes biggish...so if anyone knows mike or frank Alcorn let them know please,I don't have contact info.text or email pic. I believe they are from chapt16 Thx Bob Solley [email protected] 1-315-576-1208
  18. Where is this located??? I'd prefer a fish hawk but ya never know.Was going to look for something over the winter.
  19. Where is this located and is it registered??
  20. Steve.... Sent u an email, need some info.
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