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  1. Same way I clean perch, I just cut back at an angle toward the front of the head behind the fin to grab some of that meat as well.
  2. 2000 LOWE 1467WT in great condition with 15hp Evinrude four stroke motor and Yacht Club Trailer. Boat includes vinyl covered plywood floor, factory Lowe cover, two swivel seats, Minn Kota 30lb tiller trolling motor, 3 gallon gas tank, two throw/seat cushions, anchor w/ 50' of line, aluminum clad transom, cast bow plate w/ lifting handles, reinforced bow eye, live/bait well, in seat storage & transom corner castings with handles. Trailer includes guide-on bunks, stepping platform on tongue for launching, lights, spare tire & 2" coupling. Great clean package, perfect for Perch or Browns! $3200 Cash only. Call/Text Cory @ 752-8333 Brockport/Clarkson
  3. strizzy

    I Bay Perch???

    Well this past Sunday a buddy and I made the trip. I have never fished I Bay before, but tried quite a few areas. We headed south of the bridge first and tried the east side from 60-25 fow and no fish. Then tried the west side from 50-30 with no luck. Then headed just south of the last markers in 60-70 and found some fish. Tried all depths here and that was the depth we found the perch. Caught atleast a couple dozen, kept only 10 in the 8-10" range. Managed to catch 4 white perch, was interesting to see them. Caught fish both on perch rigs and jigs, my Hali's (blue colors) caught the most fish tipped with fatheads or rosies. Pretty sure we were out there the longest of the 5 other boats we saw. Most everyone moved around, or didnt stick around that long with the exception of 2 boats that fished different parts of the west side north of the bridge. Was good just to get out with this crazy winter this year. Can also see why people have electric anchors, line gets cold!
  4. Thanks GAMBLER, I wasn't sure of the bays as I heard that it can be tough to get the perch if there is any ice on the bay still (hmm). I enjoy fishing Sodus in the fall for perch.
  5. Hello All, Thinking about heading out in the tinboat for some perch fishing. Typically fish just Sodus, but was thinking maybe Seneca or Canadaigua, any suggestions? Would like to go somewhere under 2 hours from Rochester. Saw some good looking perch from Seneca by Lund SSS. Thanks for any suggestions!
  6. Never fished Sodus in the spring, are the perch out already? Anything else you can fish in the bay for? Only have a 14 footer available to use...
  7. http://waynecountytourism.com/fishing.asp
  8. Went out this morning on Braddocks past the docks (with many others), saw a good 4"+ or so, didnt measure. Was out to the first "point", got half a dozen perch. Had 3 tipups with pike bait, but not flags (haven't really gotten into pike fishing yet anyways). Saw others get some pike, but didnt look very productive today. Was good just to get out on the ice.
  9. strizzy


    Bait shop map: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&ie ... 4f07e7&z=7
  10. strizzy

    sodus 10/28

    Thanks for the report! Been doing fairly well with jumbo fatheads as well. Out of curiosity what are you using for 2 inch plastics? Never have used artificial for perch.
  11. Have made some orders through John at http://www.signdecals.com He is located in Greece, very happy with his work.
  12. strizzy

    Ice Shelters

    Well thought I would chime in. I bought a new KillZone Igloo-XL 5L 4 man shelter and I love it. Can't imagine having just the 2 man as I love the room of the 4 man (which might be a little tight with 3 people). What steered me towards the KillZone was the 4 larger windows (which I put on inside my home when I set it up when I first received it and have not had any problems with) on all sides so you can see your tipups. It does only have 1 door (I wound recommend putting the door away from the wind...), but thats fine for me. And it is made of 600 D Poly much like the Clams and only cost me around $150 shipped. The way I found best to set it up (and have done so in 25+mph winds by myself) is to point one corner into the wind (so that two sides will be into the wind, not just one) and then I use a old hand drill with a 1/4" drill bit and pre-drill that first windward corner. Once pre-drilled I install that anchor and then proceed to follow the same procedure on the two common corners with those two sides. I have yet to bother to put all for corners in. After I install all three corners, I then put two anchors in to secure the windward hubs to. With the lines attached to the hubs on the windward sides, I then pop the roof up, followed by the two leeward sides, and then the windward sides which I promptly secure to the anchors. Then its fishing time. One spot where I fish, I can pull in the parking lot, walk out about 1300-1500 feet, setup the shelter and be fishing all within 20 minutes. Two things I found to help with the anchors is to pre-drill with a long 1/4" bit, or you will be there all day trying to start those by hand. Even with an old-school hand drill it only takes a matter of seconds to drill the hole and you don't have to worry about a dead battery. The other thing being that I put 1.5-2" of 1/4" marine fuel line (had it around and its thick) onto the shaft of the anchors so that you don't have to screw the anchors all the way in till the handle, which is kind of awkward, and this allows you to tighten the skirt right to the ice. I think the biggest thing with any hub style shanty in common sense... they are big, and they are light (which is exactly why I bought it), so it NEEDS to be properly anchored (windward hubs need to be anchored). I still believe they are the best bang for your buck. You do need to realize that if your fishing style is hopping from hole to hole, you are not going to want to set this thing up and down a million times. Some pictures: http://www.killzonehunting.com/blog/category/ice-fishing-shelters/ Four man: http://www.killzonehunting.com/killzone-igloo-xl-ice-fishing-shelter.html
  13. Hi, Looking to expand my ice fishing gear. Have cash. Located in Rochester, NY Looking mainly for: -A nice hand auger (have a $40 one...) -In like new condition tent/shelter (not a flip over chair from Gander) -Large plastic sled (ie. a Jet Sled) -Nice condition Tip-Ups Please send a Private Message with any items and a price. Thanks!
  14. There any good places to try for nighttime crappies near Rochester?
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