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  1. IMO surface speed is, at times (once breaks develop in June) very helpful in determining productive areas in which to fish. Allows me to paint a mental picture of what the lake is doing and stay one step ahead of the game by "forecasting" probable water movement at depth. Just me though. My DOT is largely decided by by referencing this as well.
  2. Rick, I own four of the Diawa rollers and haven't had any issue with them. Initially I was sceptical about the benefits of going to a roller set-up, but after pulling the trigger on these, nothing but good to say. I especially appreciate the action of these rods, and the effort they save when pulling lines/fighting fish. Funny you should mention the twilli's cuz I was considering trying a twilli on two of these rods to eliminate the tendency of the line wrapping around the swivel tip when speed setting my inside line (if any slack is introduced). All in all, they are decent rods with decent componenets at a decent price. I say go for it. Scott
  3. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: NO PATIENCE ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 5/7-5/8 Time on Water: Not Enough to put a fish on the board Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: flat Surface Temp: High 46+/ Low 44 Location: Olcott / Niagara Bar LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 25 (Bar 5/7) Total Boated: 16 Species Breakdown: 15 LT - one King Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Too slow for what I like to catch Down Speed: Boat Depth: 30-70 FOW Lure Depth: IN THE MUD ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Made our first trip of the year from Ohio this weekend with mixed results. Friday started hunting for good color and whatever warmer/stable temp we could find, so we ran to 50 FOW East of Olcott and set up. Managed two knock offs on the riggers all day.... Yes, all day. The only thing that kept us in the area was the awesome picture on the screen. We threw everything we could come up with for at least 8hrs trying to get something started. You name it, we tried it, even went to a big board/ plug program in close thinking up high for some BT's, but no dice. Really had us searching. Not a good way to start off the year. Saturday was a different story all together. Did what we originally intended to do, and should have done Friday... Fish the Bar. Late start had us setting lines in 70 FOW on the ledge at 11pm. Ran a 6 rod all spoon spread targeting 50 down, fishing marks. Slow start but put a small teen King in the boat with a Dipsey/DWSS combo and then the picture went away around 2pm or so. Pulled lines, motored into 40-30 FOW on a NW/SE troll on the bar, and put a 4 rod LT program down and immediately started to hammer away on a Warrior boy/girl flutter. Was hoping for a Derby fish, and should have encorporated a Mag or two into my spread but, but we made it up to 17lbs and change and that was it. All of our fish came from a troll of approximately 1/2 mile. Ended up C/R 15 large LT's and the one early King. All in all, a good trip, not what I was hoping for, but enough to keep us happy. Surface temp in 40-30 FOW had 46 up top and 44-45ish down 30 for better part of the day. Be back up Memorial day for what I hope is a spring King slaughter.
  4. Awesome boat. Rigging looks good too. Any plans to add a workstation/tackle table?? Enough room to put something really nice together. Just curious, what kind of speed do you see out of that set up? (W.O.T. and cruise)
  5. God willing, we're gonna try and put a stop to that madness this weekend. Roll the dice.......
  6. Stinger, as far as vehicle options go, what about a used 7.3 powerstroke 2000-2003 F250? If you can find one without a ton of miles, these trucks routinely saw 20+mpg and with the weight of your rig, I would say you shouldn't see much less towing. No additives for the exhaust crap, (EPA mandated this in 07' I think) so they're not choked down. A freind of mine has one, and won't even consider anything else. The only issue he has had is front end components going south due to the extremely heavy engine weight. One thing is certain, DO NOT error on power as Bill stated. Doing so taxes everything twice as hard and you will quickly realize that any economical gains to be had will only be realized when you're not towing.
  7. Bought a new 2010 Crew cab w/powerstroke last year to pull with, and was considering this year's 6.2 liter, just curious what you're pulling (weight) what rear ring/pinion gear, and what mileage you're seeing? Pulling just under 9K for 240+ miles (cruise set at 68 mph) air on, I see nothing above 13-14mpg. without the boat, usually 16 or so if you keep your foot out of it/ boost under 10psi. Having a real tough time deciding whether or not to have a custom chip burned for it, and install a DPF delete exhaust. Tech at nearby dealer contends that doing so will yield at least 22mpg (not towing). I will say that this thing pulls like a train, and you really have to be careful, or you'll find yourself rolling down the highway clickin 80 or so without any problem.... until you try to get it slowed down in a hurry. LOL.
  8. Kevin, I rarely see anything appear on screen while running although I still have a return as far as depth is concerned. Ducer is placed between Keel and 1st Strake, and approximately 3'- 31/2' forward of transom bottom (directly beneath crank pully of engine and to starboard side). Again it's a B60 flush mount/tilted. As soon as I come off plane I immediately see a great picture. I am from Ohio, and will be up for the last weekend of the LOC, if I get the chance I'll swing by the shop. Thanks for the suggestions. -Scott
  9. Tim, I'm running a Ray C120W with the DSM300 sounder, and from time to time I've had the same experience. At first, when I was still learining the unit, I would just bump speed to get the weight out of the cone momentarily, but after getting a comfort level with all the default settings, I started to play the manual stuff. I found that manual sensitivity was best set at 70% as Kevin stated. I'm running the B60 tilted element thru-hull on the same hull as you (24 Thompson). Kevin- Any ideas about manual settings to dial in a good pic when on plane with this unit?? I have really been frustrated in trying to do so. Is it possible that the B60 flush mount thru-hull has too much airation going over it at speed?? What are my options? Really want to be able to run and see the best pic possible. Thanks, Scott
  10. Picked up some Diawa rollers last season, and really liked them. The only thing I may do is replace the swivel tip w/a Twilli as the wire seemed to occasionally wrap itself around the tip and jam up when setting lines...
  11. Planning on making the trip up from Ohio this year. -Scott
  12. CT, stick with the plug/spoon/skein program. Olcott, Oak Orchard are both good bets. We've had good success in the late evening hours and into the early AM. As C'Slayer said, you can cross the Lower Niagara off your list for this weekend, looks like one big mess headin' into Friday night.
  13. CT, If you do go, I would definately have a game plan to fish whatever harbor you plan on launching out of instead of trolling the pierheads. Doing so is pretty popular in certain areas this time of year, especially into the eveining hours. Bring a good asortment of rattle traps/and mid-diving plugs/casting spoons. Also consider floating/dead drifting some bait. Be forewarned, you will have company. Looks like Sunday will be your best bet on the lake.
  14. Nothing like STABLE, CONSISTENT, fall Great Lakes weather. how does the old saying go??? ....If you don't like it, wait 10 minutes.... It'll change. Be safe.
  15. Man ain't that the truth. Lake was very good fishing wise for me this year, but I had the scare of a lifetime and learned the hard way to respect that lake. I had two brothers with me fishing the bar over labor day weekend when steady 3-4's went to immediate 6-8's straight from the West and we had to run 7 miles due south. I won't lie an tell you that at one point I was truley panicing when I took a breaking wave through the star windows on my 24' hardtop Thompson. We made it past the fort just in the nick of time, and as we were docking, scanner picked up a distress call from a 28' walkaround that we were 1/8th mile from when we pulled lines. We were just plain stupid being out there playing dodge em' with the radar unit and an approaching cold front. When the seriousness of the situation hit me on the ride back to camp at Olcott, I was just about as stressed as when I was on the water. I called it a year after that weekend. Time to start my stream fishing.
  16. Feel your pain Tim, I didn't take the time to hook up my auto stops on my new riggers and paid dearly for it 3 weeks ago losing a 14# Yeck ball and X4 probe in 250 FOW out in front. I did kinda chuckle as I watched the thing send data back for about 10 seconds or so. What an expensive weekend. If you don't mind my asking, what failed, the termination or was there a knick/ kink in the cable? Trying not to have a repeat, so any suggestions (other than install your stops dumbazz) is appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  17. Awesome looking fish. Dave looks like he's enjoying the good life. I remember his shop (Devils Hole Tackle) well. Started fishing the Lower from shore in the fall of 87 or 88, and his shop was one of my favorite stops and part of the trip each weekend in Sept /October. Pestered the crap outta my Unc to purchase everything in the store. Good times.
  18. Strictly going by the molded texture on the side of the plug (second pic), I belive it's a mid-80's early 90's Cordell. I have a few shallow running jointed Cordells from back in the early 90's that have the same molded "cross hatch" texture on the plug. Only other plugs that I recall having that mold pattern were Rebel fastraks.... Deep Bomber Fat A had smooth sides, dunno about the others tho....
  19. Malin 7 strand. Very pleased with it.
  20. Ran one flasher in my program on my deep rigger last weekend and it took one nice fish, otherwise it was quiet...... BUT when I pulled it from my spread of 4 wire divers and the other rigger (all pulling spoons which were firing regularly) the action ceased for the hour I had it out of the water. Ran it back down, and immediately took two fish on my inside divers. Needless to say, the flasher stayed parked on the port rigger for the remainder of the trip.
  21. C2C, have no worries, I purchased my x4 and am totally satisfied. Looked at the Moor and Depth Raider also. Quick responce to X4 head unit upon deployment, easy install, and it maintains a rock solid digital readout on an easy to see display, and battery life of probe has been greatly improved. Can honestly say that this is a quality piece of equipment and I am VERY saisfied with my purchase. That being said, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the units available now. Just becomes a mattter of personal preference.
  22. Have Scottys and Blacks. I just started using the Scottys and was impressed with their ability to handle a loaded rod and still be able to show small shakers very well. Hooksets on fish were buried.
  23. Bill, not to get off subject, I know the inboards have coolers, but I am pretty sure the I/O big block 7.4 has an external inline oil cooler/PS cooler as well?
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