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  1. from the harbor,go thru the "cut",(get out to about40 or 50 fow or so)turn left,go past the first couple of points,look to your left up on the bluff and look for a gray house with a flag pole off to the front of it.to the right of this you will see some picnic tables.thats my starting point. i was also told recently that the browns are hitting very well off the stoney light house. be careful going through the "cut if you have a tall boat,as the water is high and you could damage your top from hitting the bottom of the bridge. good luck! mike m
  2. flo,good report! i fish out of henderson also.we have a cottage on snowshoe rd. the browns dont really shut off when the sun comes up or over that area, they just go deeper. i do really well mid day right off of whaleys(spelled wrong but thats how i spell it) if you have rigggers start out in 35 fow and drop spoons right to the bottom,then bring them back up a few ft. put a small splt shot about six ft up from the spoon and run it about 25 -35 ft from the ball.black and silver,blue silver,green silver all work very well. also,try running some smithwicks in the same colors down there. a savant jake 45 micky finn spoon absolutely rocks in that area for me for some reason,try a goby spoon also! work your way out to 70 fow and troll in a subtle s- pattern. if you are looking for fun with a differnt species,my friend John and i went into stoney pond this Mem.day wkend and a absolutly slayed the northerns,pickerels and large mouth bass,to the point of losing count after just a short period. good luck this season! mike m
  3. wow,awesome news,mark!...thanks.there was no good replacement for the Rhys Davis bait. it was just the best meat you could buy. please keep us posted and thanks again for the news!!!
  4. havent used much cut bait since Rhys Davis stopped selling it.how good is this brand you guys are talking about?how do you rig it?head on/off?,whole or cut?(triangle strips) do you brine it?add scents?( i used to add a few drops of pure Anise to mine.) thanks for the help! mike
  5. Thats the nice thing about the chamberlians releases,you can tighten them right down and load the tips right to the water.basically two tensions,one from the release up to the rod tip and the other from the release to the lure. p.s. Owner hooks=re-assured hook-sets!!!........get some! mike m
  6. looking to getting into trying these out this year,after hearing many positive things about them. hoping some of you can share your rigging methods,leads(distance from diver to lure ,etc),dropper lengths,best clip to use, sucess,which diver worked best,etc. Thanks for your help! mike m
  7. BTW,what ever happened to that show Troy Creasy(sp?) used to host.i liked watching some of those charters for browns where you could see the nuke plant in the background. would be nice if some shows like that were back on,also would be nice if some of those shows actually showed more in-depth of the tackle riggings/set-ups,instead of going straight to the fighting and netting shots. mike m
  8. fishing alaska with Larry Czonka,always good for a few king and steelie shots!!
  9. kinda looks like a snakehead fish,if it is,i,m glad its dead!!! reeeealllly bad for the lake forage!
  10. Arrrrrh,Welcome to Davey Jones locker,mr bin laden!!! mike m
  11. looks like a Bin laden species mike m
  12. dont we pay enough already? and if we say per "line",if that included sliders,it could get expensive. lets get more people into the sport by allowing them to afford it mike m
  13. as with any reel,be sure to back off the drag when the reel is not in use.if the drags remain cranked down,especially if you are using wire,you will feel the wear spots as you reel in, when you are doing battle with big fish. have owned the magda 30"s good luck! mike m
  14. yes,the one in the middle is 12inches!...i dont keep illegal fish,,,,ever!!! mike m
  15. a sample of the fish we caught opening day last year.we yank them right out of the rock seams and limit out pretty quickly,back to the dock in time for breakfast! mike m
  16. you are also not too far from Limebarrell shoals and Bass island both good bass stucture areas.cherry island and guffins as mentioned above are also good.
  17. the "cut" in henderson harbor,the high rocks,rays bay,dutch johns bay, the pill boxes, association island,calf island,the dimple,little galloo,big galloo. 3 or4 inch white mister twisters,rooster tails,worms,minnows,small cranks mike m
  18. putting a wrap or two of duct tape onto the arbor very neatly and tightly is important.tie wire to the arbor as stated above,over hand knot ,etc. reel wire line onto spool very tightly. at the swivle end,i will normally slide a10mm bead or two(green or red )onto the wire then tie on a new 100lb test sampo swivle use asimple overhand knot. sometimes i will do a double overhand knot,but its not necessry. the bead prevents the swivle from getting jammed up into the tip of the rod,and i kinda feel that the colored beads act as an attractor,somewhat. check this out also:www.fishdoctorcharters.com click on video tips and you will see the video for wire connections,click on that. some guys will also do this.move far away from other boat traffic,slowly let all the wire line out,using a1-lb. lead ball. then reel the wire back onto the spool tightly,trying not to use a pumping action. reel will now be spooled just about perfectly. good luck, mike m
  19. i would thinks so.but thats just my opinion. you could always get one of those clip-on line counters from cabelas or brass pro,i think shakespear makes them?if they are compatable to wire thicknesses.again i could be wrong.or you could always do something similar to the new metered powerpro braided line.you could some how mark the cable a different color every twenty five feet or so and just keep an eye on your markings as you let line out. good luck, mike
  20. c3m,is your empty penn reel a line counter reel? mike m
  21. c3m,you are going to amazed the first time you catch a big king on a dipsey rod set-up.whether it be via wire or super braids.as keith g said above,any rod can be made a dipsey rod.a twilli tip or roller guide tip will do the trick!i use diawa heartland rods with twilli tips and have never had aproblem with them. i dove into the dipsey diver fishing world head first and went right for the wire.in fact,i am still running the original wire i nstalled on the reel five years ago.7 strand mason wire.i simply cut some back every so often and retie. the settings on the dipsy are for getting the dipsey further out from the boat.the higher the setting the further out the diver planes. i use Wolverine clear stealth snubbers,always have and probably always will. using finess when removing the rod from the holder is critical,no need to set the hook either,as mentioned above there is no stretch to the lines.i use owner hooks,so i already know i,m starting out with lethally sharp stuff.most fly co's.are also using this hook,so i know im in good hands. give wire a chance,i assure you,....you will be glad you did! as far as fresh water fishing goes,nothing is more exciting than watching a dipsey rod get smashed by a big pissed off king!!! good luck!! mike m
  22. ps.forgot to mention they are $49 both models
  23. gotta bite,i believe the model u r looking for is the: bwd1101 its an 8ft3" ugly stik light action 2pc.rigger rod,also comes in a med.action with the same model number,but has an m for the action. i have the bwd1131 7ft. 1 piece rigger rod that has become popular with light tackle fishing. i have only used it for browns but not sure if it has the kahoneys to handle the big boys. would love to hear from anyone who has caught big kings on this light rod!...and how you run it. info is via my basspro master catalog 2011 pg. 147 hope i was able to help, mike m
  24. looking very closely at the upper photo,i have to say its one of those Kodaks just kidd'n...great find,however! mike m
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