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  1. chris,you said you do river fishing,i do also,but not unyil yhe "run" is over.i dont do the crowd thing.its not for me. during october i do my walleye fishing at night on Oneida Lake.its a riot ,i wader fish at wms. beach for them. i use a centerpin for steel fishing and i like doing that, i also bring a noodle rod/spinning outfit with me.often fish behind the Schoolhouse in Altmar. good luck this year,its been nice talking to ya! mike m ps....save me some steel!..lol!
  2. got a report on the GLA.(great lakes angler) site that the kings are not around in the trench but the eyes are doing well. guess what i,ll be doing this weekend! the eyes have it! mike m
  3. sorry to hear about you losing some tackle.it happens unfortunatly.lost alot of wire,a dipsey, terminal tackle and a flasher and fly during Labor day weekend when a rude person trolling decided to come up along my boat.then they just laughed at me as i was trying to wave them off.they were less than 25 ft away from me.no other boat was within a half mile of me. watch your cables,keep them at a 45 degree angle.rods bent and lines tight without popping the release.if your cables are not right your lures are not giving a good presentation. keep on trying! good luck, mike m
  4. pink bellies are the salmon that have been hugging the bottom for awhile causing their bellies to turn pinkish in color,some of it is just from hitting bottom and some of it is from temp change. usually suspended kings bellies are more normal looking no pinkish tint to them. l usually get a buch of pink bellies every salmon season.i always have at least one or two rigs just off the bottom when i fish the trench.(structure and cool water down there in some areas) hope this helps..
  5. they are in there trust us. fish right on the bottom in 103 fow to 123 fow with white on white.(white e-chip white fly.)15-20ft back from the ball on the e -chips. pulled alot of pink bellies from the depths.pinkies hug the bottom! green flashers in mt.dew patterns were also hot.2.4 going with the waves and 2.7-2.9 going into the waves. keep trying,they will be thinning out in the next week to week and a half.heading for the River! mike m
  6. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Lady J ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):labor day weekend Time on Water: not enough Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: lots Total Boated:not enough......eight! Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: e chip falshers Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS just wanted to share a pic of just one of the eight fish the wife and i caught over this past weekend. we didnt get to get out as much this season as we normally do(with only a season total of twenty three kings) as we had commitments this year,friends wedding,grad parties and..... getting our son off to college and all. attending Cobleskill..."home of the floods!" nevertheless,we had fun ,chaos and good memories. productive lures were a white e chip with white atomik fly. green hot spot 11in.flasher with Familiar Bite cut- bait down the middle as a tail gunner and "suckem in" attractor. works great with the e-chips off to the side on wingers,also a Nuclear e-chip with an Atomik Carmel Dolphin ts fly....awesome! will soon be posting a pic of my 'go to ' fly...you gotta see this thing!! mike m ====================
  7. Cruz,thanks for the help! wow,i,ve been running mine back 40,with only one taker so far this season(running meat) ....sounds like i should shorten length from ball. thanks again! mike m
  8. just wondering how many of you are haveing success with the large e-chip flashers? i do pretty good with the 8 inch. i dont see many of the large ones in the stores just the 11inch hotspots. want to hear form people running the large e-chips.what colors are good ,how do you run them etc,lead lengths,best lures behind them? Thanks for the help! mike m
  9. BTW,some of the best fishing occurs during these overcast days with slight chop. the fish are often less spooked by the light and the chop can make for some great lure action,especially when a nearby boats waves bounce you a bit more.
  10. "IF".............the storm affects our area....."If" two weekends ago the forecast called for a complete wash out of that sunday.we were going to head back home that saturday night,but decided to hang out with friends and see what happened in the morn.glad we did caused we rocked some kings world on that sunday. fast forward to the next folowing saturday.mr.doppler calls for another unfishable sunday... .....wrong !!! a very light drizzle was not enough to keep the spin. dr away,result?....screamers o'plenty!! and some sunshine actually showed up also. sometimes it pays to be patient and see what happens. BUT....look at the water before you head out! mike m
  11. my friend George whose boat name is Lightning went 5 for seven on kings yesterday and my friend john whose boat name is harbor lights, went 2 for two with a bt and laker along with the kings in 1-1/2hrs yesterday also. i love running my dipseys. i get ridiculed by my friends for running them in the trench but i have been running them for over six seasons with no problems ,other than the occasional tailgater. the wife and i almost had a triple last sunday as we were pulling the rods for the day. plaid with lime stripe was hot for us as was the nuke green e=chip.got two on meat. good luck! mike m
  12. considering the wkend i had last weekend AND not seeing a net move on any other boat out there.....i would say your guess is as good as anyone elses. if it was me ...very early A.M. start out off whaleys(spelled wrong)110 fow and head south into 127 fow have at least one rigger dragging on the bottom looking for pink bellies.(may pick up a laker in the process) head towards the light house and watch your graph. ps. pray that some bait has returned to the area,or its going to be a long /slow staging season! mike m
  13. i heard mel and liberace were gay?.....oops,i meant to say "sexual preferance challenged"...gotta be politcally corrrect these days Country for the wifey and i,we do both like Queen however.and pink floyd! mike m
  14. we need the thermocline to move up in the water column. on my graph i marked it at 10 ft off the bottom in 143 ft of water.......ouch!!!...not good! keep on posting! mike m
  15. kevin i was out both days this past weekend and my answer is this...0,zero ,zip,nada.negative,zilch,a big fat goose egg. lol! well,almost anyways.it was slow to say the least at least that was the case for me and my boat.one little skippy on a glow /orange funky striped nk spoon that my wife picked out in the last half hour of our fishing time alottment.7hrs of trolling for that 16 inch fish.oh well we werent skunked. sunday we never moved a rod,and we threw everything we could at them. saturday the currents were unbelievable. there were fish marks all along the bottom on my screen(may have been lakers) and some spread out in the 90 - 135 mark on the screen.......now for the reason that i feel things are slow.....ABSOLUTELY NO BAIT IN THE AREA!!! at least not on my screen. 3 wks ago there was bait in our area like i have never seen before. it is gone but i hope not for too long the fall loc deby is on this coming weekend and we need the bait to show up,so the kings can put the feed bag on. i do know that some guys were getting lakers,but i personally was not targetting them. looks like i shold have! mike m
  16. hmm,sounds like things are a lil slow in HH....may have to hit the dimple for some hog smallmouth bass. the Haystack rocks if you are there at the right times with the right conditions. i can usually hook up real well with some Kings running a wire dipsey and mt.dew with crazy beeeeotch fly no.2 setting 300 ft out on the wire,mag ring...btw! keep on posting! mike m
  17. the pill boxes are land marks i use often.they are square concrete boxes on the shoreline between the high rocks and the light house.they were used i believe to store and protect artillary used during the war of 1812. out in front of them in the 120 -130fow area is often hot.
  18. ouch! now that hurts!! i remember seeing this on the internet a few yrears back.man was standing behind another guy casting happened in Nebraska.
  19. chris have taken notice of your posted dates and will also keep this thread going and i will try to be helpful in any way to all. jeff,fish outside the pack and be careful if you run a wire in the trench,may only wanna run one wire and only if there is no one trailing you for a long ways. it can get very congested in the trench and some people will have no mercy with your lines. a good spot to try is just off the pill boxes in the 120+fow area.run some meat if you have it. they preferr it in the very early am..along with a white 8 in e-chip and white fly good luck...keep us posted. mike m
  20. chris,i feel your pain.about eigth yrs back i feel about 12 ft off a ladder while installing some ductwork for the hvac co.i was working for.complete rotator rebuild,etc.out of work and out of fishing for almost 3 months. anyways good luck with the surgery and recovery and be sure to do what your physical therapist tells you to do...no cutting corners and you will be good to fish next season. take care and best wishes! mike m
  21. Chris,nice report. bummer on the bad luck with the reels,but nice to hear that some of the big boys are showng up in the area. how long of aleader are u using between the dodger and spoon?...thanks. great job!!! mike m
  22. Thanks for the kind words,folks. i have a feeling the fishing in the HH area is only going to get better.the bait is showing up in very large pods and hopefully will still be here when the staging season begins,it wont be long.it has never been this good this early even though we do have s few slow days. nbks and stingers are on,but i also recently got a tip from a friend who was on the saiffoutdoors network and said they have been whacking them hard with a white 8in.e-chip protroll 2ft.floro leader and a white/silver or just silver spoon trailing it.hmmmm! good luck this summer!! rod keep me posted as to when u will be back up next monthl loc derby will be starting up and perhaps we can trade some tips or something,meet up! mike m p.s my son became a diehard eagles fan a few years back....i disowned him jk!!
  23. i too am very fortunate that i have a wife that will tag along with me so that i have someone to fish with we can also run more lines.(the kids are grown up and have busy lives)she doesnt really love fishing,i,m sure its just ok,i think its more that she tolerates it for me.i'm lucky to have that,to have her! Thanks,babe.....i love you! mike m
  24. nice pics and report. where did ya catch that bass if u dont mind me asking?and on what and how deep ,some of us summmer locals up there are even having trouble finding them. thinkimg they must be deep and hitting minnows. thanks and congrats on a great trip mike
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