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  1. lil boat,nice job!!!...Jeff is one very classy guy who is always generous with info and willing to help in any way he can. mike m ps...Jeff, the float rod tips work awesome and are very sturdy!...thanks again!! mike m...good luck this season!
  2. tonys customer service is nothing short of awesome.had a problem with the rings on my wingers,for some reason they were starting to open up.after noticing this i quickly notified tony and he immediately addressed this issue. in less than two days i recieved new smaller split rings that cured the problem. keep up the great work,tony!!!..and thank you! mike mcdonald
  3. Dave,when i do fish eyes,i usually troll the area along the barracks at sacketts,around Cherry island & guffins. head across the river over to the silos and get in real close to shore,watch your graph!!!...some big rocks in some spots.smithwick stick baits in black /silver belly..blue /silver belly..blue /white belly..rapalas also work well,as do reef runners in copper and clown. get out there as early as poss.and move out deeper as the sun comes up. Calf island is great(and more suited) for fall eye fishing as the bait comes in across that shoal.night jigging with buctail jigs and a worm is awesome,when a slight wind can drift you across the shoal at just the right speed(motor off for more stealth).a drift bag tossed over helps when the drift gets to fast. i always add a stinger hook ,as eyes will often hit short.florocarbon leaders are extremely helpful. off the light house15-30fow at Stoney point in May can produce some great eyes and browns . good luck, Mike M ps....Thanks for serving!
  4. very nice !!! did you get those fish on the spinning rod only? what bait? thanks for the eye candy! mike m
  5. not a bad win.good job,'cuse! get well,Kris Joseph! mike
  6. great year,so far! keeping an eye on Sotherland,and congrats to the team for doing a great job!!....keep on slammin'!...go SU! mike m
  7. MerryChristmas and Happy New Year to all.Thanks to everyone for sharing,some advice,time and your thoughts.have a successful year and be safe out there! lets all be good to each other! take care! mike m
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone,and to all those serving our counrty and fighting overseas so that we can enjoy our freedoms.....Thank You!!
  9. i served in the U.S.Navy and would like to thank all you vets and active members for serving!.without you guys we wouldnt be able to enjoy the freedoms we have.....like fishing,hunting,enjoying time with our kids,etc. Thanks for having our backs!!! heres to you mike m
  10. good post,Ray! what ray said is important!being in the biz myself,i see alot of neglect to heating systems.this is especially important for those that do alot of woodworking in their basement or furnace area. also,while you are at it get your clothes drier vent cleaned out or just replace it yourself. they dont cost much and it may save lives. mike
  11. hey fishinman,i'll take look at your furnace for only $50.00,60 if ya want me to use BOTH eyes mike ps.i,m in the hvac biz too!...but dont hold that against me ps again..great post ,ray! happy halloween!
  12. 50?.....been there,done that!! happy birthday!!! mike
  13. awesome job!! bummer that the brown had to have a lamprey wound mike
  14. kersh, good job,i am hoping to get back up there this weekend .hopefully there will still be some bait and fish still there. or perhaps a fresh push of cold water,bait and fish from the lanes might be the ticket.well,if not,i may be targeting eyes or bass. mike
  15. awesome report,fish and pic.i see you were using some spin drs..looks like they wanted white /green. congrats to you and wifey! mike
  16. nice job,Billy.and great pics too.i may have to get me a pair of those video glasses,they are the cats a##! need info on those please! quick question ,in that first pic is that one rod to his left,a working rod or just being stored in in the holder?.was just wondering if that was a dipsey because i know you normally run your dipseys flat to the water,like the one in the lower left corner of that pic.probably the rod he just popped that fish on?if so,duh,my bad.i prefer mine flat too,but some guys keep them up for easy removal good luck with your hip and hope you recover quick! mike m
  17. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):aug 22 Time on Water:3hrs before this catch Weather/Temp:rain Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: 1-3ft Surface Temp: 70 Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Total Boated: Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================was able to catch a ride on my friend,john peers boat-Harbor Lights ,caught this girl in the trench ,just off the light house point.white e-chip/white atomik fly 119 over 113(winger)2.3mph.not a real lot of fish in there yet,more work than fun,but one is better than none mike
  18. sorry,just joking about that last thing. it is as stated in the first paragraph,dipsey then snubber then leaders,etc. good luck to all in the fall loc derby!
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