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  1. I added photos of the trailer guides, rod holders and tracks for those asking. The trailer hitch is 2 5/16" with a round 7 pin plug.
  2. For sale, 1998 Penn Yan 225 Outrage with 925 freshwater hours on the boat, ~100 hours on a new 5.7 Vortec GM marine engine. The electronics were all new in 2010 ( see photos). The boat has been kept in a heated shop and has been used less than 40 hours a year for the past couple of years. There is a long list of options, we have ~90 photos of the boat, it is best to come see it in person, day or night, the shop is well lit... 4 Cannon DigiTroll downriggers, with 10 & 12lb powder coated fish weight and blacks releases. 2 Cannon single planar board reels and masts Berts rod holders and 36" Sisco Fishing Systems tracks Removable rocket launcher on hard top, will fit under a 10' door with launcher removed ( take 1 minute to remove ! ) SimRad auto pilot Lowrance HDS-8 Lowarance VHF Jensen sound system Fish hawk 840 Trim tabs Brand new Interstates largest commercial marine starting battery ( 7/13) SS 4 blade prop with custom built directional thrust plates ( see photos) Heater Craft cabin heat ( hot water ) 70 degrees inside on a 10 degree day ! LED cockpit and bilge lighting Full length swim platform that is rock soild 1998 5 Starr ( load rite) galvenized tandem axle trailer 2 5/16" ball with power winch, and new bunks and side guides ( 2013) We do not use the boat enough and in a downsizing mode to move out of the village, so the boat is for sale, the price is firm at $ 21K If interested,we have Diawa 47LC rod & reel combos, and assorted trolling gear that is for sale seperately The boat is located in Hammondsport,NY. Email : [email protected] Craigslist ad : http://elmira.craigslist.org/boa/3964733744.html Thanks, JC
  3. Try this one, http://northendmarina.com/dockage.htm John
  4. I'm looking for 2 Shimano Tekota 800LC and 2 - 600LC reels in excellent condition. If you have reels or rod / reel combo let me know. [email protected] John
  5. Does anyone know if the DEC plans include making the ramp longer and dock area deeper?
  6. The boat is no longer for sale. Thank You,
  7. Seth Green rigs typically have 5 spoons ( 15 points if you use trebles) In Keuka you will pull 75% of your fish ( Lakers) off the bottom spoon... We started out with 5, and eventually went to 3 spoons spaced 12' apart on 8-10' leaders. The possibilities of tangles went way down and fish in the boat stayed the same. 28 ounce seemed to work best for us most days, we use 50lb Power Pro main line and Power Pro & Fluoro carbon leaders with Suttons. The weight was tied on with a 20lb mono leader about 12" long, if you manage to snag an old boat, stove, refridgerator, etc...you will only lose the weight and not your favorite spoons... Purple / black NK's with glow ladders work well at first light. If you want the fight, jig with light weight tackle, even a 4-5lb laker is fun... If you want to see copper hand lines and Seth Green boxes from way back, Hammondsport Mercantile has a bunch of them. You can't beat the boxes that were built years ago, some of those guys were true craftsman. My 2 cents John
  8. We fish all year and have a heated shop that the boat sits in. The coldest day in resent history the relay for the heater quit, and the drain plugs were still in the block. so the block cracked. It was easier for me to drop in a new long block 5.7L . So now i have all of the parts to help off set some of the cost. I'll take 500 for all of the parts, we are having a village wide yard sale first weekend of June, so you have between now and then, but if you want them i'll leave them in the shop. Let me know PS the new program is to pull all of the plugs before putting in the shop everytime John [ Post made via Android ]
  9. On Keuka you only need 3 things to make jigging work. 1. Be on the water at sunrise 2. Be able to mark fish on the Sonar 3. Get your jig to the fish using the marked depth If you don't have a way to mark fish, 100 FOW will work for most of Keuka. Seeing who is catching fishing and tag along, just not too close... I know many people have favorites, but for us the rod/reel setup is really not that important when jigging, we do great with our medium action trolling rigs and with light weight spinning tackle ( which makes it a blast when you get something over 5 lbs). Having 10-20' of 10lb fluorocarbon and a small snap swivel on the end seems to improve the numbers. We went over to Seneca Bait last year a got a bunch of Luhr Jensen jigs that work! Almost anything that looks like bait will put fish ( Lakers) in the box. John
  10. The HDS5 come in two models ( HDS5x gps only, HDS5 gps with sonar) ,which one you have. From what I remember the only difference between the 5 & 7 was screen size and possibly pixel size on the first units. I'm sure you can compare features on the Lowrance website. Screen size is a major player if you want to run a split screen, or if the unit is mounted at the helm and you want to view it from the back, bigger is definitly better. We've been running an HDS8 since they were introduced, which is a nicer unit now after installing the latest updated firmware. I'm now just getting it setup again, but the new update has addressed many issues. I would have purchased a 10" display, but a got a great deal on an 8". We use the unit everytime the boat is out, so my reasoning for a larger more costly unit was easily justified, its not just a fish finder, its chart plotter for our AP, positioning link to the DSC VHF radio and option radar, engine monitoring and Sirus radio are future options that we plan to build up to. The HDS5 beats nothing at all, so the question would be, do you want a larger display? John
  11. We are looking for at least 2 reels in excellent shape for 300-400' of 45# copper + backing and leader. We are new to copper and would like to get started learning this winter. Thanks, John
  12. Thanks Guys, thats good news. My better half has hired me without pay to help with her business affairs this weekend, but I plan to have next weekend to fish. JC
  13. Question; We have a 225 Penn Yan hardtop and would like to fish Canandaigua, is it feasible to launch from the Woodville dock with this size boat? I drive past the lake every Friday and never been on the water. We live in Hammondsport and would come over the hill on 53 and up 21. We have a small 16' Starcraft if need be, but like the comfort and room on the PY. Thanks, JC
  14. I'll put my two cents in, HDS NMEA + Yellow ( data transmit), connect to Radio NMEA Receive green wire on the Uniden and most likely the red wire on the cobra HDS NMEA - Blue ( common transmit), connect to radio common or ground wire on the uniden and most likely the black wire on the cobra radio Just think of the HDS transmit ( TX) wires as a means of transmitting the GPS communication to whatever device you have that needs to see the GPS coordinates. Inversely, if the HDS needs NMEA input, you will get that through the orange and green wires. Let me know how you make out, JC
  15. "so i had louise put the anchor out when we hit 20 fow.she says i never said to tie it off.anchor still there" Now that is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time... Take a piece of hose and a 5 gallon gas container with fresh gas, connect one end of the hose to the fuel pump inlet,the other end shove in the container and see if everything runs as it should, before you flush and possibly have to pull the main tank. It's sounds fuel related, but do the engines share the same fuel pick-up in the tank? Single tank, correct? If so I would look at the possiblity of the pick-up being a possible source of the issue. I have also seen bad fuel lines between the pump and tank that will cause fuel to be restricted or completely plugged off. You need one of those red pre-flight tags on your anchor " tie off before flight" JC
  16. HPORT

    Navco ap

    We have a ap14r wired to a hd8 lowrance, last year I posted with photos and wiring description on how to wire the nmea signal. If you cant find the post I can peek under them helm and get the wiring colors. Problem is I'm rarely on line right now... You will absolutely love having the gps drive the AP [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  17. Thanks again for all the advice, We finally got on the water 8AM Sunday morning, perfect day for fishing. Went 1 for 12, couldn't keep the little guys off the gear. They were fat and great looking fish, but we wanted to take home a few larger ones. Everything came off the Dypsy's, 150 to 300' out with gold NK spoons with red ladders and eyes. Tried Sutton's and NBK, but the gold ruled the morning. They liked 3.0mph SOG, we were running Keuka speed and took hits on the outside in turns, seems the fish are a little faster on Seneca Only had one DR operational and tried a bunch of SD / fly combinations with zero results. But I had issues with the DR rods, 5 of them were spooled 100% with PowerPro, being pretty cold Sunday morning and having spooled everything during the warm days of spring... spindles on the reels shrunk when it got cold and allowed the line to slip. I spooled one reel with a mono backing and that work fine. Rookie mistake I'm assuming.... And to top that all off, the one DR rod that worked, had a knot at 205', the fish were hanging around 300' on 350-400' bottoms. Especially in the holes. I could see them, but had no way of getting to them. The Dypys were doing so well, I didn't bother to cut out the knot. We had a great time on the lake, the only dull time was crossing the lake, no hits in the center. Most everything came from the troll South of Severne on the West side and a few coming back on the East side. We talked about fishing out of Watkins on the next trip , any suggestions on which way to run ( East / West) once on the water? Also, which ramp? I heard there is a ramp right behind the break wall? John
  18. RR, Nice suggestions, Thanks... The main line Power Pro is on the heavy side ( 65lb), I really need to look at spooling 30lb on some of the reels to compare. John
  19. Question on running shallow in clear water, how far off the ball? Do you run a length of fluorocarbon between the SD and main line, or just snap the main line to the SD? With just spoons, I usually run a 8-10' of fluorocarbon between the main and spoon. I have mixed results with this, so I'm assuming it's not correct. PB, RR thanks for the input, John
  20. My son and I are going to fish Seneca on Thanksgiving morning, if it's not raining... We have been so busy this year, that this will be the first time the two of us have had time to relax and fish together. Would it be better to launch in Watkins or Severne? We have only fish Seneca once before, and that was in Mid July, we spent our time hauling fleas and weeds out of Severne. Rough water is ok, we have plenty of freeboard and a hard top, we don't mind the cold as long as were catching fish... Any suggestions to put fish in the box would be great, we have DR, boards and divers, wire and Pro-line rigged reels ( no copper or lead) Thanks and enjoy the Holiday, John
  21. Bill, Yeah, we had allot of reboring and truing to prep a SBC for anything more then a grocery getter. It's a shame the 020 and 030 SBC blocks are gone, and those who have them will never give them up. The early seventies produced some of the best block castings ever made. The mid sixties produced the best SBC heads, it's all been down hill since. Know anyone looking for 462 heads? I agree with you on today's engines, regular PM is the best method to long life, but with the improved oils today customers can abuse the schedule more then ever. The last good engines I remember GM making where from the Canada plant. John
  22. Both points noted, Engine manufactures have not kept pace with EPA regulations on petroleum standards. Remember leaded fuel and the issues with burnt valves when the the EPA removed the lead additives from the fuel supply? The industry replied with hardened seats and new materials to combat the unleaded fuel effects on the valve train. Zinc reduction is no doubt similar, and there will be issues just the same. Zinc was one of the components in our cam lube for years. Until we get to the point of a zero impact synthetic, we are going see the industry ebb and flow with each new regulation. The cam failure in my opinion, is not the oil itself, but the application of the oil on a component that was not specifically designed to run with that specific oil rating. GM back in the early 80's couldn't keep a camshaft from wearing on V8's, they finally got on board with the other manuafactures and have a fairly good track record since. The engineers / manufactures know their business as well as anyone, cost is the main driver. Acceptable failure rate would be something that is on their table, no one is 100%, but some are real close. John
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