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  1. Mix half linseed oil, and half denatured alcohol, drys without leaving oily surface and last the season
  2. I did it and it works great, added fuse blocks for riggers also, keeps the battery wiring clean.
  3. If you contact teleflex they will give you all the info you need.
  4. A guy out of Olcott has one he flipped it couple yeras ago, Coast Gaurd found him and his girlfriend 2 days later hanging onto the boat on the canadian shoreline, he still has it and still fishes with it.
  5. Anyone looking for a new in the box baystar hydraulic steering kit good for outboards up to 150hp asking $475
  6. got 2 at Fish USA on sale. $94. apiece, seems. like a well built reel for the money. Think I may put them on roller rods, for dipsy.
  7. I believe it is a 17 would have to look at it to make sure. shaft is 25"
  8. you can run your fishfinder on split screen, 50 on one side 200 on the other, 83 is 60 degree, 200 is 20 degree cone angle, 83 probly pick up more of the shallow fish. I have heard that it is not too reliable below 60 feet. I have always used 50/200. Maybe someone that runs the 83 will give you better info.
  9. Does anyone have one they are not using, if so plz let me know. TY JIM
  10. Try someone who rebuilds electric motors in your area, or a guy called (Lord of the riggers..website) Tony may know of someone.
  11. Do you have an outboard, I just bought hydraulic steering and raymarine autopilot S1000, Paid less then price of of X-5, if you want any info let me know. my cost was about $1400.
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