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  1. Have you considered a 25/06, I live in the mountains of Pa with considerable farm land around, I an sit on my back deck and see almost every game animal Pa has to offer, I have taken ground hogs, coyotes out to 300 yards with my 06, It is a fast round, but I do have a 26" bull barrel, have taken many deer at all ranges with it. Bought the wifey a Bolt action savage 243 last year, so far I like it, I also have a 7mm/08 which is a nice shooter also It has the accu trigger Nice wood stock, all around nice gun. I think all the calibers who have selected will do the trick, The 7mm and the 243 really is just a 308 necked down. Just my $.02 for what its worth
  2. Howdie .Welcome aboard.. Baskatong Reservoir <--I fished there right after the flood in 1972 It was a nice trip kinda of a long drive from Pa. If I remeber correctly they also had guided bear hunts there also..brought back some memories hearing that name again.
  3. Might wanna check this unit out if you have hydraulic streeing http://www.raymarine.com/ProductDetail. ... ODUCT=3011
  4. I have read articles on wd 40 being able to remove paint and it is a water base..I would give it a try..caint hurt anything.
  5. Guy on ebay right now sellin them 3 for $9
  6. Wow awesome fish havent seen any 40+ in a while and to think I Was out on the lake that day wifey said we should try the Dam. LOL Glad somebody is doing them.
  7. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Fished off the Yankee Pride ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Sept. 23 Time on Water: 6 hours Weather/Temp: partlt cloudy latter on was sunny Wind Speed/Direction: East Wind Waves: 2 to 3 footers Surface Temp: 65 degrees Location: Olcott LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): N/S between 33 and 35 line E/W between 43 and 53 line =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 27 Total Boated: we kept 9 fish Species Breakdown: mostly steelhead between 6 an 12 pounds 2 small kings and 1 coho Hot Lure: NK 28 Lemon Ice, spin doctor with mountain dew fly Trolling Speed: 2.2 to 2.5 Down Speed: 2.4 t0 2.6 Boat Depth: 450 to about 480 Lure Depth: deepest set was about 55 feet. temp there was about 47 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Al in all was a good trip till we got 1/2 mile from piers...run out of gas lol boat close by towed us in didnt have to wait .
  8. I will Post some pics today and some prices.Perko rod holders are $25 each.Planer reels are $30 apiece, but Like I added they are modified. I will post pics this morning. Spoons are all different brands some are almost like new.
  9. 5 Perko clamp on rod holders, 5 for $100. or $25 apiece TY Jim
  10. I tried to contact you by email dont know if you got it or not I have a bunch of stuff for sale if your interested let me know
  11. I have 4 St Croix Rods 4903-M-7 I would sell, If your interested gimme a shout. Jim
  12. OK a little more to add to the soup,if your fishing pro am does your spotter need a license if they handle the fish to weight or measure ? Jim
  13. What about the Canadian side of big"O"
  14. I have been fishing out of Olcott for many years, and one simple rule I have generally found to be sucessful, is stick to North South troll, or North east, south west, slowly crabing east or west till you find the fish, if you watch the local charter boats they all seem to work that pattern unless weather dictates something different.I usally start around 70 fow and work out over 200 fow back and forth. The fish in that area seem to hold a little shallow right before dawn and a few hours after then they head deeper and return in the evening. Also try and run a program that works good together at the speed you are running, throwing too much at them sometimes spooks the fish. I generally put the lure in the water next to the boat if it looks good there then I put it down. No matter what you run presentation is the key, any lure should take fish if presented properly. Just my 2 cents for what its worth. Jim
  15. Could be due to cold water rings dont seat well if not hot enough and fuel does not burn right creating a carbon build up I had same problem several years ago and put hotter thermostat in re-adjusted carb (lil more air) and it corrected the problem. If that any help.
  16. Alot of guys on the Finger Lakes just jig straight up and down for Lakers, works real well. I guess the price of gas and the fleas had something to do with it. White seems to be their color of choice.
  17. Brand spankin new to the forum, but not to Lake Ontario, been fishing out of Olcott since mid 70's, my wife of 13 years is from Newfane, snaged her on one of my fishing trips lol. I presently live a few miles south of Elmira NY, Just inside the PA border. Always kool to talk to other fisherman and swap ideas, and stories. Looking forward to Spring and the Derby gettin Cabin fever now that hunting is over. New boat goes by the name of Har-lee-dee. look me up in Olcott, also stared fishing finger lakes last year nice fishin when ya can't get on the big lake.
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