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  1. I have a pair of Tigress 15' black and gold with rigging kit and line caddy also have the heavy duty gunnel mounts, these are top of the line and are like new used once, asking $400.
  2. connect a hose to the top of the bleeder and make sure the other end of hose is in a container of brake fluid and u can see air bubbels bleed till no more bubbles, fluid help keep air from going back in.
  3. Take a ride to some of the marina's on the lake look at some of the boats and set-ups to get an idea, ask questions, go from there before investing big bucks. you get what you pay for, look at cost to maintain the boat and operate, lotta facts to consider but I'm sure you know that.
  4. 2009 19' Center Console for sale 115 Yamaha 4 stroke with 400 hours Venture roller trailer, take over payments and its yours, we got another boat this one must go.
  5. I saw a bunch of those weights at hesselson pool place in Elmira
  6. just thought you might want to take a look at these I just got 2 for my boat they have same base as big jon and priced pretty reasonable http://www.fishonsports.com/
  7. If your lookin for new Wes at Slippery Sinker has them in stock
  8. Stop in and see Wes at Slippery Sinker In Olcott he is a straight shooter and will give you latest info.
  9. Your there every day I have not been there in a week but I did hear about the thrash west so East may be hassle free I guess LOL. May be better launching out of Olcott
  10. ams run 68 72 ....pros run 10 U can monitor best not to call them as most times they don't answer unless they know you or its an emergency..they get too many disturbances the way it is..I expect Thrus may be a slow radio day anyway good luck..I hear they have been doing well from the plant to the bar..guess lil west of Wilson may be a better shot
  11. New PDT-WBL transducer for trolling motor mount $65. plus shipping
  12. Need a 200khz Transducer for LMS 520c
  13. Anyone looking for a top of the line pair of outriggers I have a set of 15" 1 1/8" Tigress Black and Gold With heavy duty flush mount gunnel holders with taco rigging kit and taco line caddy mint condition List for around $650. new asking $325.
  14. looking for radar archs or fishing archs I ran a across this site when I was looking they have some nice stuff http://www.fishonsports.com/
  15. If your fishing the western end they are in the Niagara river
  16. Lake ontario motel on route 78
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