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  1. Using Big Jon dipsy rod holders for 20+ years never a problem, rod will break before you can move the rod holder
  2. I have, good people to deal with and priced right.
  3. Bought one last Month, Paid $498. delivered. Company is listed on ebay, but I called him direct and ordered. Got 2 quarts of extra oil also, Instead of off ebay purchase dicount. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-BAYSTAR-HYD ... 2ec5d79274
  4. My wife is from NY but we live in north central PA, a few years ago we thought about moving up near Olcott, when we checked things out a lil closer, we found higher taxes and more importantly, I am a dissabled Viet Nam vet, In Pa I dont pay any taxes, I have free life time hunting License, Free life time fishing license, and free life time trapping license, my registration on my truck is free, were I live there is not even a police department, I can shoot from my deck anytime I want and no one cares. NY would not give me any of these benifits. Don't get me wrong I love NY but just could not justify living there. I dont see whats going on in NY ever taking place in PA. we live close to the border and everyone from NY comes to Pa to buy gas and cigs. clothing is tax free, Pa sales tax is 6% ny is 8 1/4%, the reasons go on. NY like the Federal government needs to clean house and re-elect people for the people, NY has so much to offer if it were run correctly...Just my 2 cents
  5. can't really be sure on hours guessing around 600, It is not a fitch, it is carburated, like to get $1500. a few dealers told me it is worth more than that. pushes that grady about 40mph. complete new water pump, spark plugs, and thermostats, the end of last year.
  6. I don't believe it would damage the motor, probly the biggest problem would be getting the boat on plane, it would have to run near wot probly all the time, depends on weight of boat, fuel load, passengers, and gear. If your not traveling far, and don't care about speed, you should be ok. If your getting a super deal on the motor may be worth a shot. again just my 2 cents.
  7. I have read were 2/3rd's of max rating is minumum. in you case probaly, 65hp. just my 2 cents.
  8. I may be repowering soon, and I will have this motor, controls and possibly gauges for sale, if anyone is interested let me know and I can send pics and give you more details. TY Jim
  9. the newer lowrance puck Lgc4000 aquires faster then the older units that should make some difference.
  10. I just got a raymarine S1000 it is made to use with hydraulic steering, cheaper then the sport pilot. $835. if you need more info let me know.
  11. Saw an ad on The Hull Truth..guy is selling new Lowarnce HDS 5's for $293.
  12. I had a 26' sea-ray I always power washed the teak and put several coats of 50% boiled linseed oil and 50% denatured alcohol, did a nice job,and lasted the season. Hard to really sand teak because of the wax, good soap in the power wash will usally bring it back..something like deck wash, I have seen them use a mix with bleach in it, not really good to use and kind of clear finish because of the wax. teak requires lot of maintinance no ez way out..just my 2 cents..TY Jim
  13. you can use small angle brackets bolted to the side of the gunnel, and lay the desired width to top of gunnel, using brackets to bolt down part that extends over the gunnel..just my 2cents.
  14. Big jon planner reel like new $50. plus shipping..free pick up.
  15. big jon double rod holders $150. for both + shipping..or free local pickup. TY Jim
  16. I have 2 Taco rod holders, will fit 1 1/4 pipe, I drilled and tapped set screw, so they only stay in postion shown 90 deg. asking $40 apiece. oringinal cost was $90 apiece. Pic a lil messed up..they both look like the one on the left.
  17. I have a US637XL New Jersey-Delaware APR2002... if anyone needs it ..make me an offer.
  18. I run 3 fish finders, I have a lowrance switch for My lcx 38 and lcx27c and I can switch between units on one transducer, I run an eagle on the back of the boat on 200khz while the other 2 are running on 50khz. never have any problems.
  19. Just a guess but may have something to do with a solenoid, it may be working somewhat being that starter spins but may not have enough power to fully engage.
  20. I would be interested in the deck plates, if you want to sell them
  21. Moderate-duty extension mast,White, molded polycarbonate fittings,Standard 1in-14 thread, upper male, lower female,Actual length: 50", Good for mounting GPS antenna up out of the way. $30. + S&H.
  22. Debating if I should replace aging main motor or put a kicker on..any opinions?
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