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  1. One method might be drop weight rigged with big jon jettison release's that will save the ball and you can reel back in. another might be the smaller disk divers, with that light of line and those rods the larger diver wouldn't work for you. there are a variety of divers best thing is to visit a tackle shop and look around or get some advice from them, sure some of the guys here have some better ideas also then mine lol.
  2. Do you have water speed on the fish finder that would be closer to the sub troll the gps is avg sog. could easily be .6 difference.
  3. I was standing along side Catherines creek off route 14 Saturday and I saw 2 snake like fish swiming around they were orange and black in color and aprx 18" 20" long and did not apear to have a dorsal fin..are these just a different species of snakeheads or something else?
  4. I have Smart Tabs on my boat they are made by Nauticus they adjust automatically no hydraulics the cylinders are gas filled and adjust to the pressure applied to them. http://www.nauticusinc.com/
  5. Lowrance fishfinders are not junk, probly what you heard is their service is junk...but lately they have been a lil better my unit was 2 years out of warranty they sent me new transducer and gave me time to try it out if it didnt resolve problem they were going to fix the unit for free. Guess it depends what you like pretty hard to find a agood combo unit for under a grand today.
  6. Anybody have a depth raider for sale?
  7. Try Capt. Gary in Michigan he may have them he has been a cannon dealer for many years. 800-325-7181
  8. I have 2 thought here. possibly you may have to spread the bunks out a little bit further to allow the boat to come on the trailer farther, and also they do sell bunk style rollers to replace the carpeted ones. just my 2 cents for what its worth
  9. You can pop rivet a sleeve over the existing pole
  10. The gauges have 2 seperate circuits, the sending units for each are what make the gauges display info,(like temp.oil pressure and so on) lights are a seperate circuit, could be lights for gauges are getting ground tru the gauge,instead of a separate ground, try runing a wire to the ground side of the lighting circuit to see if this eliminates the problem. also, also check voltage to the lights, if you are using 2 batteries you may be feeding double voltage to the lights. I would think by the sound of the problem you may have a loose ground in the lighting circuit. hope this is some help.
  11. 2 big jon sportsman downriggers for sale $400. OBO for the pair they are like new used about six times.pic dont do them justice they are shinny new like just out of the box.
  12. I replaced an engine with a truck motor, only things I was told was make sure it was a four bolt main bearing, and replace with stainless steel head gaskets. and intake manifold, this was a v-6 we did and it work fine never had any issues, may want to check the rotation also. the Gm v-6 with 4 bolt main bearing was same engine they used in boats.
  13. fasten a support across the center. side to side, like a piece of aluminum or stainless.
  14. I never sanded my Teak, seems like the only way you would sand if it were painted. A mechanic @ a boat dealership in New Jersey showed me what they do years ago and it is really simple, high pressure wash cleans it nice, and a mixture of boiled linseed oil and denatured achcohol restores it to its natural beauty. Teak has a natural wax in the wood which seems like it would not sand well or mess your paper up quick.
  15. try Shorts Marine In Delaware, I have delt with them in the past for my OMC they pretty much have everything there.Did a quick search on their site for your part, I posted the page site below. Good Luck http://www.shortsmarineparts.com/pages/ ... nrude.aspx
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