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  1. I gotta dig them out, just moved try finding them tonight or tomorrow
  2. I got two of them they are singles but u could probably put them toghter
  3. Does it come with everything like transducer Kchampney
  4. I have a bunch not sure what they are I will look tomorrow Kchampney
  5. Starcraft 25.00, dark blue and light blue 50.00 each Kchampney
  6. Sold sold sold and everything worked cleaning house Kchampney
  7. $$$$$$$$$$$(200.00)$$$$$$$$$$$$$come and get them Kchampney
  8. I lost crap before and got them back by trolling a big spoon lure on lead core with a bunch of treble hooks come off it, may have to put some extra weight on it, but worked great Kchampney
  9. 15.00 and Starcraft 50.00 Ontario United1429998900.736044.jpg] Kchampney
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