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  1. Are the otters for sale too??? Kchampney
  2. Thanks for the report always great reading, How do u guys keep your lures from snagging on the bottom when running in the swallow water, I lost two Smithwichs and that secret lure you posted I had 75ft out running in 5ft of water Kchampney
  3. My kids didn't take the states unfair tests Kchampney
  4. They r nice motors, what lures where u running Kchampney
  5. I seen u out there Dave we were in the gls Kchampney
  6. I said before I rather not ship I would of sold them last year when I first listed them. I am not pulling riggers apart to ship I'm sorry but for what I'm asking not worth my time I got to much crap going on Kchampney
  7. The long boom ones are two big to ship the short arm ones may be able to ship rather not Kchampney
  8. I will have to see if they can be shipped pretty big to ship Kchampney
  9. Is that 30.00 shipped if so I will take them Kchampney
  10. Tony Buffa great guy been doing it for over 30 years. He was a lot of fun Kchampney
  11. Interested if power dive doesn't take them Kchampney
  12. kchamp

    for sale : usa 2005 Crestliner 19.5 Sportfish

    Sweet boat Kchampney
  13. If the other two don't want the spoon box I will take it Kchampney
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