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  1. Still have them all really just want to sell the all at once if they don't go I will spilt them up Kevin 315-723-5437 Kchampney
  2. Bandrus1 what is your best colors of apena diamonds I got some I need to get painted??? Kchampney
  3. Bandrus1 what is your best colors of alpena diamonds I got some I need to get painted??? Kchampney
  4. Got any pictures of what they look like Kchampney
  5. Thanks for all the help looking to slap a few Browns this spring Kchampney
  6. I have had the same problem with stingers loosing the paint off and you call them to complain they give u no one else has had a problem, this is the first complaint you will have to send them to us then they take two months to get them back to u. The spoons do work just wish my hard earn money went further buying them and having them last more than a day fishing. They Need to learn how the other spoons makers are keeping there paint on Kchampney
  7. Have some old spoons wonder if anybody still uses them and what they work best for. Kchampney
  8. What speeds are good to run at spring Browns? Thanks Kchampney
  9. What colors of evil eyes do u guys like? Favorites? Kchampney
  10. Interested in the evil eyes and the apeno diamonds Kchampney
  11. Got mine, couldn't be happier, real nice guy to deal with went out of his way for me thank you very much A++++ Kchampney
  12. Yes I still have them, I would say they are metal too Kchampney
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