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  1. for spring browns what is the best way to run these spoons and how fast?
  2. I just bought a walker dual planer board from gander for 60.00. looks like a good board you can run on either side. hope to try it out this weekend to see. I also have a set of super ski boards just single boards anybody know how these boards run
  3. were they Standard - 3 3/4 inches long or Scorpion - 2 1/4 inches long. were you just flat lining them behind boards or running of the downriggers? thanks and sorry for all the questions just new to spring browns
  4. why did you change the transducer to airman p66? I like the Lowrance that I can use it on the ice too but was wondering if the side scan and down imaging gave a lot better picture than the structure scan. I have the Lowrance 520c right know
  5. which is a better unit, is the structure scan worth the money or not, I see 798 has side and down imaging and Lowrance has structure scan. Would you see more have the down and side imaging or is it the same as the Lowrance. The prices are almost the same 798 is $750.00 and the Lowrance is $850.00.
  6. http://www.downtimecharters.com/Ideas/Planer_boards/planner_boards-plans2010.pdf does any body know if the one board 36" long you cut the bottom 32" inches to get your angle, just want to double check before I cut. Also r the triple better than the dual, I want to make one up for the port side but want A little bigger one than the 27" one posted on here, like to make one like the amish outfitters if I had the plans for one
  7. I run lead all the time, you can just get 10 colors on the reel with 20ft of backing it will just miss the front but after a couple of fish it will tightening up and run fine. we have a set of 4 that on got on clearance at dick`s two years ago $150 for all 4 with 9.6 pole accepted and we just love that set up. We run them for eye`s on oneida lake and the line counters work the best. Cabela`s lead core line holds up the best, we beat that line up bad. cabela`s line counter reels work well and they will hold 10 colors easy but the line counter mess up all the time
  8. check ebay and gander has them on sale for $5.00. What size and colors work for you guys?
  9. I have a homemade planer board on one side of the boat and the other a wille pro ski, the pro worked great, the homemade one ran alright not as good as the pro ski did, but I could not get my line to side down to go out at all maybe 10ft-15ft, the pro ski I could run my line out to the board if I wanted to? I had real heavy mono on the mask to the planer boards, I just bought some planer board tow line to try, not sure if it will make a difference or if I should make a new board. I was using shower curtains steel rings with rubber bands
  10. well the weather sucked, storm every night, made the fishing hard, trolled all over and didn`t get nothing but a small mouth and 3 perch.
  11. thanks a lot guys just bought some new line getting ready to go, will try it out. tight lines kevin
  12. hi there looking for some help with trolling for browns. I would like to troll for browns or what ever hits the lines this weekend, we are camping at brennan`s beach, I have leadcore poles and tons of tackel just not sure how u guys are getting them, I really would like to get them without having to put the downriggers on the boat. could u please give me some help like speed, depth, line and where to find them. tight lines kevin
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