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  1. 3 lots of amazing used and abused lots J plugs and like plugs (Northport etc..) Right from a charter boat on Lake Superior NO hooks or harness unless they are pictured. These are used and several are pretty beat (look at the pics) but most are in good to very good condition. lot 1 qty 27 4's and 5's (4.75-5.75") $75 SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR LOT 2 QTY 22 4'S (4.75") $58 TO YOUR DOOR lOT 3 QTY 20 2'S, 3'S AND 4'S (3.5-4.74") JOINTED rare $60 TO YOUR DOOR Paypal ok or personal check (must clear bank before shipping) will mail USPS Some very rare ones in this collection. Thanks- luv2rapala(at)yahoo(dot)com --- dang spammers or PM me here Would also consider a trade for tekota's or Saltist reels
  2. That was me I am sold out. there is a guy on another Great lakes site that is selling them (think he has 4 copies) Let me know if you need help connecting luv2rapala
  3. Maybe I am crazy but do you think the fish could be hitting the dipsey and not the hooks? I often wonder as I get those drive by's often on dipsey set ups. luv2rapala
  4. If the convectors are still available - I would be #2 in line luv2rapala
  5. Shade, Did I get them? Where do I make the payment? Let me know, luv2rapala
  6. Check your e-mail maybe your spam filter is preventing my e-mail from getting to you [email protected]
  7. Can you e-mail pics of spoons and plugs (colors is what I am most interested in seeing. Thanks, [email protected]
  8. interested in power/antenna cable? which style ? how many wire/contacts? Thanks [email protected]
  9. Would you have pics? I have a few parts of an older model as well maybe we can make a good one? Gary [email protected]
  10. Sorry all the 50 lb Power Pro is sold out! Just came into a few spools of Spiderwire STEALTH Camo in 65 lb 125 yd spools. $12.00 to your door via USPS Also have 27lb 100yd leadcore (Western Filament) for $11.00 to your door or team up with Spiderwire Stealth Camo backing and 100 yrds of leadcore for $23.00 to your door.
  11. Is the spring /Antenna/receiver with that display or just the display with no cords or atenna. Thanks, G luv2rapala
  12. Sold out of the 30 lb, 40 lb Found a few more 50 lb's! For sale: $21.00 to your door via USPS Power Pro Spectra Braid EZ spool packs 300yd packs Phantom Red (only color I have) Make every strike count! Rounder, Smoother, Thinner The difference is Enhanced Body Technology (EBT) EBT makes Powerpro the roundest, smoothest casting superline on the market. Period. Unequalled sensitivity and hook setting power let you feel the smallest strike and set the hook with confidence. Powerpro works great in conventional or spinning reels. BRAND NEW in the package Paypal only Send me an e-mail at [email protected] with your valid e-mail address and ship to address and size and qty 50, 65lb test (Sorry 30, 40 lb sold out) Also have 80 lb Powerpro Microfilament 300 yd for $27.00
  13. Musky guys and girls, I have a few extra I need to get rid of Gapen Tackle - Deep Diver Polish shad crankbait 8" Carp or 8" Sucker (sucker is pictured- carp is slightly darker-more scale detail) 5 oz Running depth 14-24 ft BRAND NEW in a sealed box Very nice quality retail is $30.00 Delivered to your mailbox via USPS for $23.00 paypal accepted. [email protected] Just a few left hurry
  14. I am in the same boat- I took a chance on this one after waffeling on which to choose. I hoped this was a cheap way into one. I have heard the new fishHawks are the best bet other then that they are all pretty much the same. I guess it depends how you like the display- the new cannon has a very easy to read display but what I bought is an older version and I may never know if it works.- Guess I will call Cannon tomorrow direct.
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