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  1. Yes u must use a mono backer to keep the braid from slipping on the spool. I go around 1/3 of the spool with a mono that is close to the same diameter wich helps with the joining knot. Then I use a uni to uni (double uni) Knot to link the 2 lines, some prefer a surgeons knot. Both can be found on this neat little site with illustrations. http://www.netknots.com/html/fishing_knots.html Then use the Palomar knot to tie lures on. This knot has the highest raiting for braids. The braid does provide more sensitivity and no strech for better hook sets however it is more visible underwater. Good for crankbaits not so good for jigs. I use a 6-8lb mono or florocarbon when jigging for eyes as I belive most walleye guys do. However I am not the eye expert by any means so maybe someone can awnser that question better than I. Good Luck
  2. I dont know if I can make it this weekend Nitro. My hours have been cut at work and my trolling motor is on the fritz. Probably stuck in I bay for a while. Good luck and I will post my luck here at I bay.
  3. I was looking for a Nitro. Did u make it to coneseus today? I did with no luck at all. I did find weed growth although sparatic on the south end. surface temp 57 We threw swim baits, x raps, in 5-15 fow Drifted jigs tip with Gulp baits for eyes in 15-30 fow. Not so much as a bite. the guys i talked with were all saying the same thing looks like it was a tough weekend everywhere from what ive heard. How bout u. Any Luck?
  4. I have always loved the Italian bread crumb method too. However rencently we have been using "Zatarains Fish-Fri" lemmon pepper fish coating and man is it good. Available at any grocerie store. Try it.
  5. No Nitro it was not me. I was bullhead fishing that day. I do however look forward to meeting, we fish a lot of the same waters so Im sure our paths will cross. I am planning to be at Chatauqua for the opener in June. It is questionable though because work is slow and hours are being cut, but hopefully not for long. How bout you?
  6. Thats some really great advise Nitro, I never heard of the tape trick. I am really greatfull to my buddy Solgrande who turned me on to this site. And who by the way recommended the higher gear ratio to me. What a great bunch of guys.
  7. Most definatly Nitro is right. I have purchased low end models only to return or throw away. I also use a curado with no regrets. It is pricey but it works even in the wind, and the vbs is amazing it really works. I use the 200dhsv with a 7:1 ratio because it is easier to slow your presentation than burn a lure with a slow ratio. I have no experience with the citica so I will not vouch for it. I also use Abu Garcia C3 for Musky and I like it very much as well although im not sure about there bass style reels. There are many reviews online. If you dont have the money for a curado i suggest u read reviews on any reel u r thinking of before u buy.
  8. Those are some slobs. Thanks guys got my blood pumping!!!!!!
  9. Nice fish Kremer anyone else got some nice pic's?
  10. hey guys while we are waiting here is my best a 7lb eye from erie canal
  11. Where are those pic's Bob? We are Waiting!!!!
  12. Hello from Webster My name is Lee I am new to your site and would like 2 say wow. What a site. I am impressed. I love to fish for toothy critters and bass but somtimes go out on the big water for salmon. I have a 19ft custom Blue Finn (Gustofson) I run mostly in Irondequoit Bay. Cant wait for the season to begin. I sure have had enough of fishin through a 7" hole in the Ice. Good luck to all and to all a good bite.
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