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  1. Thanks LK88 This statement was very hard to ignore. Thanks Tim.
  2. Thanks for trying to answer a very difficult question. I guess the real question is whether or not the IJC will continue to regulate the levels the way the have or adopt the new plan. (not sure if they already have) I suppose we will find out like it or not. Not the answer I was hoping for but it is what it is. Good Luck n Tight Lines
  3. Guys if I'm reading the chart right it says we are only down around 2ft from last July. I believe its much more than than that. Has anyone used these charts in the past? Do you have any confidence in the projected data? If so we should be just under average by April? I realize mother nature must take her course and nothing is for sure. I'm just wondering if anyone has confidence that we will or will not get near norm this year?
  4. Hey guys, I am about to dump a bunch of money in bottom paint and dock fee. Does anyone think there is a chance the water levels wont get back to norm by spring? I am planning to dock at Arney's but the water is so low I'm worried that its a waste of time and cash! What do you guys think?
  5. Well I have decided to go with Scotty 1116 which was my original thought. I don't think I need the extra speed of the HP model and don't like almost double the amp draw that they require. My Honda kicker does not have a charging system and I still dont know how I'm going to deal with that because the dock will not have electric. Anyway many thanks to all who posted to help me with the decision. Brian I really respect your opinion and if I had the money for the Digitroll I would have gone that way. Thanks again.
  6. Ok I can obviously see the features you get with the Digitroll models but that just isnt in the budget. How does the autostop work on the Mag 10 stx? Is it really better than the Scotty because to be honest the Scotty seems better otherwise (in my price range).
  7. No local shops selling riggers to my knowledge. Thanks for the replies.
  8. Yep this is what Im afraid of. Im a rookie and I cant afford to be losing probes n balls. Thanks very much for the heads up on that. Now I will have to look harder at Cannon.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. I feel much better moving forward now.
  10. I am now looking at a pair of Scotty 2116HP riggers. I read somewhere that the high speed might not be a good option for the fishhawk probe.Any opinions or experience with this?
  11. Will I find a deal at Lotsa or should I just take the best internet deal. Leaning on a pair of 1117 Propacks. Looking for suggestions on where / when to buy. Nothing else to think about. I need help. Its the fever. Its really setting in now.
  12. Just in from the bay...Went out of Connellys Cove did not find any fish from 5ft to 18ft all dinks. The story was the same from the guys who went to 25fow. Thin layer of snow = decent ice 3-4inches... deep snow = thin ice 2" in some places. Not enough fer my liking. Still we tried for a few hours. Good to finally be on the hard water again. Just dont be fooled by the dummies with their sleds! The ice is not good enough for that IMO. West side near state launch not fishable yet 1.5-2" of ice. Maybe next week will be better if we dont get to much rain. Good Luck.
  13. Hey Jeff I am a converted Bass n Pike guy. So I am a rookie... but this is what a came up with last year when a trip to the tackle shop was fruitless. I emptied my Bass Pro Soft bait bag and filled it up with flasher/flies nice because its compact and the bags a plenty thick to resist hooks. Also big enough to hold dipseys! 9 bags in each side plus pockets for snaps n stuff!
  14. Well I guess I thought it would be an added expense considering I think I need a track system for rod holders anyway. I do have access under the gunnel to reinforce. Any votes for riggers on a track system? If so which system would be a good option for Scottys? I will look into having the cover modified. Thanks again guys.
  15. Yeah thats probably the best thing but budget is getting very tight. Thanks fer the reply.
  16. I recently bought this boat due to my new addiction to Salmon on the big Lake (thanks a lot). Now I have a delema with my rigger choice. I will be buying 2 new Cannon mag 10 or Scotty 1116 propack. Seems most of you guys prefer the Scottys. The problem I have is that the mooring cover barely clears the rigger board. So I will have to remove the riggers at the dock every day. What is your opinion. Remove the board and use track system? Add track to board? Which rigger is better for quick disconnect options? Thanks in advance!
  17. Like new still under extended warranty. 24v 80lbs thrust 42" shaft. Comes with Cabelas PROSPORT II 2 Bank onboard charger and 2 deepcycle batteries. TRAXXIS TRANSOM-MOUNT Transom motor platform improves every functional aspect of the on-the-water experience. Motor deploys to 10 different positions. Easily accessible thumb release provides simple deploy operation. Ergonomic contoured tiller handle design incorporates both tilt and extension functions. 45º upward tilt. Handle extends 6''. Quick-Lock cam design for depth adjustment.Steering tension/vertical stow collar improves steering tension & allows the motor to be stowed in a vertical position. Push-to-test battery meter integrated into head. Sub-Model: Traxxis 80 Column: 42'' Thrust: 80# Volts: 24 Mount: Metal 10-Position FWD/REV: Also comes with quick disconnect for easy removal from boat . $600 obo
  18. Sale fell through all still available. I will let all four go for $500. Thats $400 in swivel bases and $100 fer 4 riggers!!!
  19. 1 pair sold pending payment. Pair with SS booms still available. Thanks fer looking.
  20. 1996 Yamaha Virago 1100cc 25k miles. Windshield Kuryakyn Black Widow pegs Highway pegs Sissy bar Saddle Bags. New rear tire (Dunlop) Garage Stored every winter. Full cover included. Very nice bike runs and drives mint! Selling due to Fishing Habit leaves no time to ride! $2800 obo ***Sold***
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