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  1. Well I went up to $153 but thats it folks. Im out. Were up to $155 for the bait, good news for the fund!
  2. I bid $143 with the intention of putting it up for re-auction but have been out bid!!! Now I have to think if can really go any higher! If I do and win I will give it to Solgrande for another auction!
  3. I am interested in pic #2 and #4 please pm me with price.
  4. Sorry to hear your leaving Phil. I have enjoyed your stories. Congrats!
  5. Well hit conesus again today threw in line spinners and x rap and spoons. a decent 32 on a musky marabou was all i could muster in the 20mph wind and white caps.
  6. I bay sucks... my Pb is 34" in 3yrs of fishing there I may have to op for Conesus as well, will have to see what the winds are come saturday! Good luck on the hunt Zach!
  7. I like the area west of thortons point and around leroy island. Ralttle and swim baits worked well for us last year in the 10-15ft range. Good luck maybe we will see you there. Im in an old blue boat with full windshield.
  8. The Great Sodus Bay this year. Then depending on the fishing Conesus.
  9. Wow Nice fish. You must be using 6ft leaders with that mouth. Where did you go for the beast?
  10. No complaints here. In fact if my boat places I pledge 1/2 of the winnings to the fund!
  11. I dont think a simple referance to the season should be misconscrewed as jumping down his throat. I also offered my 2 cents on the subject and made no accusations as to his behavior. This is a good topic and we have some intelligent conversation on the matter. Many people are switching to fluorocarbon due to the low visibilty. I use it for Musky but have not for pike because I use smaller baits and I am not confident in the smaller diameter fluoro. Good to hear what others are using. Thanks for the post.
  12. Ok first Pike season is not open yet. After May 1st I use 30lb suffix braid and 30lb steel leaders. I like the wire claps not the ones with folded over sheet metal. The leader will affect the bait if the clasp is to big for the size of bait. Use bigger baits! Where are you fishing?
  13. Wow NICE FISH. That thing must be 45" but then you trout guys dont have a stick that long do ya.
  14. Good Luck Nitro hope u hook up. Those phantoms look real nice Zach but how many tails do I have to buy?
  15. I have used Shadalicious with good results for pike but have not seen Musky sized versions I will have to take a look. I am planning on getting a couple of glide baits for something new this season!
  16. Thanks for the replies. I took it to Bass pro and got some tips for cleaning that I will try before I pay any more shipping fees.
  17. My Man, I have uped the bid to $22 Thanks also for the $100 donation Bob you da Man!
  18. I just got 2 of my baitcasters back from a local reel repair and one of them is making noises (Shimano Curado). Like one of the gears is not seated properly. Just wondering who other people are using for general maitenence of their reels. Obviously I am not happy with the nameless repair shop I used.
  19. Good Luck Zach, Hope you do a few. Make sure you get some pic's for us to drool on!
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