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  1. Nitro??? I say Nitro you wouldn't have gone and bid $87 would you. No not you. $120
  2. The baits arrived today in mint condition. The pics do not give justice to the beauty of these baits. They are HUGE. You guys are in for a run for your money if I can actually make it to the tourney! I liked the gold bunker better in the pic's but now I like the 9 dollar bass even better. Ohhhh I cant wait to get these things in the water!!
  3. Come on guys $100 for 2 baits surely we can top that. Thats like retail isnt it? Im sure no one here will let that happen.
  4. I did Ray, Special thanks to Captain Larry for them. These will be the nicest lures in my arsenal... all for a donation I was making anyway. Very Cool!
  5. Well Sol bid me up first thing this morning I was trying to return the favor. Now I might need extra hours.
  6. hehe, nice poker face there Lee . WTG on that lure...sure is nice... Now, are you gonna pull it, look at it or put it back up for auction?? [ Post made via Mobile Device ] Im gonna pull and drag that thing across every inch of the lake! Who woulda thought I would have a hard time buying a bait for $150
  7. No gettin by on you Ray, I had to try but now that sol is in the game I'll be lucky to get one.
  8. I remember that issue and it looked an aweful lot like Waneta lake to me. I could be wrong though.
  9. Congrats and thanks Ray, Now you have buy those extra life preservers to keep your boat afloat while pulling that thing.
  10. Holy Moly had to go $103 just to get started. wont be long before I'm out of this too! Ohh well Great cause.
  11. Thanks for the report Old Man. I hope to make it there this weekend.
  12. Yes but not for me. I dont have the equipment to pull the danged old bait. I will donate it in some way! $137 boys
  13. No Idea who got the last one but I'm in on this one $119.50 boys.
  14. Yeah I agree thanks to Matt and the rest of the bidders. I will be sending in the $150 I was bidding with!
  15. Solgrande and I pooled our money to get this bait and re- sell it..... but no use its at $182.50 Holy moly this guy really wants this bait.
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