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  1. Hello Joe, Welcome Back. Always glad to see another toothy obssesion. The season os fast approaching. I am chomping on the bit to get down to Conesus for the opener of pike. Maybe we will see you on the water! PLEASE let us know how you do! Hey Nitro I have a lot going on right now. I would obviously love to go but....We will see.
  2. Give me a call around noon. I will have to get permission from the better half.
  3. You are right Joe and I will add that in a world of commercialisim this guy actually comes out with a design and says if you want to make money on it just give me credit for the idea. I think thats the kind of guy we can all like! In a way its like this board and all the sharing of knowledge. We do it for the joy of the sport and nothing more!
  4. Cool video. Did Captain Mike like Pete? I always wonder how many of these guys are "good guys"? The photo gallery is good too. I like looking at other pepoles boats and how they are set up. I saw a couple of stubby nosed fish in there does anyone know what thats all about? Thanks for the pump up Chad!
  5. I remember the story. Its still a dream for me. There just isnt enough time. Then when work is slow there isnt enough money. I will not give up though. We are getting better and I believe we will have a better season than last. I have learned a lot from all you guys Now the obsession just keeps growing so we have to be better and we have to make the time cause life is just to short. Ole man at 30?: I'll be 40 this year and they just keep going by faster. Anyway thanks for youir insight. I will probably not start making anything till next winter but maybe we can share some ideas.
  6. Yes Nitro it does make me want to concentrate a little harder on my topwater baits. I take special note in the retrive as I have been using a rip and pause retrive as opossed to the slow steady one they were using. Thanks for the info Zach. Are you happy with any of your molds? Have you made a bait you find worthy? I will have to look into the craft store thing. I know the prices I have seen are high. However I think it could be worth it if I can get the process down.
  7. Yeah I watch religously. Mr Dahlberg is my hero. I cant imagine a better life than this guy! Do you see the places he goes and all the different kinds of fish he is targeting. How about the wolf fish. Man where do I sign up!
  8. Just wondering if you guys have seen the newest Lure by Dahlberg. This thing has already caught around 100 Muskies. Larry is now offering lure making kits and video. I am considering buying it. Has anyone already done so?
  9. We are in boys pament has been made and reservations for the whole week. Fri-Fri OMG is it june yet? Watch out for Wendy with her new Glitter ****es and Corvalus she could be the one to beat!
  10. Thanks for the card Capitain. Nice job on the paint Zack, I may need a couple of Believers redone. I will get in touch when the time comes. Lil Musky man makes me smile thanks for the pic's.
  11. Happy new New Year LOU members. My goal for this this year is for Wendy and I to both get Muskys castin! Wendy had a nice Corvalus and Compre rod delivered by santa this year Man I hope we can get her on a big one! I also wish good fishin to all! God willin we will see a couple Muskys boatside come open season. Good Luck boys and girls.
  12. I agree with you on most everything MM. We do however share our info here regularly with the risks you have described. However we strongly promote Musky preservation and proper release techniques. This way we have the opportunity to help each other possibly catch the fish of a lifetime and at the same time educate those who are not aware of the delicate nature of our favorite fish! So again and now even more glad you came to LOU! Maybe will will see you at our next tourney on chatauqua or even on the ICE we are also pretty serious ice people. Good Luck and Tight Lines!
  13. Sorry you couldnt make as well. But glad to hear you had some action. Thanks for the report and see ya next year! Nitro always a good time with you Fish or no Fish it is good to be out with my Musky Buddies! Again heres to next season!
  14. I also have an 18ft aluminum V hull and a 9.9hp Johnson Kicker (special thanks to Empty Hook). It is very economical and really not that loud at wot. However max speed is 5-6mph and there are those that have sucess at speeds up to 10-12mph. So if you want to have the ability to speed troll I would take Nitro's advice and go bigger. I use 2 6gal tanks 1 for each motor. We joined the trolling club because there are times when trollers do much better than casters, next season we will be in the 50-50 club and let the fish tell us wich method to stick with! Good Luck.
  15. Your welcome Sol, We gave it our best shot. Heres to next season!
  16. We gave it a good wack on Saturday 10-3pm, saw lots of bait in the south gap and the midway gap across from the launch. Two other boats out as well, nothin going for us or anyone I saw. But thanks for all the advice. Maybe conditions will be better next year!
  17. Thanks Captain Larry, I consider myself very lucky to have had the chance to meet and talk with you on the forums. Wendy and I look forward to seeing you again at the next tourney. Happy Holidays.
  18. See ya there Nitro, Hope to see more of the LOU musky team as well!
  19. Welcome to LOU Muskie Maniac! Always glad to see another musky guy. Where are you from, would you be able to make waneta lake on Sunday for the closer?
  20. Bills in the playoffs. You got another 10 seasons to get your 50". Good Luck tomorrow. Sorry we wont see you Sunday at Waneta.
  21. I read some good reviews on the Abu Garica C3 6500 series reels a couple years ago and bought one. I have been very happy with it. It casts very well, built well w/large aluminum spool.I did have the chance to use Solgrandes Corvalis and it worked as good and it has a thumb bar as opposed to the side button. I may go to the Corvalis just for the convenice of the tumb bar. But again very good reviews on the Abu and I am very happy with it other than the side button spool release. Good Luck finding the "one"
  22. Your the best Captain Larry. Thanks for all of the knowledge you so genorously share. We will follow your advice this weekend good or bad conditions due to this being our last chance.
  23. Thanks for the advice Capt Larry, I have an 18fter that handles some rough water. I dont want to be trolling in 4fters but if the lake is not to rough......would we be better to venture out there to find the schools of shad?
  24. Captain Larry, Old Man, anyone...... We are hoping to hit the harbor Saturday or more likely Sunday. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
  25. I have to agree with Nitro on this one. I may have to work saturday and its just to far for a day trip. Maybe next year we can plan this one better and hit the big C instead!
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