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  1. Tim, You know now since you said that I believe your right my bad. It was pretty nasty out there and it was a quick picture and away it went. So we really didn’t take too much time with the fish out of water.
  2. Hey Tim, There's a pic of the king, it's the very first picture. It wasn't clipped that I seen.
  3. Brown trout fishing has been excellent east or west out of Oswego. Fished with Pete On-The-Lam and Jim from Double J. Thursday and Friday both days where very productive I think our count was over 25 for both days. All fish seem to be very healthy and fat. I’m just amazed on how big they have been so early in the season, I don’t think we hit a fish under 4 lbs with a 11.9 being our biggest. And got my first king of the year about 5 lbs. All fish but one where released to fight another day.
  4. We only used it when we where lake trout fishing and it seem to help, but I went through my boat and checked for any voltage leaks, other wise you could be deafeating the purpose.
  5. Well it's about time! I was wondering when he would show him self. Maybe next time we'll see some reports from suptter ville and get the true meaning of this area. Ok Leon you let the cat out of the bag so let us see it!! [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. Way to go! Got to love the big smiles on the boys faces. And that is a Atlantic Pete she's holding, you can tell by the "V" in the tail.
  7. That's a good one little Gray. I have one for you, How about Red-N-White and a Shade of PURPLE!
  8. Jim, good work! how many did it take?
  9. Looks good Pete, Did you get all the rod holders mounted?
  10. Have you check you gain? [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  11. Where getting the TR-1 Gold. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  12. Very good information, thank you for sharing.
  13. Patty and I took the boat over to Cayuga Lake this past Saturday to do some more testing on the our Raymarine X-5 Sport SmartPilot with our new kicker, had about 1.5/2 foot chop, not much white water to speak of going with the wave seem to be just fine. Once we made the turn and started heading into them that’s when we had problems, even in 1.5/2 foot chop the A/P couldn’t hold its course. We purchased this unit in June of 09 and used it for about 10 hours only to have the Sport drive fail, which ended up being a recall on Raymarine part. Needless to say I wasn’t happy. Called Raymarine customer service center and was told to ship it back for a FULL refund. So now I’ll be buying a TR-1 Gold made by Garmin, little more $ but I’ve seen this unit in action. My boating neighbor “Double J†has this and even in 5/6ft seas this unit stayed on course and didn’t miss a beat. BTW, I have NOTHING bad to say about Raymarine; from the time of my original purchase they have done everything possible to satisfy me. It’s a good feeling knowing that a company admits that they have a problem with a product and alerts the consumer. I wish more companies would follow in their footprints Sometimes I wonder “Do We†as fishermen/boaters own our boats, or do they own US?
  14. Took the boat over to Cayuga for a shake down yesterday weather being so nice. Everything seem to be working fine. Put the new kicker to the test with my A/P and that too seem to be working very well, the lake was flat so we'll see what it does in ruff water. We headed over to the east side to pick away at some perch "Launch at Union Springs" 12/15 fow was the spot had a great time plenty of fish. And allot of pickerel.
  15. That's ok Glen We started drinking.
  16. Most of us will smell of fish, purple hase will smell of red an whites [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  17. Transom-mount, skimmer with built-in temperature sensor. (20 ft cable) Used one season. LEI part # 106-72 Fits all LCX models, LEI Extras cost 62.00, Sell for 35.00 plus shipping. frank [email protected] 315.447.4020
  18. I'm sure just about as many times I'll do it this. Lmao [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  19. I hear you Tim, would have like to have gotten the simrad but theirs not enough room behind my helm for the motor. Sometimes where just forced to deal with what’s out there, maybe I should just go back to having the wife steer the boat.
  20. This site is a great source of info [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
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