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  1. shooter, i never intended to. I see lots of people with temporary interest in things. My example is FB marketplace. Have a terrific day.
  2. relax shooter. you should retire from fishing. Hahaha
  3. is it sold? If not i will give money rght now
  4. I asked someone to help me post this, but the price is $45 OBO, not $75, and that is per reel.
  5. It is whatever comes standard with Mason 27 lbs.
  6. Daiwa Great Lakes SG47LC Sealine Reel Powermesh Drive Used in good condition Direct Drive Line Counter Automatic Engaging Clutch 4 Available 2 reels have wire and used as dipsy divers 1 filled with mono 1 has no line $75.00 OBO
  7. Daiwa Great Lakes SG47LC Sealine Reel Hi Speed 5-1:1 Used in good condition 2 Available $75.00 OBO
  8. Penn Reel 330GT with Mason Leadcore $50.00 OBO
  9. OKUMA Rod & Reel Combo Okuma Convector CV 55L Reel Okuma Classic Pro GLT Copper/Leadcore Rod 300ft copper line Wonderful condition $160.00
  10. open to trade and cash
  11. yep! I just received some bad medical news and i am making changes. Rinker is too big to give to my kids...and my other boat is bigger than the Rinker.
  12. i have a 1991 rinker v300 to trade 8146734980
  13. i have a 1991 rinker v300 to trade
  14. i have a 1990 rinker v300 might trade
  15. i can give you 50 for the pkg.8146734980
  16. darius1958

    for sale : usa 1991 rinker v300

    1991 rinker v300 I have a 1991 Rinker V300 used only on Great Lakes. Needs love and care. Want to trade for a smaller boat plus cash. 8146734980
  17. Please call me. I am v interested and like to c them tomorrow. I am in upstate ny
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