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  1. I attend the state of the lake meeting every year, I know alot of folks wish they could attend but live too far away so this yr I brought my Nikon and made a few video's, took 5 hours too upload this 18 minute segment too youtube.
  2. I could see how that would be awesome, especially in the canal.....I just got a spotlock trolling motor last summer and that was pretty cool tool, man did we have a few massacres shallow with that thing, I been studying sonar units, i'm almost ready too pull the trigger.
  3. funny you say that pap I was telling my buddies it would make a great tape for a blade bait the night I took the shots. Hurt my back 2 days ago had a great day on the couch yesterday reading some of the older posts on here , really enjoyed Kevins posts, I learned alot reading his adventures....I don't troll, i jig, but his posts were very informative....my goal this summer is too grab a couple river eyes, going too rent a tent site and give it a go, see what happens. I travel the 1000 islands every summer with my camera but haven't fished it in 25 yrs. heres a lightning strike at Chippewa bay.
  4. Heres a shot I took at Kring point Kevin.
  5. I upgraded from my starcraft too a bigger lund in 2014, I've had my boat parked at cleveland the last 9-10 june/july's, only my first two summers on the starcraft did i have a working fish finder, one winter my transducer cracked and left me with only my map chip too fish off of, my numbers actually went up, the next summer they went up more, it became a running joke on my boat about fishin blind ,I went 7 straight summers with no working graph, map chip is all you need on oneida, your rod will tell you where the fish are, like ice fishing.I just bought a graph finally last summer. back too 20th century again
  6. June is when Oneida shines, fish can be in the 8-14 fow shoals and 28-38 fow slopes at the same time, its an awesome time too jig oneida, Southshore has more shallow structure , northshore has more deeper structure.... jigging is not complicated at all, cast ahead of the boat, let jig hit bottom, rip it, let it hit bottom again and repeat, some might not believe this but heavier jigs say 5/8 oz make it even less complicated, as it hits bottom faster and the hops are more subtle because of its weight, beginners on my boat always do better with heavier jigs, grab a few black and purple jigs and pinch a piece of a nightcrawler on the hook, you'll have a good time. never know what you'll catch, good luck. if you loose a bunch of bites, put a stinger on it.
  7. short vid of saturdays open water holes. http://s647.photobucket.com/albums/uu200/snagger69/?action=view&current=icehole.mp4
  8. Fished Wednesday thursday and Saturday..heres a few reports and pics. Awesome Oneida Lake Sunrise. Wedsnesday: We spudded our way out to 34 fow on the northshore of Oneida Lake yesterday, found a few spots where my spud went threw with 3 hits, about 4 inches of black ice, where I was fishing was about 5 inches black, after I heated the ice from my heater in my shanty, top got a little sandy like snow ice from the rain that soaked in it the other day, Freds foot went through 2 white spots on the way in ...... old drain holes..Ice is in freeky form in the middle, think I'll stick to the far west or eastern ends til it's gets a bit thicker... Fish came in spurts, lots of dead time, but quick flurries from time to time, I landed 16 eyes, 13 keepers, 6 jumbo's and a burbot.....not too bad a day...Nice reeling them up out of deep water for a change....Perch are choaked with buckeyes.. Time to head back to last weekends school of walleye. Thursday: Another great Morning on Oneida Lake..... The funnest part of today was when a second walleye tried to fit into my six inch hole with the one I had on..After that I just dropped the jigging rap down about 12 feet under the ice, stopped looking at the fish finder and got 9 keeper eyes by watching them with my eyes, it was cool as hell, they would swipe at it blindly like 5 times before they hit it..., it was crazy, I kept pulling it out of there mouths, had to disipline my self to wait for them to flare there gills open and wait for the rap to dissapear..just incredible action between 9-10am..I put 18 keeper eyes on the ice by 11am, dumped who knows how many...1 perch and another burbot.... then left a little after noon...back hurt and was tired, wish I could of stayed, nice fishin with you boys out there... Freddy was on fire" when I left, 30 on the ice and counting.....just spectacular. Only been on the ice 3 half days and one full day and landed 66 keeper eyes this year...what a year. Ice was 5 1/2 - 6 inches black, but some yellow water in a few spots, lakes rising from runoff, hope she holds.......where are the perch? Saturday: Fished Constania again Saturday morning, quite a few folks out Saturday compared to thursday, looked like most were enjoying themselves .....not the first time theres been current going between the Islands for out there for me, but usually you have 14 inches under you when Oneida's currents are racing towards rt 81, not 5.5 inches of crap ice... 3 March's ago it was ripping through there, if you u...sed a spoon, it woudn't show up on the flasher, had to drill a hole in the direction of the current for it too show up, yep a used the spud on a few white cracks out there, some open drain holes to hop around from recent rains, alot of bubbles in the ice in the afternoon, plus had to wade through water like it was March when you got back..I decided to not fish sunday after looking at the bubbles in the ice. Fished with a pile of friends, it was a good time, heard alot of laughing going on around me...everyone did better than me on eyes, I couldn't find them to save my life, Fred did 9, John limited quick..ht did 4 , and so on....so I made a move deeper and hit 34 perch instead, tossed 3 sandy pond perch back and kept 31 Oneida jumbo's.... all on jigging raps, very agrressive bite...only managed 2 eyes by 3pm, then it looked like a storm was coming so I left, might have been able to do 50 on the perch if I stayed, they were just getting going around 1pm.. Ht had to give me my third eye.... thanks bud....thank god that idiot on the fourwheeler with 2 very young kids on both rear fenders didn't go in, I was scared as hell watching him drive by with 2 2man shacks in tow, I could care if that fool drowned, but the youngsters, OMG it was frightning to look at...I think I'm staying off Oneida for a while, atleast the next 5 days, too spongy on most of the northshore for me, now a foot of snow covering up the hazards.... stay safe if you go.
  9. Aww man there goes that idea.. Used to fish up to lake of the Isles and that used to happen all the time, but it was legit. Well guys cant wait to make the trip to canada A tomorrow see you all on the ice Hope you smash em Ryan!!!!!
  10. A small storm was just to the south of us in Pa., drove down in a 2 inch snow fall.. Barometer was in the high 2990's and steady with cloud cover most of the day, the fish hadn't seen people in months, the day before my tracks were the first to spud out that deep, they were dumb we were the first guys and weather was perfect... Had friends there Monday 3 guys 3 eyes, thats it.. Much lower baro pressure, plus no snow patches on the ice, all black.... back to reality for a while.... Hey Choo Choo, me and my buddy didn't bring our shanties, fished in the weather, could easilly done more if we weren't warming our hands all day...live and learn...
  11. Only the west end and east end have safe Ice right now, the middle 70% is not safe and or open... I'm not saying where I was fishing because if someone died fishing where I was say tomorrow , I couldn't live with my self..Theres really no fishable water deeper than say 29 fow right now, so we were shallow looking for perch when we found this school of eyes, it was a complete suprize..my buddies were out today, the school moved and nobody could find it. Fun while it lasted. hope this helps gert.
  12. that sucks..my buddy will be with you guys..i was going to call him...
  13. just a figure of speach, we landed 43 eyes, but they were released quickly... we caught and released 37 eyes kept 6 between the 2 of us on sat. , those 6 on my sidewalk are my 3 from saturday, and my 3 from sunday..... 130 landed .....dozen on the ice....ect, its like saying how many made it too the boat c&r ed most of the day looked for perch, but couldn't find them...
  14. I ran down Friday for an hour to see if the ice was a good even 5 inches..about 4 3/4 's good black, so we all got together Saturday and today at Oneida..Fished with a bunch of friends..Waited this long for Ice and set my alarm wrong, what a disaster, raced to Oneida and was fishing about 2 hours late... My buddy Ryan already had a dozen eyes on the ice when I got there...Walked out in a ground blizzard with Icefreako and stopped half way out and set up camp, we picked at the eyes, had about 18 keepers on the ice by 2 pm, then made a move for evening, what a great blitz at dark, we ended up with 43 keeper eyes on the ice by sunset, bet we could have done 60 easy if we got there at daybreak, it was that good...there was 6 of us out there fishing together, bet we conservatively put 130 keeper eyes on the ice Saturday and half the guys left before the evening bite. I Ended the night with a nice 25 inch 6.3/4lber personal best for ice fishing, also landing 24 was a personal best as well for me, even without hitting the daybreak bite... what a day, I'll never forget it....... ;D Went back today, only a quarter as good as Saturday, left around noon, I put 11 keeper eyes on the ice before I started looking for perch, never found the perch either days, everyone was hitting the eyes today, just not as fast paced as yesterday, not sure how many, bet our group did 50 or 60 when I left, we were kind of split up serching today.... wind was getting brutal on my hands, heater was froze....Well see what happens with the weather tomorrow... 2 days limit to clean......
  15. Just got done with this years video, put 28 days on Oneida each of the last 3 years, hope it starts cooling down soon..looks late this year. IaidVnmwsBA
  16. Is there any web cams on the Lake? ..I use 2 on Oneida lake.. that lake has a mind of it's own sometimes... just a thought.. I watch are 2 local guys on TV , they are pretty good at forcasting wind....
  17. Funny you say that.. I saw on FB yesterday a charter captain posted the weather for yesterday.. it was calling for 5-10mph with 1-2"s on Ontario.. I said to myself a cold front is passing and it's only gonna be 5-10mph, yeah right!!! easy 15-30mph at times this afternoon here, got green leaves all over my yard that got ripped out of the trees.... am was probably ok though....
  18. Didn't see a chiropractor guys , but did go to the doctors for the first time in 4yrs, had some X-rays done on my back... gonna go from here I guess..kind of confusing.. thanks for your concern.. What a streak the lake guys are having right now for kings on the east end... hope it keeps going for a while...tight line boys
  19. Good idea Fish hunter, I tried last year, but I didn't find the right open shank hooks, the ones I tried are the same ones I modify my jigging rapp's with and they have a longer shank which defeated the purpose, I guess I'll have to keep an eye out for a # 6 open short shank.. My Back's mangled, So I think my jigging season is over for this year.. Thanks for the tip, even though I'm not fishing..I'm always thinking about it..
  20. I really haven't found a way to eliminate it completly, some old timers got me into jigging sonars at the Canal years ago and it doesn't seem to be as much a problem there as it is from a boat. It seems the deeper you get and the windier it is , the more than it becomes a problem. Last summer I tied a piece of 25lb mono leader after my braid and tied direct, this did eliminate it , but after about 8 fish or so if you weren't paying attention, the line would get cut from the blade and good bye sonar.. Right now I'm running 15lb leader and the snap that comes with it, put it in the top hole closest to the eye and try to get a nice angle casting forward ahead of the drift... After a while you get a feel for the right angle with the drift conditions, most times when mine gets flipped on it self is after a hit on the drop from a fish, you'll see slack in your line briefly as it's dropping, then the lure is screwed up... it sucks , but it just comes with the territory.. If it's like .9 mph drift or better, it's not a great way to jig deeper than 30 feet and I switch back to bucktails..hope this helps..
  21. Well only my third summer owning my own boat and I have been having a blast jigging sonars for Oneida waldo's this year. Last year it seemed the bucktail tipped with a crawler worked more often, but lately blades have been hot.. The action reminds me of a fast ice fishin bite.. 20 minute bonanzas, then nothing, then out of control again.. Sunshine and flat conditions have been the best for me, it makes it easier to stay over top of the biters. Been fishing from 5-9pm...Blew my back out 4 days ago and have been stuck on the computer reading all of your great reports, figured I'd make a post... keep the great reports coming, I love reading them. On the last 4 trips with my buddy Mark Sabia we have put 83 eyes on the boat for 16 hours fishing time. Here's a few pic's...
  22. Great job!!!! it's been a hot bite this year!!!
  23. Gauges say she dropped bigtime in the last 3 days...seen on FB they are getting them trolling now. Go get em!!!
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