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  1. Yes the scotty retrievers will work with your big jons. The auto stop beads slide through no problem. I put a dab of glue on the beads to keep them from sliding on the cable as well. That being said, I just took them off and have gone back to tilting arms up or swivelling base to bring them to side of boat. Also use scotty clothspin type release on my cable to keep ball in water. HTH's Cheers
  2. I have been using Amish Outfitter clippers for years. Inexpensive and have a bag of them so never have to bring board back in to retrieve any releases. Will hold my 300 copper fine once tuned.
  3. Double check all your fittings connections are tight. I had similar issue when fluid was showing up in bilge and reservoir was low. Tightened fittings at cooler end and all was well. 1989 Searay Amberjack /w/ twin 4.3 alpha's. Just a thought. cheers...Jake
  4. I put an Atlantic Towers Arch on my Amberjack a few years back. Am very pleased with it. I ordered the "Tower in a Box" kit along with the LED spreaders and some extra rod holders delivered here to me in Ontario as shipping the one piece model would have been too costly. Plenty strong and is much lighter than any stainless arch I looked at and is holding up well after 5 seasons on Georgian Bay. Oh and It can drop down/back by pulling a couple of pins....handy for lowering overall height. Cheers...Jake
  5. Ah, good to hear. That might be an option for me as well. I haven't measured up anything yet but good to know there are options if things get in the way. Keep us posted as to how the steering feels once all is installed. I really like the power steering on my boat now and hate to give it up but I think this setup is the best option for AP installation. I have twin alpha's and would be going the non power steer (HC5332-3) route as I like to alternate engines while trolling and was told the power steer cylinder might not handle the extra load if the power steering pump is not running.. Cheers...Jake
  6. From what I read on their website, that steering cylinder (HC5370-3) is an outboard side mount cylinder. Is that what they recommended for your alpha stern drive? I was quoted last year that for my stern drive application (alpha 1) I should use the HC5328-3 (power steer) or the HC5332-3 (non power steer). The non power steer, balanced cylinder works better for AP applications and replaces the merc actuator. Not trying to second guess anybody here, but I would hate to see you install the incorrect cylinder due to a communication error. Jake...
  7. Could be your timing advance but if advance was not working I dont think it would shut you down but would make it verrry boggy. For sure spray some lube/penetrating stuff to make sure the weights move freely and springs are doing there job. Timing light will tell you if they are working.When you throttle back it comes back to life? Make sure you have new points and condenser and cap. They do not like running with old or iffy components. My old omc cobra 5.0ltr was very picky about that. I would barely get a full season out of a set. But I did put a lot of hours on it though. I have also had a new condenser that would cause issues/stumbling/shutting down. Replaced with old condenser and problem solved. Also have a good look at your fuel system. Pick up screen in tank not plugged or partially plugged? Old gasoline crudding up bottom of tank from ethanol in gas? Some easy things to check first.... HTH's... Jake
  8. Wow...great find. Right in my back yard....if'n I had of known...hmmm. Enjoy, this sure looks like a good one. Cheers...Jake
  9. I have had one of my old airmar tri-ducer cables for my 840 successfully re-spliced back together. I had to cut it to remove it from my old boat. I took it to a shop that builds/repairs stereos and loud speakers, figuring they were better at soldering than I was. I explained what it was used for and they gave me no guarantees. The connection was nowhere near the water and worked flawlessly for 3 years. Cost was well worth the effort. Might be another option. Cheers...Jake
  10. Does anyone know if Shark weights will stay put or even fit in Big Jon ball cradles? Its time to retire my well used walkers and am looking into new Big Jons and I really like the idea of the ball cradles, but I run 10 and 12lb Sharks on my out downs. Any input greatly appreciated. Thanks....Jake
  11. Those emeralds have been the 'go to' spoon on my boat for many moons....28's and mags....wanna get rid of them?? Jake...
  12. Those emeralds have been the 'go to' spoon on my boat for many moons....28's and mags....wanna get rid of them?? Jake...
  13. Here in Ontario as long as we leave the skin on the salmon/trout fillet for idendification purposes we are good. I always leave the skin on any ways.....they grill better on the bbq... Cheers..Jake
  14. I built my own cleaning station and bolted a gimbal mount to the bottom so I can set it in the flushmount rod holder. No extra holes or posts needed in the gunnnel...One of the best additions to the boat...no more filleting on the cooler....no more fish guts in my garbage at home. Only thing that comes home now is cleaned fillets wrapped in ziploc bags.... Cheers...Jake
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