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  1. Skipped hunting today! This was my view!
  2. Some summer sausage going in the fridge to cook tomorrow. If anyone wants to try this is turns out really good! And super easy! Basically you take 3lbs ground. Maybe mix 1lb beef in. I did a double batch this time 4lbs venison 2lb buffalo! But seasonings; 3 tbsp of tenderquick. ( I ussusly do like 2 comes a little salty for me with 3) 2tbsp of liquid smoke 1/4 tsp of garlic powder 1/2 tsp of onion powder I use a lil extra on the powder but it is all personal trial and error. But mix all ingredients together well. Form into logs and put on cookie sheet. Put in fridge for 24hrs. Then cook in oven 300° for 60 min!
  3. Matt I tried doing a you tonight watching a field had 10 does filter in... But no horns! Saw some good sign so going to keep watching it hoping a big boy shows himself! Saw one there earlier in the month chasing a doe!
  4. Yes just package in 1ish lb vacume bags and then make patties like a burger and pan fry! Also turn out good on the grill! I tried using the small dried collagen casings but found them to give the links a small off flavor that I didn't enjoy very much.
  5. I also know a guy running a setup as such but he got the 36v 112 lb thrust ipilot and uses that solely when he doesn't want to use his big motor or wants to use it as autopilot. Expensive set up but works efficiently on an 18' glass boat!
  6. Thanks! I personally do all of my own. Only thing I do not do (yet) is hot dogs. (Don't have really good way to puree a large batch of meat) for the Italian sausage. We go to skips meat market in Fairport and get seasoning pack. It is good for up to 50lbs and I don't think it is much less than 10$ if I remember right. And we mix in a bunch of minced white onions and green peppers. And then add 30% pork. And get casings from tops mix all together and send thru grinder! ( we got a big 6 gallon mixer from cabelas to help mix all the venison and pork and evenly distribute the seasoning before stuffing and to make sure the meat is not over or under seasoned, this is really nice!) for Breakfast sausage we just leave as ground don't put into links, you can get maple seasoning pack from anywhere honestly ( gander, bass pro). And with a 25lb batch mix this the same 30% pork as Italian sausage. I add almost a full bottle of maple syrup into the batch as well! Both of them turn out awesome!! All grinding, stuffing,mixing is done with a 1hp grinder from cabelas. the industrial one and that thing will eat whatever you throw in it as long as it fits in the chute! And all attachments slide right on from mixer to stuffer! If anyone is looking to do their own it is pretty rewarding knowing you killed it and made some awesome food all on your own and some nice time spent with friends or family in the making process!!
  7. In my own garage i have made 25lbs of maple sausage 45lbs of Italian sausage 30lbs of burger 10 jars of canned venison. Steak the backstraps a few roasts. Save a bunch of bug chunks for jerky and I make my own summer sausage! These deer are going to be ham and cheddar hotdogs! I even pick up roadkills because I hate seeing the meat go to waste.. I get at least 3 roadkills a year.. I give big bags of meat to EVERY property owners land I hunt. As well as bring them out on free charters. Hunting is more than just hunting for me and my family we spend a ton of time in the woods! And We don't buy any beef! Freezer pic! Any other ?s. ( that is the 4th and ,5th deer with my pistol SINCE I BOUGHT IT 6 YEARS AGO) trust me I am not out there shooting every deer I see, the deer i do harvest I use the meat very effectively!
  8. Yea it is deffinitely exciting! Adds a nice degree of difficulty and doesn't damage much meat!!
  9. Sat in one of my bow stands last night, and wanted to get a doe with my pistol for the year! And was fortunate to. Make 2 good shots on does! One was 43 yds and one was 20yds. Both deer were broadside and standing perfect for me and about a half hour apart! And that is number 4 and 5 with this pistol since getting it! all my doe tags are filled unless I get more signed to me! So back to buck hunting rest of the year!
  10. Only reason for selling is to get a fl-18 or 20! Just so I can use the deep water feature. I have the flasher in palmyra NY.
  11. I have a used fl-8 genz pack. Works as it should never lets me down, battery lasts at least a couple trips ( never killed it, usually just charge after 2-3 trips) looking to get 200. will post up pictures tomorrow. love this flasher and cant go ice fishing without it anymore!
  12. Rob I had seen ur pics of the scrape and i got a new spot and it has a huge scrape. So I took my buddies cam ( I don't trust my cuddeback lately). But had it there from Monday thru yesterday and got pics of a spike and a small 6 point and 2 does and this guy both nights!! Owner only wants me bowhunting too!
  13. Matt. Go butter up Joe and sit in one of his spots make him video! Haha
  14. Today was a quiet morning till this doe came thru and presented a nice 10yd shot from the ground. After I shot she was literally dead on the ground in 30yds. Never had one drop from a chest hit that fast! But just wanted to share the crazy hole!! Rage extremes literally cut thru 4 ribs on this one side! Yes slightly quartering away. saw 2 80 inch 8 points and a spike this morning out cruising around from 8-845.
  15. I don't post much but I killed a descent one Tuesday last week. In wayne county Not a monster but I have been getting swamped with overtime at work and this buck came in after I rattled to him. And made a cool show making a scrape and trying to rip a sapling out of the ground! Saw a few other bucks that morning grunting chasing does and afternoon and missed a real big one in the morning that made me sick! So I was pleased to make a good shot on this guy!
  16. O missed that part! My bad! Good color!! Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Is the front plate missing? Or just under a blade. Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. price seems a little high, you could buy a ranger from same era with similar motor and a trailer for same price. or even a newer bass boat too! not sure on the price of a bass boat trailer but they are different that a standard roller trailer, they use a bunk system boards with carpet on them and most are drive on drive off ( dont have to but that is the easiest way) so by the time you get a nice trailer you could buy a newer boat. cousin just sold his 90s ranger with trailer and 225 for 4k and boat was clean! http://rochester.craigslist.org/boa/5231121896.html http://ithaca.craigslist.org/boa/5209197260.html just a couple examples. but if you found a cheap trailer may be worth it but up to you if you wanted that hassle!
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