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  1. You know it is a long battle when he first started fighting the fish Theresa was wearing jeans then by the end of the battle she was wearing shorts!!!
  2. Very Cool. I will try it next time I need to spool a line up.
  3. I would have to see that to believe it. I used to run standard braid and it was HORRIBLE as far as fleas grabbing on. I wonder why Fireline is different?
  4. If I were on the crew of the Dipsy Ranger I would print that bottom picture and frame it. That is a great picture!
  5. Although I would have preferred that the event be postponed I understand that no matter which decision was made some people would have been unhappy. My guess is that if it were postponed several people would have been on here stating that the was NOT a "small craft advisory" so why postpone it? I would have enjoyed it much more if it were postponed until Sunday but I'm sure many people had other plans for Sunday. Running an event like this and volunteering 100's of man hours to put it all together is a thankless job. Tom and the rest of the volunteers put on one heck of an event and should be applauded. I understand the frustration about having a smaller boat and getting stuck battling against much bigger boats that are capable of handling bigger water. Last year I was that guy fishing in the 22' boat and getting beat to death in those 3-4 foot waves. I made the decision to go bigger so that I could at least try to compete in those big waves. I must say, it is much easier in a big boat but it is exponentially more expensive. Trust me when I say it would be much cheaper to pay $800 for a tournament and forfeit that money than it would be to buy a 37' boat, fuel it up, equip it for fishing, and take it to another port for the chance to win a few dollars in a tournament. On our cruise back to Sodus Point Sunday morning my wife said "That was really a great tournament. The food was great, it was really organized, and it was a lot of fun." Then, this morning on the way to work one of my team mates called me and said. "man, that was a lot of fun this weekend". My comment was "yes it was, but those waves sucked"
  6. We did just what Tim said. We sent back a 3 or 4 lb steelie and it swam away after a little reviving and the others were small 20" -24" Kings that revived quick and swam away. The bigger ones usually get filleted
  7. We picked them up from 120 out to about 200. Most of the big kings were about 100 down.
  8. Made it out last night and figured I would work on my brown program.Headed west a couple of miles and dropped probe in at 65 FOW. Water was about 70 degrees all of the way to the bottom. Headed North to about 90 FOW and found cold water down about 80 down. Set up my Brown program and trolled west toward Hughes. Picked up a couple of 6 or 7 pound Browns within and hour or maybe a little longer. Headed out deeper and set up a salmon program with 3 riggers, 3 wires, and a couple of 500 foot coppers. Picked away for the next few hours and managed a couple of steelhead, and 4 or 5 Salmon. Released one of the Steelhead and a couple of the Salmon. A few of the Kings were pretty nice with the largest being 28.5 lbs. The largest on this boat so far!!! Here is the 28.5 lber caught by Jason AKA "Zebedee" Here are the 3 nicest of the night. And here is the pile just before cleaning....the boat and the fish!!! All in all it was a great night. One of my best this year. I think we ended up with 8 or 9 fish and dropped one or two.
  9. I was out last night. I didn't see anyone out there. Were you out there?
  10. Where is the weigh in for the Big Fish Friday and where/when is the Captains meeting?
  11. I thought I heard someone say Green Dolphin but the spoon looks like a Yellow Killer / Yellow NBK.
  12. That is freakin hilarious. I can't wait to see Sammy to bust him about that!!!! Bwaaaa haaahaaaa. Was that the Elberta clipper I picked up for you a couple of weeks ago?
  13. This boat makes 3 footers feel like 1 footers did in my old boat. I still prefer it to be flat. I can fish pretty easily in 4 footers but it is still rolling especially if you get abeam to the waves.
  14. I hate waves. For me, less than 1 is fun, less than 2 is fun/comfortable, and 3 or more sucks!!!! Anytime it starts white capping it usually sucks unless you are going with the waves.
  15. I use this http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=43.337164854911094&lon=-77.08145141601562
  16. I agree that the observer things is a huge stumbling block. Not sure what to do about it though.
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