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  1. Launch at Warrens is fine. Water is deep. No problems. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Thanks guys. Going to be another great year. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Nick, I am not a fan of bashing places based on one experience but I must say.... We have gone there 4 times so far this year and they have screwed up the order every single time. The first time they sent out two orders of chicken fingers that were just Black. burned to a crisp. How could the cook not see that and why would the waitress even bring them out? 2nd time, we sat outside and it took about 40 minutes to get our food. In the meantime it got very dark out and no one would turn on the lights. I started eating my "veal parm" and realized it was chicken about 4 bites into it. 3rd time the girl screwed up our drink orders and something else... but I forget. Then on Saturday we go and I see someone at another table eating this kick ass looking salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and chicken on top. I ask "what is that". The waitress says it is the Greek Salad. Doesn't look like the Greek salad as described on the menu. But we order it and say :make it just like that one" Salad comes and it is a Ceasar salad. No tomatoes, no cucumbers...nothing. My buddy and his daughter also ordered soup as an appetizer and other stuff as an entree. He asked that the soups comes out first. Nope. She brought the soups with the entrees at the same time. I'll try it again there but it will most likely be at the end of the summer. I have had nothing but good meals and good service next door. And the service is wayyyyy faster for some reason.
  4. Finally got enough gear rigged up to do my shakedown run on the Green Dolphin 2. She is a Trojan 11 Meter Intl Express Beast!!! First shakedown run was Thursday night and it was just a cruise with my wife at the Helm. Then, Friday night we took her out for a few hours and landed my first fish. A 6 or 7 lb Lake trout. I tried and tried to grab this fish so I could get a good pic of my first fish on this boat and every time I grabbed it it squirmed out of my hands. After about 10 attempts to pick it up and not harm it, here is the result. I swear I was trying to be gentle and release this fish but it decided to bleed all over my new boat. As you can see, It did not turn out to well. It was a slow night but we managed a couple and had a few get away. It sure was a beautiful night though...
  5. They are only $25 at Big Jon. West Marine also has some in stock that would work for even less.
  6. Even sweeter that you didn't have to split the $2000.00 with anyone!!!!
  7. I mailed mine in yesterday. Man that was an Early deadline. 6 weeks before the tournament????
  8. Here is the entry form http://coldsteelsportfishing.com/proamentry2013.pdf It is the only place I could find it.
  9. I'm going to hop on the fully PVC rigged pontoon boat with Zebedee and we are going to kick some serious Laker Arse!!!!
  10. I just bought a pair and spooled them up with 1000 feet of wire. Hope they work well. I love how they look. I wll report back soon as I get a chance to try them. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. WOW!!!! Where are all of the fish???? That is horrible. I hope the rest of the year is not going to be like this.
  12. Awesome! just signed up for the mailing list. The Green Dolphin is in!!!
  13. I spoke with Dawn at Warrens a week or two ago and she said her husband Troy was still planning on doing it but was worried about participation. I said that we can't sign up if we don't have a sign up form.... Has anyone spoken with Troy lately? Is he back from Maryland yet? If he doesn't do it, maybe Tim and Jeff Thomas (Finders Keepers) would run it? We might be able to talk Nick Allers (Ruff Rider) into helping? He ran a great tournament (Salmon Slam) last summer in Sodus. Those guys are all very savvy guys
  14. Or you can go to Warren's Hook line and Sinker and pay the $5 to launch. That is a pretty good place to launch.
  15. Make sure you have 200/83 Khz or 200/50 Khz transducer and you set your finder to use that lower frequency as opposed to the 200 Khz setting. 200 Khz is for shallow water and doesn't work well in deeper water. Also make sure you have your depth range set at auto or at least deeper than the water is.
  16. I Changed my mind from an earlier post and here is my current thinking... I have been trying to come up with an electronics package and am considering a pair of Raymarine C127 units with Raymarine Radar RD418D and Raymarine Autopilot P70R. Anyone use the C125 or C127? The C125 is just a MFD with Chartplotter while the C127 is a combo unit. Should I get both combo units for an extra $250 or so or get one combo (C127) and one Chartplotter GPS (C125)? How is the Fish Finding capabilities of these units. Are they comparable to the Lowrance HDS? I really like the clarity of the Lowarnce HDS but would like my electronics to all match if possible. I need to pull the trigger on this package by this Friday to save an extra 5% off. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Wayne
  17. HDS is hands down better than the Elite. I have an Elite and wished I had spent the money on the HDS. Side by side the HDS will pick up fish laying on the bottom MUCH better than the Elite. It also picks up fish better in general. The Elite is a decent unit but I would get the HDS.
  18. Very Nice once again. Those are really skinny. Especially compared to the ones you caught earlier this year. Nice job.
  19. I am just in the beginning stages of trying to figure out how I am going to outfit my new boat. I have been all over the map with regards to electronics. I watch all these fishing shows and see some really kick ass electronics they are probably out of my budget for sure. I would really prefer 2 screens in the 10" range. I prefer to run my plotter on one and my fishfinder on the other. I also would probably like to tie radar in on one of them. I'm leaning toward Lowrance HDS10 Gen 2 and Lowrance 3G broadband radar. That is a little more than I want to spend but I'm not ruling it out yet. Any ideas or thoughts that might save me some money and/or give me some more bang for the buck. I was thinking I could buy a nice stand alone 9-12" plotter and one HDS 10 for Fishfinder and Radar. I'm not married to any particular brand. Any thoughts?
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