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  1. It is wayyyy too early to look at these forecasts. In fact, I am glad they are bad. Usually it is the opposite of what they forecast this far out. So, my guess it that winds will be 5-7 knots with <1 foot waves
  2. I know it is a pain and might not even be possible but if there was any way that people could sign up the day before (with a hefty penalty fee of course) it might help a little. I know in years past I would have signed up late once I knew the weather was good etc. I would have been willing to pay an additional $100 to sign up on friday night before. That $100 penalty fee could go right in the organizers pockets for having to put up with the hassle of last minute entries
  3. Sometimes it is the simple things that make it even better. Whoever had the idea to eliminate the need to be past the pierhead at 2pm was spot on. What counts is the fact that you are in line on time. Kudos for that. Now, no-one has to sit in that hot sun for 3 hours counting boats as they pass the pierhead. Great job running the event! It was a job well done.
  4. Rod, Sent you a PM. After re-reading what I originally posted I can see how you would think I was questioning you. It was not my intent at all. I was trying to say that the observer cannot be relied upon for anything in many cases. Many of them have little experience and are just there to fill a spot. You obviously showed that you have strong character by doing the right thing. The only thing you did wrong was to forget to double check the rules as far as rod limits go. Simple human error. It happens. Sorry about the confusion. Wayne
  5. I completely do not trust the observer to know the rules. The observer should try their best to make sure the rules are followed but in reality all captains need to voluntarily follow the rules and therefore need to review the rules. Let's face it, some observers have never been fishing. Observers are hard to find and if push comes to shove I'll ask my 19 year old niece to observe. She has no experience or practical knowledge of fishing but she should be able count on some guidance from the Captain of the boat.
  6. Went out for about 45 minutes to test out the boat and had an interesting experience. The thermocline is finally set up!!!!!! Put the probe down in 100 FOW to check on things and at actual probe depth of 75 feet we had 50 degree water. I moved it up to 60 feet and it was about 64 degrees and above all of the way to the top. Was a sharp break right at 70 feet or so. The hooks were lined up on the screen right at 75 feet. Went 1 for 2 with a skippy landed and a screamer lost.
  7. I am well aware of Buffy's lakeside adventures and even though he is probably as handsome as ever he is in no way going to Buff it on the Green Dolphin!
  8. Amen to that Nick! I just finished installing mine last night. We are going to go out and test it out tonight to see if/how it works.
  9. I received and e-mail from Dave Chilson and he said he was going to contact Rob at Fat Nancy's about the Oswego event.
  10. I sent a quick e-mail to Dave Chilson at the LOC derby asking him if an observer during the pro am without a derby ticket would disqualify you from the LOC derby. Here is his response: Please have whomever is running the Pro Am get a hold of me or a contact name. In past years I gave the observers of all the boats a free pass that covered them for being on the boat, but not for entering fish. Thanks Dave Chilson LOC Derby Maybe someone responsible for the tournaments could contact him? I would hate to catch a big one and be disqualified from entering the fish in the LOC derby because my observer didn't have a derby ticket. Here is his contact info LOC Derby PO Box 17057 Rochester, NY 14617 Phone: 315-333-5213 Fax: 315-333-5295 Toll Free: 1-888-733-5246 Email: [email protected] Thanks, Wayne
  11. Got you that Elberta clipper you wanted! Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. good job Kyle. probably taking the morning off. we will be back out friday evening or saturday morning for sure.
  13. Quick rules clarification. It states: Pro Division • Tournament limit shall be 12 fish (salmon, steelhead, or trout) 1 of which may be a lake trout and 1 Atlantic salmon per person with a maximum of 4. • The first legal limit of twelve fish brought on board must be kept. Does that mean we can have a box of 4 kings/cohos/steelies/browns, 4 Altlantics, and 4 Lake trout? Or is it 1 Lake trout, 4 Atlantics, and the rest salmon, browns, steelies etc.???
  14. You will get the 1099 in january. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Actually a big 1099. Then if the check was in Rick's name only he will be fed taxed for probably 28% and State for another 8% maybe. About $10,000 to the IRS and maybe $2500 going to New York State. Still, Netting $23,000 isn't too bad : )
  16. This morning before work I go into the kitchen to get coffee and my wife says "I'm sick of seeing these guys in all the papers and magazines. We need to get our picture in some of these". I grab the paper from her and take a look and here is what I see:
  17. They are starting to show up.
  18. Is it just me or is the Salmon fishing very weak out of Sodus so far this year. I know it has been slower all over but I am getting flustered because the reports out of Rochester and Oswego seem to be decent. Even Fairhaven is catching their share of Kings. In Sodus it seems like one King per day per boat at the most. Many aren't even getting a hook up with a legal sized King. I talked with one Charter Captain that said he has put 250 Lakers in his boat this year so far. Normally he wouldn't even target them if there were any Kings around. I also think the Charter guys and weekend warriors are decimating the Brown Trout population because there aren't many Kings around to target. These Kings need to swing by Sodus before we wipe out all the Lakers and Browns and have nothing left to fish for... As a side note, the Steelhead and Laker fishing has been much better that the last few years in my opinion. Sorry...I just need to vent.
  19. Lester, Sounds good. I won't be there until Saturday night but I will track you down Saturday night or Sunday. Harvey only makes 12's and 16's. I have a bunch of his 12 pound weights. They are great.
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