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  1. Blast off!!!! Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Great... Now every Lake Ontario boat will be out in 600 -700 FOW this weekend clogging up my fishing areas Just kidding!!! Out deep was great for us last weekend.
  3. http://s2.photobucket.com/user/stoutner/media/1403955865529_1982201577_419158ad.jpg.html Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. I kind of agree. Last Years Spring Derby weight averaged 5 lbs heavier than this years Spring Derby. I don't know if a 23 lb King will hold up but I would not be shocked if a 26 or 27 lb King makes the top 20 this Summer derby.Look at last year's weights vs this year's and it is pretty shocking. I'll weigh every King over 25 just in case
  5. Very Nice Job. I got out mid morning just as the bite was shutting down. Next time you are out of Sodus give us a shout out on channel 9. Bunch of good guys sharing info as long as there is no tourney going on.
  6. Rod, I'm just talking from a comfort standpoint. It is much harder "work" to observe on a small boat when there isn't a lot of room and isn't a nice enclosed head (Especially for female observers). I agree size of the boat might not have any correlation to how well the team will do but I'm guessing if a person is open minded enough they will learn something on every boat they fish on. P.S. I've been known to say a lot of ridiculous things
  7. He fishes for those "strippers" out of Poughkeepsie
  8. Yes but if you have a tough first day and a slow start the second day, A big fish prize gives the team hope that there still may be a possibility of winning something. It kind of sucks at about 9 am on the 2nd day when you know you have no shot at winning anything yet you still have to grind it out for 5 more hours. Having that chance to cash on biggest fish still gives you some hope and reason to be out there grinding away.
  9. Nice Job Nick. Didn't realize you landed a 26. Great fish for this time of year.
  10. Funny thing is - I feel that I am a pretty good Salmon fisherman but not as good catching Trout. We were able to fire up our trout program and box those 5 fish within and hour or hour and a half both days. Couldn't get ANY Salmon when we switch backed to our Salmon program. I was feeling pretty down on Sunday but when I saw some VERY good Captains struggle also I felt a little bit better about our program. As always, learned a little bit more and will put the knowledge to use the next time. Had a great time this past weekend. Heading to the Oak to rescue my boat in a couple of hours. Very interesting and very fun tournament. Congrats Rick and all of those teams that finished high up in the standings..
  11. The heaviest fish this past weekend in Oak Orchard was only 23-24 lbs if I remember correctly. That was over 3 days of fishing with 30+ boats.
  12. Im in and paid Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. If I had to do it on a 24' or smaller boat I would charge $150. 25'-29' boat it would be $100 and 30' plus would be $75. My reasoning is that you can have a pretty comfortable day on a larger boat and are more likely to be observing and learning from a pro team. If you are coming from out of town it will cost you at least $100 a day for car/truck fuel and/or lodging so it's not really a good way to actually make money. If you can get your costs covered and get to ride on a larger more comfortable boat with a pro team it is well worth it to be an observer. Last year (or the year before) in the Oswego Pro Am my observer got to observe Top Gun and Son of a Gun. Pretty nice days for him and he enjoyed it immensely.
  14. Jason, 130-160 was best for us and we were getting them toplining spoons all the way down to 120 deep riggers. 240 wire, 180 wire etc. I actually did better running spindoctors deep than spoons up high although both took plenty of shots. If you can't get them to go, run out a little deeper and fish just inside the temp break. Lots of steelies out there feeding high in the water. We did that Saturday and whacked 4 or 5 steelies in about 30 minutes. We headed back in shallower to catch more Kings.
  15. Good job Kyle. Hope to see you out there this weekend.
  16. Well done. You can also use Photobucket to upload. It is really easy.
  17. Congrats to Team Green Dolphin member Jason Martin (Zebedee) on that 2nd place lake trout that he and his dad landed. Can't wait to help you spend that $1500.00!!!
  18. Just filled out my entry form and attached the check. Will pop it in the mail in the morning. You should have it Saturday or Tuesday since mail will not be delivered on Memorial day..
  19. Maybe so Maybe so... Then we took that fish in to the weigh in and cashed for the 2nd year in a row
  20. My money is on the boat formally know as "Green Dolphin"
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