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  1. I will be going out of Ibay tomorrow morning, solo, also. Have'nt been out in a week. At least now I have some numbers to start with. Great post. Thanks for all the info.
  2. Seems like you can always catch them in I bay when nothing else is hitting. I use a small silver spinner near bottom, catch and release, just for fun.
  3. I have one, it works great. I really like the light intensity feature, it helps to find the mud line at the depth your trolling. This is the only one that has it. Have been using mine for three years with no problems.
  4. I was out Monday morning between I-bay and the river and couldn't find a fish any where between 30' and 150'. Keep up the good work. I'll be out latter in the week to try it again. Bill
  5. Like Gambler said, when everything else works, 99% of the time its the little red clip on the kill switch is not seated.
  6. Three down now. Good luck.
  7. Glad to see I did the right thing for a change .
  8. Bill B


    They normally put them in April 1st when they swing the bridge. I'll be looking for them shortly after that.
  9. Welcome Chris. Hope you enjoy it . Bill
  10. Welcome George. Lots of good info here. Bill
  11. I have a Cannon SNT have not had a problem in 3 years and I love the light intensity feature ( only one with it ). Don't know what I'd do if it ever stops working.
  12. Go with the T8 tiller, it's a great little motor. Quiet too. I put one on my Alumacraft Trophy 180 next to my 115 Yammy it works great. Hooked up the steering to the big motor with a connector rod and plan to get a Trollmaster or Controllking throttle control this spring.
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