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  1. Revolution Trolling Spoons will be running a special for FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40.00 in Value through the end of November! Just enter special code FALL upon checkout. www.revolutiontrollingspoons.com
  2. Revolution Trolling Spoons will be running a special for FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40.00 in Value through the end of November! Just enter special code FALL upon checkout. www.revolutiontrollingspoons.com
  3. Thanks guys. Below is another pattern that I am excited for you guys to see. Notice the fish scale pattern in the green and blue. I will be releasing more of these into 2017.
  4. Revolution Trolling Spoons has released 16 new color patterns ready now for the 2017 season! Below are a few pictures of some of the spoons, to see the full list visit www.revolutiontrollingspoons.com Fell free to contact me directly if you have any questions. Thanks.
  5. Abe - Very nice! Glad to see pictures like this!!
  6. Nice report Les, sounds like you gave him the best opportunity possible to experience the power of a good king! The ones that get away are quite often the ones that keep us coming back!
  7. Nice work Doug. Great to see your success! It came pretty quick, you must have only had those spoons about 48 hours!!
  8. Pap, Don't lose faith. I fully plan to release a smaller version of the RTS 375 and right now it is looking like 2017. It will be the RTS 275 (2.75" long). I think this size is going to be suited perfectly for the finger lakes and as you state, Walleyes. We are continuing with further releases of color patterns in 2016 that should put us well over 50 patterns and move into the new smaller spoons for next year. I really appreciate all the great feedback on Lou!
  9. Currently these spoons are only available at www.revolutiontrollingspoons.com, or at trade shows as you stated. As for moving to single hook, I have had several customers do this with success. I still recommend the current size treble that is supplied because that is what created the best action over a range of speeds to make this spoon most productive. Please let me know if you have any more questions, Thanks!
  10. Congratulations! That is truly a fish of a lifetime!!
  11. I look forward to your report! We have some other exciting things going on right now with the Revolution Trolling Spoons, Hope to have more patterns released real soon!!
  12. Those are truly amazing looking spoons! I am very happy to work with anyone with great ideas that loves fishing as much as I do. It is a pleasure to see Nick's artwork on my spoon design.
  13. It will be exciting to see what you guys come up with for pulling crawlers with these. Send me some pictures! Also keep in mind there is free shipping for Lou members this month for orders over $40. Just use coupon code LOU.
  14. I thought all would like to know that Revolution Trolling Spoons will be running a special through the end of May for LOU members. For online orders of $40 or more you will receive free shipping when you enter the coupon code LOU when placing your order. Good luck this month and tight lines! www.revolutiontrollingspoons.com
  15. Spoons are available only online right now. If you want to speak with the owner directly to order, give him a call. The number is on the website.
  16. The dual split ring is used to drop the hook back a little more. This patented design does not attach the hook right at the back of the spoon but rather up some so that a better curve can be added to the tail portion. The imbalance this causes to the spoon makes a great action and it tolerates higher speeds really well. There is a link on the company website to the youtube channel where there are underwater videos of the action.
  17. Pap - Glad to see u got the spoons ok and I look forward to you getting them on the water. I have recently moved down to PA, and as the season ramps up I am missing Lady O more and more. With that said, when life gives you lemons make lemonade, right? Below is one of many Stripers we have catching on the Revolution Trolling Spoons here in PA not to far from where you live, PAP!! It was extremely exciting and rewarding the first morning out pulling these spoons right after first light and hitting into a double in the first hour!! Unfortunately, only one stayed buttoned, but it was still awesome to have two bent over rods in the back of the boat and knowing these ay have been the first stripers to ever see my spoons! I look forward to meeting you sometime Pap, good luck with the spoons!!
  18. Vetting- it is looking like I can 'reallocate' a few of the purple spoons that I was suppose to ship to Sweden this week. I will get in touch with you and we can work out the details.
  19. Revolution trolling spoons is planning to be at the show in March. Really looking forward to it!
  20. Great to see some conversation on the RTS 375 from Revolution Trolling Spoons. I am the owner and it was great to meet some of you at the show last weekend. 2015 was the first year this patented spoon was made available to the public and we came real close to putting fish on the LOC board on several occasions! I feel 2016 will be a great year as we continue to get the RTS375 into the hands of very seasoned and knowledgeable anglers!! Let me know if you guys need anything! Check out the video link on the website www.revolutiontrollingspoons.com to see the action of this spoon.
  21. Brother in law just boated his first king and it's amazing how that can cure sea sickness!!
  22. Only excitement right now is trying to figure out how long my brother in law will make it before puking. He's greener than the flies I'm trolling with!! Lol!
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