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  1. Wanted to go there but decided to start W because of the E wind. Shoulda gone there anyway, caught a couple beauties there last week.
  2. Browns. In about 10 FOW. Big one I lost was a Brown because though it ran it went way slower than the Kings do. Lakers just go to bottom and grind away. I target them when the Browns slow down while waiting for the Kings to show up.
  3. Went by my lonesome on a whim about noon yesterday. Goddamn East wind is still prevailing. But the inshore water has a good green to it. Went straight west to the pumphouse in 10-20 FOW. Nothing. Turned around to troll back into the wind - always a bad idea - and hit a beauty right away. Took 100 yards plus 3 times and ran him down the same. Got him under the boat and he came off within 20 feet. Meanwhile some guy with a long beard and turban in a much bigger boat decided to troll within a 100 feet of me while I was playing the fish. What an ****. Hit 2 more on the way back. Landed one at the mouth, tail hooked so let it go. Met a couple good guys at the launch. All the hits came on perch Michigan Stingers. It's all about green out there, probably because of the gobies.
  4. Went out solo late morning. Glad to see docks are in. W wind about 15 mph as predicted at start. 1 footers. Fished with wind in 10-20 FOW for a couple hours till the wind doubled and waves upped to 3 footers. Water was a nice green but cold, about 42F. Not much debris. Marked tons of fish about 6 ft down but only one taker on a silver Rapala on the rigger that came off well back. Headed back W shallow and got sprayed. Back at the launch the usual folks were blocking the ramp with their illegally parked cars and the docks with their bodies. DEC guy showed up and I spoke with him but nobody even moved. That launch needs to be posted like the Seneca ones " This is a boat launch. Fishing is not permitted." ​This is a chronic problem there.
  5. I went down to the Genny launch today and the water is open but the ramp is full of logs.
  6. Good for you. Was going to be out there but hit snooze on the alarm at 4 AM and couldn't get my sorry ass out of bed. Gonna blow the next few days but hopefully the water will finally set up.
  7. We were out there last nite and it was dead, one hit on an orange dot Stinger on leadcore that came off right away. Hadn't considered the wind change, good thing to know. Was a beautiful nite on the water though.
  8. Thanks Jeremy. See you out there sometime. I'm the guy with the little boat. And I do like being way out there alone in it.
  9. Jeremy, Have been out of Sandy a half dozen times this spring and have been reading your posts. The lakers have been awesome this year, tons of huge ones, hard to land. They sure like to roll up the line. I've been getting them on Stinger perch (green) spoons fished just off the bottom starting in 30 FOW but they are definitely sliding out deeper. Last week it was 50 FOW. And all the action has been on leadcore off boards not riggers and I think it's because they are skittish in shallow. I noticed you started in shallow today, saw last week you had been in 100+ FOW. Any reason? Probably going out Monday. Would like to meet you sometime. Brian
  10. Last 2 times I was there they were in 30 - 40 FOW and it was green perch Stingers a few feet off the bottom that they wanted. And they are big this year.
  11. 25 -30 FOW with spoons a few feet above bottom. Will be out tomorrow and screw the brown setup, will be using braid with heavy leader. These guys are too big. Good luck.
  12. It was insane out there yesterday. Solo trip, had doubles and triples on. Only landed 2, had brown 8 lb line on so couldn't fight them aggressively. Later went to my leadcore setup which I couldn't keep in the water. With a 20 lb fluorocarbon leader I had a couple on that I could not move with the drag screwed all the way down. Half hour fights. They are huge. Green perch stinger took them all.
  13. Floating dock was in when I came back in yesterday early afternoon. Water temp is still a little low (42) and the water is a bit too dark but they are out there thick off the mouth. Went 2 for 3 on sticks. First one was pushing 10 lbs.
  14. Did one nice steelie down 90 over 120 on an orange dot Stinger. As usual the launch was a zoo. Saw a guy almost kill his 3 kids power loading because he couldn't figure out how deep his wheels had to be. Kept gunning it up and sliding back. When I buy my next boat it's gonna be in a slip away from that mess.
  15. Thinking of taking my son out tonight. Can you guys help me with the temp/currents/what's hot? (I heard some warm water was pushing in and screwing things up.) Thanks for any help you can give me! Brian
  16. Thanks guys for all your help. Since I'm not feeling too well and it's not setup I'm going to wait probably till Sunday PM. Sure wish I had a FishHawk - and a 22' Grady, duh - but those ain't happening with 2 kids in college. Lake O fisherman are the best because almost everyone is helpful as there are plenty of fish to go around. Brian
  17. Thanks guys for all the feedback. I don't have a radio on the boat, should get one. Think we are going out this PM. Plan to start off pumphouse about 150FOW and fish NW to nose at 90-60. Any other help would be appreciated. My son has never caught a king and he goes back for his senior year in college in August and it's my mission now to see him get one. Thanks again. Brian PS Know what you mean about the currents, they have been all over the place lately.
  18. Lake's laying down and going out in my little boat. Can anyone with a down temp probe help me out? I know the break has been creeping in, I'm thinking of starting in 150FOW down 80 to 60. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Conan, Wife intercepted me heading into driveway with her camera to take pics and informed me I will be living in a refrigerator box if I do a boat upgrade with 2 in college. Sorry to waste your time. Yours looks like a great craft. Seanymph
  20. Boat looks to be in good shape. Are you the original owner? Do you have any pics of the transom? I have a 1997 16' aluminum Sea Nymph with a 25 HP Johnson and a 4 HP 4 stroke Yamaha (3 years old) that I am looking to upgrade from.
  21. Hey Jim H, that you? B Schell here. Nice brown. I was out of Sandy on Friday, couldn't find the kings but took a small brown and a 15+ laker and lost another. First time using leadcore. So easy!
  22. Was out there thursday. Serious bait die off, sawbellies everywhere. Nothing doing, one hit.
  23. Pete, Use the mini boards and tie a barrel swivel about 6' up the line from the lure. Board will stop there and no more knockoffs. That or set the board not to release and take it off manually when you get it in. I was the 2nd boat in so I'm guessing we talked. I've got the 16' sea nymph towed by a 2008 Nissan Xterra. Was not crowded at the launch. I think the best thing is to get there in the dark because the slowpokes can't deal with it. Still had the morons fishing off the launch ****ing about the boats bothering them. Why doesn't the DEC post a "No fishing allowed on the boat launch sign?" It's a boat launch, not a fishing pier. This has been a long standing problem at Sandy.
  24. I was out there by my lonesome well before sunup. Water had great color and forecast for lite S wind was dead on. Nothing doing till near the pumphouse. (Also finder was blank all morning.) All hits on sticks, mostly silver/black. Broke off what I expect was a king, brought in 2 skippy cohos, then an 8 lb brown. Finally a 16 lb king that almost spooled me, had to chase him down. Fished 8-30 FOW but all the action was around 15 FOW.
  25. We were out there Friday AM. SE Wind was 20 MPH then dropped to about 10 and things were pleasant. Water temp 42. Did about 20 browns mostly small on flashy sticks from boards plus 2 good lakers on riggers just off the bottom, all in 10-15 FOW. Good water color. About noon the wind turned NE and everything stopped. Met a good Dad and his daughter at the launch who also did about 20 while we watched two guys try to power load their boat without success for a long time because their trailer wheels were way too shallow. Tried to tell them but some people don't know how much they don't know.
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