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  1. Got out with guide John Gaulke (fingerlakesanglinzone) on North end. I got 16 Lakers from 7am to 11am. All but one of the fish ranged from 26 to 29 inches. Lost another 4 or 5. All hefty fish with only a few healed lamprey marks. Fish were super active taking numerous dives and even caught a couple drifting that wanted to run and dive. I just got my 'new to me ' boat set up with ulterra , rods and fishfinder and hadn't fished much over the past couple years. Just making sure i had all the right stuff and John gave me pointers on my Lowrance because he had the same one. Mostly all white's , but got a couple on greens. I get out with John once in a while because as a guide he gives me shore landmarks and I've never fished the north end. Definitely a day to remember !!!!!!! If you're jigging check out cayugafisher.net all the info is there too.
  2. Hank at L & M or Suggestion, if they can't get it in for a couple of days, I'd order the inhibiter switch so you've got it in your hand. Myself I'd get the cable also. You can always send it back. Call Allen at snake Creek marine 570-967-2109. He is busy and you might have to leave a message. CALL in the morning. He knows these motors inside and out. He might tell you over the phone what the problem is.There were Mercury Service Bulletins on these switch's. If you get to the lake and its not the switch and Finger Lakes can look at it or throw the cable in, it might be resolved. Allen at Snake Creek might tell you that the two issues are related or unrelated. If finger Lakes knows you're coming see if they can look at it when you get there parts in hand. Finger Lakes will fix it or have Snake Creek. Both have worked on my boat without getting scorched. Sounds to me like you've got it narrowed down.
  3. What's the matter with your boat ? That's what this forum can help you with, then point you in the right direction. A few weeks ago Finger Lakes Marine Service just gave me directions how to diagnose a problem on my boat to save me money. I took about three hours figuring it out. They gave me the part number told me they could order it or get my own if I found it at a good price. Got the part , had them install it ,They worked on the boat for over an hour and just charged me one hour labor. I started working on it on Sunday, got the part, and they fixed the boat Friday morning. No one has to wait until January, they're getting boats in as fast as other marinas. Johnsons Boat Yard sold their lift a couple of years ago, so all the big boats from their marina, Treman, and other locals especially big boats aren't stored, serviced or winterized there anymore. Ouch. So tell us what's wrong, maybe someone on here can help like L & M. Is it not starting, running rough,smoking, overheating, shift problem, taking on water Let us know.
  4. A*M

    for sale : usa Prowler camper

    It's on 26 south in storage. I sent you a message. Thanks
  5. Prowler camper 2017 Prowler Lynx 30 only used 3 times. Have clear title. In Vestal NY. Open to reasonable offers. Needs to go.
  6. Do this https://www.fiberglassics.com/research/109-restoring-gel-coat.html I use the Starbrite UTEF again once at the beginning of the year and once in the middle of summer. . Had bad oxidation and it never has come back since I did it 3 years ago. Start with 2000 wet sand.
  7. Thanks. Fast shipping, and sharp,perfect size. price is excellent.
  8. Like Sea IV said. Now I think about it,wired just like that , no splicing, With receptacle. Marine mechanic where I bought it hooked everything up. Wires are about the size of a pencil.
  9. I run mine with a stand alone battery for the trolling motor. Spliced with the fuse.
  10. A*M

    Bottom Paint

    Good news,your boat is all clean, so no one knows exactly where the water line is. Wait until the end of the year. When it gets dirty then you'll know. Don't follow the lines of the boat or stripes. Pull it home,mark the water line. jack the trailer up. Support the boat. Drop the trailer down. Now you can work on most of the boat. Sand gel coat until it's dull. Clean with denatured alcohol. Sand spots you missed. Then clean again,sand some more. When it's all dull, now put a coat of barrier paint on. Sand off all high spots. Then put another coat of barrier on. Sand a little more. Then put two to three coats of bottom paint on. No one can do this for a 1000 dollars,and even if they charge you 2500.00, who says they didn't miss sanding or ran out of barrier coat. Hope this helps. I've completely removed bottom paint, with walnut shells and aircraft paint remover. It's not a fun job, The boat I did this on had receipts for sanding,barrier and paint. I found gel coat that hadn't been sanded, 2 coats of barrier coat on 3/4 of the boat.
  11. Try jacking the trailer and spinning the wheel. You shouldn't even be able to spin the wheel freely one revolution , even without applying the brakes. If they spin around freely, you need to adjust them. Then keep forcing the wheel arouind and have someone hand actuate the brakes. They should lock right up. This will tell you whether or not the lines were bled properly
  12. Had same problem last year on 135 merc. Merc mechanics wanted to tear apart all six carbs to start with. Told me it was the ethanol for sure. Googled it before they started work on it, and and there were quite a few responces that it was the stator. Brought the boat home and called Alan at Snake Creek Marine. Told him what it was doing, and he said sounds like the stator. They diagnosed the problem and replaced the stator all for one hour labor charge. It's run fine every since. Don't know if this is your problem, but they do know how to diagnose first.
  13. I've bought napa marine parts before, never knew ,but they're all sierra. So all you have to do is cross reference whatever part you need with sierra, call and they'll get them in usually next morning by 8 am. I look the number up myself, so they don't have to fumble around , trying to figure out what kind of marine part you need. The bad. While I was there I looked at a marine battery, Read the "date code" stamped in the side. It looked like sometime in 2012. Not good because batteries start sulfation after 3 months. In other words don't buy it. The guy at the store said the battery just came in the day before, it had to be new. Then he looked at it, found the paper sticker on it, and told me that really its worse. MAY 2011. Check the date codes stamped on the battery, don't go by the sticker. The sticker could mean they charged it on that date. We live in the northeast so there's not a lot of marine batteries going out the door. Advance auto same thing, sticker said 3/13. Date code stamped on the side was may 2012. A $122.00 battery that's already a year old. Oh boy.
  14. JD Go to batterytender.com, click on the link for technical info, it shows how to do this ( attach positve to one battery and negative to other ) Advance auto sells the jumpers made up to fit the top of a deep cycle. I use wing nuts. The amp hours actually need to be close not exact. I'd look into getting another battery at some point, you don't want to use up more than 60% especially on the trolling battery. It will take longer and longer to recharge. FYI, Johnson Control sells and let's companies put there own brand name on batteries to companies like Advance Auto, Auto Zone, Interstate, Walmart and many more. So watch, the same group size might have different CCA, amp hours, and rc. The highest amp hrs ,or rc are the best. Some sites also give you the weight. More weight means thicker lead plates that would also correspond to rc. In other words you can buy a good battery at Walmart for much less than say an Interstate would be , but they are actually the same battery.
  15. Thanks,appreciate it
  16. Any suggestions for a retreiver dog trainer ?????? New York or Pa ???? Thanks
  17. Anybody ever dealt with sslabradors out of Dallas,Pa, Any suggestions out there ? Thanks
  18. A*M

    Cayuga Meyers launch

    Good news, saw the huge pile of dirt there a couple of weeks ago. Talked with Howard Goebel yesterday. The lake is only 10 inches below summer pool, and as of yesterday the gates were completely closed.
  19. Looks good, a foot higher than last year. www.canals.ny.gov/waterlevels/netdata/cayuga-levels.pdf
  20. I'll try to paste the instructions from merc. First ,you're not supposed to hook the Optimax to a tank with oil. You may have some bad problems in the spring with injectors, and it may lead to computer program issues also. You're supposed to remove the plugs and spray down into the cylinderrs. Only stabilizer goes into the gas. This motor is a different beast. Yes, you're supposed to put the motor in the down position also according to merc. How can you do that with the battery disconnected ? Sounds like you caught it early so my guess is no problem with the freeze. I'd remove the plugs, turn the motor over ( put some rags in the holes ) throw in some new plugs, drain the fuel filter as described, add a couple cans of sea foam. Hope for the best. http://www.mercurymarine.com/media/mercury/pdfs/service-and-support
  21. Get a compression check, if I remember correctly it should be in the 135 range on all cylinders. NOT 100% sure though. Also run water through it. Best to take it to a shop, get compression, water temperature and a dyno. Probably get it done for 100 bucks. If you're looking on ebay, or other places on the internet, I'd contact Hank 1st I'd rather have a salt that's been taken care of like G-Daddy than a fresh that hasn't been maintained.
  22. You should have no problem getting in at Frontenac Park, most marinas give you till Oct 15 to get out of the water. Goose Watch winery is just north of Dean's cove, phone number by the dock, they'll pick you up or just walk up. Check the posts from last yr this time, you'll see what was being used. No fleas. Have fun.
  23. Bfuller What is the weight and how do we go about getting some of these
  24. Good reply bsmaster Hermit sent pm
  25. Where do you get the bucktails for these jigs ? Anyone know
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