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  1. I have seen this boat many times, never fished it, but she is a beauty. He put a lot of work into her last spring and did a great job. I watched him transform the boat over a three week period. Had I not bought one last year; I would be looking hard. Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I hunt with a guy who had the same surgery a few years ago. He had it done in July and was hunting at the end of October. He turned the draw weight down to 55 lbs. The next year he was back to normal. He had a lot physical therapy, and could not hang tree stands the year it was done, but was able to hunt. Good luck with surgery! Hope to see you this spring. Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Sold / Closed

    I have fished on this boat a couple times. Terrific platform, lots of deck space, well maintained and turnkey ready to fish. Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Had a great late season, my best ever. Hunted with djj717 every weekend. His dog Kenai did great, especially for a 10 year old! Wish I had taken more pics. Can't wait for spring now! The Baha is calling my name. Good luck to all! Sent from my E6782 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Here is a pic of the Brown I took last night.
  6. I got my 13.5 lb Cayuga lake Brown back from Fish Wish over the weekend. I am very happy with it. The paint job is great and the dimensions of the mount are very close to the actual fish. I will definitely use her again. It took just over a year to get it back. Her original estimate was 14 months. Good luck to all. Hopefully I will have a King for her this weekend ðŸ˜. Sent from my HP 10 G2 Tablet using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. I used aluminum diamond plate for a partial floor in my Islander. It worked great and was not heavy at all. It didn't get hot, and was not slippery. Very easy to clean and will never rot. A friend of mine did a complete floor replacement with it in his islander. He helped me with mine. It was not a difficult project. It took us two half days to do it. I bought two 4x8 sheets of 1/8 inch diamond plate. It cost me $320 for the two sheets, and I have a bunch left over for future use. I was happy with the results and functionality. Sent from my HP 10 G2 Tablet using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Forgot to mention, the currents weren't bad either. Fished west in front of Blind Sodus.
  9. Fished Friday, left Bayside at 5:45 am. Went 4 for 5, fish came from 110 to 130 fow. 240 dipsey, and 90 rigger took a double at 6:15 am. FF on dipsey, mag moonshine on rigger, 23 lb and 19 lb king. Took another King on ff around 8:30 am on a 240 dipsey. Then a 8 lb steelhead on a rigger, on a free slider, rigger set at 120. Lost a screamer on a 270 dipsey with ff. White glow sd with hammer fly was best. Shelly snack moonshine took biggest fish. 2.3 to 2.6 down speed on fishhawk. 42 to 44 temps down 90.
  10. I took an 8 lb king straight out from the shoot. 75 down over 100 fow. UV pickle stinger on a rigger in the first 5 minutes. We left bayside at 5:45 am. We only fished for 30 minutes and my four year old got seasick. One foot rollers in a 28 foot baha, never thought one footers would be a problem. He got pretty sick, even turned a little green. He felt fine as soon as we hit the dock. I did mark some fish too. Wish we could have worked it a little longer, but safety first with a sick child. hoping to be back up in two weeks. Good luck to those who fish this week.
  11. I sure did! nice rig Brian!
  12. 1990 Baha 280 Weakender. New to me this year.
  13. Sale pending