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  1. Boy did you find the fish for sure. Great looking fish.
  2. The only bad thing was the planner board problem, but sounds like a great overall. Nice.
  3. Thank you again for rod rack and the sirius radio! Went to the other bridge from where you told to go and we landed 2 browns from under the bridge in about 25 minutes. Then one of the other guys had a family emergency and we had to hurry back home to Pa. Thanks again and for the info. 3-4 lb browns
  4. Good to hear there is not much lumber in the water.
  5. Nice to hear people getting out and catching some fish. Wish I lived closer.
  6. How about pics of the spoons and the stickbaits? They might get sold faster.
  7. Does the rod rack spin and what is the condition of sirius radio?
  8. Nice to hear that oswego river is slowly coming down and people catching fish. So is there a lot of snow on the ground up there? Any luck in any of those other tribs?
  9. Only looking for a torpedo mold. Between my brother and I we have several 8-12# fish molds. Thanks for the reply Don anyway thou.
  10. Can anybody out there help me with this? Someone have one put away in the garage or basement? Does anybody know where to get one or who will make one? Thank you in advance for your help.
  11. Been searching for a while for a 13 # torpedo mold. My brother loses several a year by snagging the bottom. He is a plumber and gets a lot of lead to make weights. We have a few fish shaped molds, but need a torpedo for summer deep fishing. Some info on where purchase one would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  12. This looks a winner for summer fishing down deep! I will buying some of these for sure!!!!
  13. These flies look killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will have to get with you Ryan about designing those other flies I have in mind. Interested in flies #2 and #4. Thanks for that fun text the other day.
  14. He really means what he say here about this. This is exactly what he was doing for me last year when I was ordering flies by the dozen. This is quality flies at dirt cheap prices. This is why I keep solely buy all my flies from ITO Flies. You cannot go wrong.
  15. One of my favorite for early morning! I hope nobody reads this and discovers this is a great fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Hope the sales take off. I'm sure they will once other people buy some and see the quality. I'm glad I got these flies more than a year ago from you. Good luck again!
  17. My secret is out of the bag. I have been using these flies for over a year now, with great results. Catch tons of fish. The quality of the flies is wonderful. They hold up better than some others in my opinion. I never have any problems with them.
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