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  1. white green dot, hammertime and live wire were great.
  2. I like a Penn 345. The rod doesn't need a rollers either
  3. Fair Haven State Park you can rent space on there for your boat on the dock. A lot of people stay there and like it. I stay at a another campground right next to it.
  4. blacks for salmon! walkers are fine for browns.
  5. Where were they planning on fishing might help a bit.
  6. welcome to the site. Catch a boat load!
  7. Black work great but have good luck with green ones also. I have also caught fish on every color dipsy out there. Sometimes think it's personal preference. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Nice to hear that there caught a few more king in Fair Haven lately. Saturday can't come soon enough!!!!!!
  9. Sounded like a great idea in the begin. Now I'm just wasting my money.
  10. Guessing nobody thinks it's worth the money anymore?
  11. I think it's lacking recently. The first month or two were great.
  12. Is it me, or are these pro-packs not worth the money anymore? Seems like the same thing every month. 2 spoons, a spinny, and a fly are what's coming every month. Not impressed anymore?
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