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  1. I hope that the fish in close will bite,not looking forward another off shore weekend. Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Trade you that dipsy rod for one on the right in the second pic!
  3. Bought the X4 when it came out, no problems with it. Wish I had the money for X4D.
  4. Great downriggers!!!! One of the only downriggers my brother couldn't break. :lol: My brother is rough on all equipment. They have held up for 5 years and counting. :yes: All the parts are interchangeable with Big Jon too!
  5. Fair Haven has a few nice campgrounds and a bad one. :no:
  6. Early am, down real deep and cloudy days. Done better on silver carbon 14.
  7. There was one on here for sale a few days ago, but it's sold.
  8. Someone has one for sale in Ontario, NY.
  9. Looking at that chart, I didn't think 600 ft of copper went that deep. I always used 22ft per 100 out. Probably only going to use 500 ft from now on.
  10. Hope they make it permanent, and soon.
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