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  1. Anyone ever experience a leaf spring crack in half while traveling? I've been a boater for 35 years trailering a lot of places and today was the first I had to have a boat towed home. Left rear on double axle broke in half and dropped back behind the lisence plate at a 45 degree angle. A hell of a mess. Trailer is a 2000 loadrite 5700lb cap. with a 20ft grady on top,.nowhere near maxed out on weight. The crack was rusted on the edge so it was probably cracked for a while and finally seperated under the u bolts. Is there a torque spec for these u bolts? Thanks for any insight. Roughrider out [ Post made via Android ]
  2. Have one, came with the boat, was working fine at purchase last fall. Make me a fair offer and its yours. Roughrider out. [ Post made via Android ]
  3. Thinking of heading up early may, any tips on the fishing for eyes the last couple years? Thanks,roughrider
  4. looks like 400 bucks for navionics full lake ontario. i have the partial lake ontario eastern card. how about garmin units? anybody? thanks.
  5. Need a card for new raymarine a5.6 and a card for a garmin 172c. Any recommendations? thanks, roughrider out.
  6. Hello, I'm interested. Send me a pm with paticulars. Thanks Roughrider out [ Post made via Android ]
  7. Looking for a dry spot to drop my boat during the season in the area from mexico to Fair haven. Would rather not trailer the boat if I can park it somewhere safe. Boat is a 20ft grady overnighter. Thanks for any tips. Roughrider out .
  8. Rigging my boat for trolling next spring and would like opinions on hooking up riggers,depthfinders, accesories to 2 batteries with a perko switch. I'm running a 140 suzuki 4 stroke too troll with and no kicker. I figure to use one battery for these and the other for the main engine. Which position do I put the perko in while fishing or running? I would think both while I'm fishing and running. Thanks for any help. Roughrider out [ Post made via Android ]
  9. What would you consider the best transducer degree angle for lake ontario? I'm looking at a raymarine unit with 50/200. I read where this would be for water deeper than 500ft. thanks roughrider out
  10. Looking for new or excellent condition 2 riggers and an X4 for a combo price. roughrider out.
  11. Ok, except for a fruitless trip now and then, I am getting back into this game after sitting it out since early 90's. All this equipment is screaming at me to get it wet again. I'll be with another person most off the time and 4 rods will be used. I have wire dipseys, leadcore, in-line boards and downriggers. Never used copper. I usually drop down 2 riggers with a flasher one side and 2 dipseys. I will need a down-temp unit as I have not seem my Ray jeff in a long time. Thanks ahead for any tips you guys can throw my way. Roughrider out
  12. Looking for LGC 12W puck for globalmap 4800. Thanks, roughrider
  13. Looking to buy used or new unit. thanks, roughrider
  14. I am also looking to upgrade for a trailerable rig for 4 hour drive. I like the starcraft boats but I'd also get a tandem axle trailer. People forget what a toll it takes on a trailer to haul a boat around. I'm thinking 20ft. max. boat length. roughrider out
  15. I Changed out clutch pad with new one and new washers which are not grooved like the existing ones. Seems to work better. One question I have is lubricating what parts? I greased the washer/roller bearing only. Thanks for all the help, Roughrider out
  16. I have 2 uintrolls from 1986 which seem to need new clutchs. One drops fast or stops, no real in -between and the other acts like a warped brake rotor,high/low spot. I ordered new clutch pads for both. Any tips for taking apart the downrigger before I start? Any other parts required? Thanks, roughrider out
  17. Opinions on a 85 model year 4 cylinder 470 Merc I/ O Needed. I did some research on this model and it was something to be desired. Some people will not work on them. Any knowledge on these appreciated. Thanks. Roughrider out.
  18. You turn up in the darndest places Phil. What happened to carp fishing? I've been contemplating going back to lake ontario in the spring and joined the site again after a few years away. Stripers were hot again on the hudson this year. Damn nice lakers you fellas took. Take care,Roughrider out .
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