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  1. I was in Wilson last week and saw a small boat out more than a couple miles offshore on a day with a good west wind chop. Couldnt believe he was out there that day. Hope they find this person in good condition.
  2. I have a fishhawk 840 for sale. Ive never used this unit. It came with a boat i bought last fall. It comes with the head unit, power cord, airmar transducer only. NO probe, or paddle wheel. $35 plus shipping. PM me if your interested. thanks, mark
  3. I have 2- 10" anglers pal rod holders that are in great working order. Reduced to $50 for pair plus shipping. PM me if your interested. thanks, mark
  4. Thanks guys. I know alot of times when salmon fishing i control speed by watching the gear so next time i fish ill have to see how the paddle wheel speed comes into play when i have a full spread out. best, mark
  5. Looking forward to trying these out. Sent an email to the company about the sizing of these divers and they got back to me right away.
  6. i recently installed another sonar unit on my boat that has a paddle wheel for surface speed. Today while out on the boat i noticed that the paddle wheel is about 1 mph slower than SOG on my other unit at trolling speed but when i get up on plane the paddle wheel jumps in front of SOG and is way off. example SOG 25 and paddle wheel 38. not sure if i installed the paddle wheel correctly. i lined up the mount with the deadrise of the boat as opposed to mounting it horizontally like a transducer. any thoughts on this issue? thanks, mark
  7. That depth chart shows some pretty good depths. 2:1 Ratio-Line to Depth. I dont know what size i have as they are not marked. I got mine at slippery sinker in Olcott.
  8. I have tons of confidence in copper backs for certain colors. Green Hammer and Chicken Wing with copper back are two of my favorites...
  9. I purchased a Chinook Diver recently and wondered if anyone here has any experience with them. This was the first time id ever seen them so i dont know if they are new this year. Quite impressed with them. Seems like they will pull hard and offer little resistance when tripped. Hoping maybe they will make some different acoustics in the water compared to a standard diver. Just something else to try or maybe just more gear that i dont need. thoughts on this item? thanks, mark
  10. Had the same issue with mine when they were new. Dial in the rope lengths and that will fix it. Put the half keels on last year and now they pull real hard. Good for weighted lines but just about impossible for flatlines. I use double boards now for spring brown fishing and save the otter boats for summer fishing...
  11. Love navionics. Comes in real handy when following the contours here in the fingerlakes for lakers...
  12. I"ve been using P-line Flourocarbon this year for leaders and really like it....
  13. I have same unit in gen 1 and love the navionics premium chip...
  14. ahh interesting. it does say airmar on it. i took a paddle wheel unit off the boat too but i thought it went with a sonar unit. i have the fish hawk head unit and a power cord. boat came with a bunch of stuff.,,,
  15. Thanks Guys. I tried that keel hook with the spring on them but it didnt work too well. Plus i dont want a weedless hook setup, id like the hook to be exposed as much as possible. I got some stuff today to experiment with so ill let you know what i come up with. Thinking about a way to get a single trailer hook towards rear of bait that wont affect action of bait. thanks, mark
  16. Guys, any ideas on how to rig swimbaits for trolling? ive tried the hollow body baits with the weedless hook setup and trailer hook but it didnt work very well. problem is finding a jig hook light enough to troll. id like to try them for shallow browns and on leadcore later in season. i remember reading an article in great lakes angler a couple years back about this and how they smashed browns on them. thanks, mark
  17. Thanks to info on this site i tied my first willis knot on a leadcore rig and absolutely love it. Very solid and slim. I have a bunch of leadcore setups to rig and would like your opinions on my rigging and knots. Here is what im doing: 50# Power Pro Backing to; 20' of 30# Yozuri Hybrid(for big board releases) tied with an albright knot to; Leadcore with Willis Knot to: 30' of 20# Blood Run Salmon Mono tied with Willis Knot to; BB barrel swivel(with bead above it so my buddies dont reel swivel into tip) tied with Palomar Knot to; A rod length of flouro leader with BB swivel at end when running spoons. How does this sound? Am i missing anything? thanks, mark
  18. This is the transducer i have...
  19. thanks guys. i guess i should figure out what this transducer is compatible with and use it. mark
  20. tlox, when it comes to fly leaders, the stiffer the better for me. not sure if 40 will be stiff enough. i prefer 50 or 60 seaguar premier flouro. especially with a tournament tie two hook rig, stiff line is a must. perfection loop to larger duo snap on paddle. best, mark
  21. I have 55 Misc. Spoons for sale. A few NK's, couple slammers, couple yecks, bunch of unknowns. $35 buyer pays shipping. thanks, mark
  22. We have alot of fish to catch before we start using J-Plugs but i gotta make room for new stuff! 30 J-Plugs with a bunch of hook rigs- $25 buyer pays shipping. thanks, mark
  23. I have 5 Lots of Lures for sale: Lot #1- 22 Crankbaits/Body Baits--- 3 rebel, 13 rapala, 2 bomber, 4 unkown--- $20 Lot#2- 16 Bomber Long A Stickbaits--- $20 Lot#3- 14 Stickbaits--- 11 rebel, 1 rapala, 2 unkown--- $15 Lot#4- 14 Misc. Stickbaits--- $10 Lot#5- 11 Misc. Stickbaits--- 11 finland nilsomasters, 2 unkown--- $5 Buyer pays shipping. Make me an offer on everything. Thanks, Mark
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