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  1. Fish the middle of the lake from dutch hollow north. 110-120fow... try spoons on riggers 70 and 90 with free sliders. dipsies with flasher flies 250-275... thats worked good for me the last couple weeks. caught a bunch of nice rainbows and plenty of lake trout...
  2. It turned out to be a quick fix and $6 part...
  3. Hey your one bite ahead of us, first skunk of season on thursday for us.... hang in there...
  4. I noticed this on my outdrive today. Can you tell me what im missing and if this is a big concern? Of course I have company coming and I wont have time to get into the shop. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks, Mark
  5. It's a standard size yeck, black back with a glow ladder that i added. I'll try and take a pic of it when im in the boat. Works great in the flx and on lake o for me. Caught steelhead on it the other day.
  6. John, Look up Dan Keating, it will open your eyes! dvdgeorge, what rubber bands do you use?i have'nt found the right rubber band yet.
  7. We had no fleas on the north end surprisingly. Sent from my SM-N900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. I was out there today in 25 mph winds with driving rain lol. We had plenty of action on the north end right in the middle of the lake. Lakers and one nice rainbow. Plenty of hooks and bait. Dont be afraid to fish the top 50' too. Best laker action was in 110-120fow. White flasher and flies, mirage spoons.Good Luck, Mark
  9. I feel your pain! Have friends here from out of town and have been getting our butts kicked by waves all weekend. On top of that the fishing sucks. Sent from my SM-N900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. thanks george, do you just let it record the whole time? i have a couple 64gb cards but they seem to fill up quick. thanks, mark
  11. Hi guys, i have a gopro black hero 3+ with a bunch of accessories but i havent used it one time while trolling. what kind of settings would be best for trolling footage? my problem is getting the footage off the camera and edited and then made into a manageable file size. i have some nice hunting footage but its such a huge file that i dont know what to do with it. also, whats the best way to attach it to my softop? thanks, mark
  12. Dan, you should be fine with 30# power pro or fireline....Best when fishing 30-80 fow in my opinion. Any deeper and wire is the way to go. mark
  13. Nice report. We fished the same area. Best depth for us was 200-210 fow. 80-100 on the riggers. 265-300 on dipsies. Tons of current but the best temps seemed to be 80-90' down fish hawk depth. Ended up 9 for 14... Fun day.
  14. thanks guys. i knew i was going to get a reply like this.. ive had nothing but bad luck with copper. i dont like the large connections or swivel that needs to come through the guides, in my experience leadcore is much more forgiving and easier to work with, rig, fish than copper. i fish with a variety of guys with different skill levels and they dont always have the patience to deploy copper properly. leadcore seems to be a little more forgiving during a turn where copper seems to just fall out quickly which can cause tangles. these are just some of the things ive run into with copper. didnt really want to get into discussing copper pros and cons, just wanted some thoughts on long leadcores. i enjoy fishing leadcore and have lots of confidence in it. with that said i have a 200' and 300' copper sitting in the garage with plenty of dust on them. thanks, mark
  15. Im going to add to my leadcore collection and was considering a 12 color setup for summer fishing. (please dont suggest copper, i hate it!) Think 12 colors will maintain the 5-6' per color depth? Any pros/cons for running 12 colors or more? thanks, mark
  16. I use suffix. Nice tight weave which is nice for the willis knot. Ive tried the store brands but they dont last as long and i recently rigged some mason for a friend and found that tough to work with. Not a very tight weave... I'm sure they fish the same.
  17. ordered a special mate box from coldwater last month. cheapest i could find...
  18. Reduced to $50 for pair plus shipping...
  19. SOLD Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. Just read the article with the description of the boat. Sounds just like the boat i saw out there less than a week ago on a choppy day. What a shame.
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