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  1. had a nice day in oswego today. it was quality not quantity today. fished west of port and found a productive area in 135FOW. went 5 for 6. 4 kings and one steelhead. dropped one screamer. landed 2 small kings, 1- 21 pounder and a 27 pounder and a small feisty steelhead. steelhead hit while letting out a leadcore with an orange mirage yeck spoon. big kings were all on the dipsies. white/silver SD with white fly and best setup was chrome chip with chart spots and silver/UV fly. wire dispy 225-250 out on number two. perfect rain free day! best, mark
  2. Rusty, do you have the lake insight model? if so its prob the 83/200. i think the nautic insight came with 50/200
  3. Thanks for the wake up call. Glad everything worked out ok. Time to look closer at my safety plan....
  4. Email or call Tom. Just ordered a set today. Easy deal. $67 for pair including shipping.... mark
  5. Rusty, i have an hds 5 as well and love it. Have it dialed in good and have lots of confidence in it. I use 200khz for trolling and have my sensitivity up to around 82%. What are your settings?
  6. Launched at arneys by 6am this morning. Headed straight north out of the shoot and stopped in 110fow. Worked our way NW out to 190 and hit our first fish. 16# king on dipsey on #2 out 310', green glow kingfisher and fly. Worked that same area and managed 4 other bites. A small king on yeck mirage spoon slider, lake trout and dropped two fish. Laker came on a flat line with shallow stick. Other two bites were both on spoon sliders with riggers at 80-90'. Didnt mark a whole lot but did mark a fair amount of bait. Most of it deep and on bottom. Nice day on water and first king of the year from my boat. Seems weird after last years early start. best, mark
  7. Awesome boat man! Love it. Your forcing me to look at trojans now along with pursuits and tiaras. Congrats! Is yours considered the mid-cabin? best, mark
  8. Rusty, we marked a themocline about halfway down the lake about 70' down. Happened to be in the same area where we found good bait and good fishing... This was memorial weekend when the north wind was cranking for days. Managed one small brown, the rest lakers. best, mark
  9. Rusty, good to hear you got a couple rainbows! thanks for the report. mark
  10. I use 50# power pro. Works fine. Fleas stick to it but you can snap them off pretty easily. Thought about trying that Slick power pro. Might be better...
  11. Awesome! Would love to see and hear more about this boat. Looks sweet...
  12. Exactly! Fish the marks. I rely heavily on my sonar/gps. I have the most confidence in my sonar. I think its easy to get too focused on down temp and miss alot of productive water. When im marking life on my sonar, im not too concerned about temps. best, mark
  13. 170 rigger. Wow, that's deep. Are you marking life in that zone or are you just searching? Never fished that deep. Really enjoying your reports... Best, mark
  14. I'm not too impressed with mine either. Granted ive only fished them a handful of times and for lake trout. Setting the drag to creep out on a wire dispy i have to give it some help for the first 20-30' and ive also noticed a little issue with the gear lever like mentioned above. I also have some brand new convectors on my rigger rods and am very happy with them. best, mark
  15. Had the same thing like that all day today out of Wilson. Tons of fish and bait. Landed one skippy.
  16. Rusty, we are out here right now too. Not much better to report. 2 lakers and a small coho the last two days but we have been marking a ton of fish in the 75-100fow area. From Wilson west to the bar. Covered a ton of water and tried everything. Hopefully they will turn on soon. At least they are there...
  17. thanks guys. im gonna use a seperate perko switch for this fuse block along with a fuse or breaker. best, mark
  18. thanks for the replies guys. i used a haywire twist on the back end and an albright knot for my leader. that haywire twist with shrink tube does not go through levelwind very well. a little nervous about that. im using a convector 55.... best, mark
  19. Fished out front of the chute and started in 60fow. Set up a spoon spread hoping for a salmon. 4 leadcores off boards and 2 riggers. Didnt find any salmon but did end up with 3 lakers and 1 steelhead. Hung around mainly in 95 fow. Marked a few fish but nothing great. Heard it was real slow once again on the shoreline....
  20. http://www.brettsplaceonthebay.com/special-mate-model-5225s-spoon-baits-tackle-box-bait-box/
  21. hi, im rigging up some blood run 60lb copper and cant get the line through spro power swivel twice. is this a problem? i twisted it tight and used shrink wrap. also, i used 50lb power pro for backing and did not put a section of mono in for planer board releases. i use weldon pinch pad and big scotty releases for copper, think they will slip on the braid with 300' of 60lb out? thanks, mark
  22. had the same results in the same area yesterday on the shoreline. found cloudy water, temp changes, bait and birds but no fish. covered alot of water. pretty disappointing. think i saw you running out for lakers. talked to a charter captain fishing the same area yesterday and he didnt get a single fish on the shoreline. gonna give it a rest til something changes. it can only get better! best, mark
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