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  1. If you had it stored outside in the winter and it got or had small amount of water in it, the freezing of the water at or near the transom probably did a job on a seam sealant. Happened to me with a fishing boat.
  2. I feel kind of ignorant about this ---but what are Reel Rage spoons.
  3. I agree with Brown. After getting boat up off the ramp, see if winch needs t be tightened slightly on level ground. My boat tends to do this.
  4. Yes--- I think I lost this in 1902 when I was out rowing and trolling.
  5. SK8man ----Nice pic of perch. Conesus used to hold plenty of these but not anymore. What lake were these from?
  6. Not a lot of structure in Hemlock. It is like a big bowl. Shallow and large weed bed areas at the ends. Along the length of both sides, water depth increases rapidly from shore. In very small coves on the sides, you will find small weed beds close to shore. Will also find some points along side where water depth is more variable. Center line of lake is pretty flat without a lot of depth change except over some distance.
  7. That's the way to "reel" them in to a good lifetime activity!!
  8. Hemlock-Canadice requires a boat length 16Ft or less and a motor size 9.9HP or less. Can a boat with a mounted motor larger than 9.9 be used if the motor is up with the prop removed and is 16FT or less with a 9.9 Hp kicker engine?
  9. My understanding is that silver plating results in a lure which will relect light at the greatest depth of any of the "colors". Chrome and stainless do not maintain the "shine" at increased depth. Silver platers are getting fewer and fewer, and the cost of silver keeps increasing, but it is almost impossible to beat for this purpose for lures at depth. My daughter is a jewelry manufacturer and uses silver plating all the time. If you have interest in possible doing this, let me know and I will get the details. Glad to see what you are doing with lure production. Hope it works out.
  10. I agree. I have fished Hemlock quite a bit and I find it is a difficult lake to get fish out of. However, there are very good size fish, if you catch the sight of many of them as they surface. Not sure why so difficult unless the bait fish are so plentiful.
  11. Any opinions or knowledge about Rainbow populations in Hemlock and Canadice?
  12. Any opinions or knowledge about Rainbow populations in Hemlock and Canadice?
  13. Info from Fish Hawk on battery life and/or changing battery from an email: "No, the battery is molded in and has a 20-year shelf life. We ran a bunch of lab tests and field tests and if you used the TD 300 days per year you would still get 12-years of use. The molded in-battery greatly improves the water integrity at depths down to 400'."
  14. A new device (Fish Hawk TD) coming out from Fish Hawk which measures depth and temperature in 5 Ft increments down to 300FT. Can be attached to downrigger, dipsy, wire lead, or heavy snap weight systems to get depth and temperature for us guys that have simpler gear and boat setups. Looks like it is similar to a device that was around a few years ago that is no longer available. I believe it was a GTM-40. I see prices so far of $139-149. Five year battery life.
  15. Got it figured out. Program Malwarebytes was blocking access to the postimage site.
  16. I cannot view the images that are posted such as in the topic recently on Hemlock Lake Brown. Is there some trick or setting in the browser needed to view them?
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