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  1. We worked the same water you did and was skunked Saturday and Sunday. Tough fishing Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  2. went last night and was skunked. I would say shoot out to 450+. From 60-350 feet we probably marked only 3 fish and NO bait. Hope this helpa Sent from my SCH-I110 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. This was today's catch Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  4. HoneyHole charters out of Sodus they have boxed out in Browns almost everyday. Capt Russ. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  5. Well it was our first time ever fishing for trout and salmon on our boat and were not expecting to get the skunk off today but managed well. We set up shop in 120 feet at around 6pm with a crazy current and marked a lot of bait high and fish aka lakers low. Had a rigger at 110 and another at 75 with temps around 65 on both. We were hitting lakers left and right on every spoon we had and color we had and catching them in doubles and triples too. Orange crush, stingers chicken wing, NK green, and even dipsey green spinny took fish later. Over all we managed 11 lakers, 1 King, and a tank brown. We stayed in the 115-140 range all day and couldn't pick up anythingbut mostly lakers. Great day for our first voyage. But where are the steelies!!? And kings!??? I'm sick of reeling in mud hens. - fish on- Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  6. How were the fleas Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  7. We are setting up our boat for this summer and any help would be appreciated. I currently need a depth finder with or without GPS, two cannon downrigger rod holder attachments, and a dipsey rod. Anybody wanted or need to get rid of anything? PM me preferably.
  8. Pm sent Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  9. Finally got the boat launched around 12 and headed out for the first time EVER (on our boat) to find some spring browns. We got out to about 7-10 fow. Put down the right rigger with a wonderbread spoon then sent down a watermellon spoon about 100 ft back. Then we put down a rapala J9 B (blue) and a F9 Firetiger on the boards with a split shot 1 1/2 ft up on both. Tried to find some brown and green water but it was very crystal clear water even out to 30 fow. Trolled west and east of the outlet in about 7 to 15fow. We hadn't seen or even heard of anyone around that area catching anything. Water temp. was around 50 degrees. After about 3 long hours of a very stong south wind and not even a release we decided to pull up and head in for a late lunch as many boats around us did also. All in all a good day on the water but it is frustrating to see all these great reports and not even getting a release. Anyone else have the same results today? Any tips on getting these scattered browns would be GREAT!
  10. Sorry I ment are the 2 white ones for sale and the other one is sold or. Sorry your message says the 2 white one are still for sale. Others are sold. Does that mean the two duel cranks are still for sale or just one is left. Thanks very much.
  11. Hi we are very intersested in the duel crank. They still for sale?
  12. SO are they all for sale or is it the other cut off 1 in the pic? Very interested.
  13. Oh this is a awesome website:) Well thanks guys I am going to give it a wirl in the next couple weekends. I'll report my trip. Thanks again.
  14. Oh ok, now what would you use to connect the wire to the dipsey if I went with wire. And thank you very much. What great help I have gotten on this website.
  15. Ok thanks very much. Now when you say attach the fly at the end do you mean the flasher then the fly? And do you use rubber clamps that you put in the wire to attach the dipsey to the wire because I know that is one way to do it.
  16. This may seem very easy question to some of you but I am having some trouble finding some info. on how and what to use with a dipsey diver as I am just getting into salmon and trout fishing on Lake Ontario:). There is many stand points out there about how to rig a dipsey diver to the wire and whether or not to use a snubber and if it's a good idea to use mono or wire. I have been searching on the internet about how to set up a dipsey with how long the leaders have to be ect. to the fly from the flasher. How do you set up the dipsey to the wire or mono and if you use a snubber. Also, what is a good pound test line. Any tips on dipsey diving would be great. Also, if you can leave a website, comment, steps ect. of how to set up a dipsey to the flasher and fly that would be great. I have mastered the downrigging but now it's time to tackle the fly. All help would be greatly appreciated. What is the most effective way to tie/ set up a dipsey with a fly or flasher based on your expierence??? PS. I have spent l lots of time on this subject but was just wondering how you pro's set up the dipsey rod because there is many ways to do it. Thanks:)
  17. Yes I know I had the same problem with brown eggs but now I acaully figured out that keeping it in the skein works better. But man they love those egg sacs.
  18. yes we have seen them too. Even in sodus bay and portbay. It is obvesly normal because it is happening inall different lakes.
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